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web posted October 22, 2001

"If any government sponsors the outlaws and killers of innocents, they have become outlaws and murderers themselves. And they will take that lonely path at their own peril." -- U.S. President George W. Bush

"Civil defense is the necessary foundation for all defense. The time to start is now." -- Jane M. Orient, M.D., president of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness

"We are fighting because the bastards killed 5,000 of our people, and if we do not kill them, they are going to kill us again. This is a war of revenge and deterrence. The American people understand it. The American people demand it." -- Charles Krauthammer

"Just saying what is true is the most powerful weapon in the history of liberty. It is what terrorists and despots fear, and it is ultimately the very basis of freedom itself." -- Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

"Halfhearted war efforts are for losers." -- Patrick J. Michaels

"Arafat has seven days to impose absolute quiet in the (occupied) territories. If not, we will go to war against him. As far as I am concerned, the era of Arafat is over." -- Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon

"I want to show people it's safe to get back on an airplane. We can't let ourselves be held captive by terrorism." -- Lisa Beamer, widow of Todd Beamer, just before boarding a flight n the original Newark-to-San Francisco route of UAL 93

"Fighting international terrorism is more about national will and moral courage than it is about any specific preventive measures." -- Allan Gerson

"I believe only a free society can ever be truly secure. The goal should be to make terrorists feel threatened, not the American people." -- Rep. Ron Paul

"The most difficult job President Bush has ahead of him is not getting bin Ladin and running the Talibandits out of Afghanistan, it is keeping the nation focused on the long range job ahead, the job of wiping out organized terrorism wherever it may be found. It ain't gonna be easy." -- Lyn Nofziger

"Every time a dominant world menace fades away, another rises up to replace it. For the sake of our security, our freedom and our way of life, we must remain ever vigilant and prepared for the worst contingency. No matter how much we strive for peace, we must always be prepared for war. We owe that to our children." -- David Limbaugh

"It's the essence of Americanism to make eternal and unrelenting warfare on the easy assumption that civil liberties must disappear if America is to be made safe." -- Wes Pruden

"Generals are routinely warned against fighting the last war. Perhaps [Leftist] journalists need to be reminded not to remarch the last peace movement." -- Mona Charen

"Let's just go after all the enemies of the United States -- and kill them all before they kill us." -- John LeBoutillier

"A large number of our cultural and moral leaders are unable to say plainly that evil exists in the world and that it must be confronted. Instead they are content to babble about 'cycles of violence' and how 'an eye for an eye makes the world blind,' as if the cop who stops the violent criminal is somehow guilty of crime, too." -- John Leo

"I thank heaven that we have a leader who is willing to call evil by its proper name." -- Robert P. George

"These TV anchors could use another visit to Ground Zero to contemplate whether the killers deserve journalistic neutrality." -- Brent Bozell

"Journalists have been wrapping themselves in the First Amendment for years -- even as they assume the role of citizens of the world, who soar above the parochial concerns of the United States of America." -- Thomas Sowell

"If the popular culture doesn't lead public sensibilities, it sometimes catches up with it." -- Suzanne Fields

"The constitutional republic of our Founding Fathers is not an anachronism. If the federal government were to abstain from the activities not authorized by the Constitution and rededicate itself to its constitutionally delegated functions, we would in fact be more secure and more able to respond to this national campaign of terror." -- W. James Antle III

"And for anyone who is old enough to remember, these scenes are reminiscent of what happened in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, in 1975 when the residents started fleeing this city as Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge started to take over." -- CNN's Tom Mintier comparing refugees fleeing Kandahar after U.S. bombing that might free their country with refugees fleeing Communist tyrants in Cambodia

"Some humanitarian aid workers were saying this [meal distribution] effort is little more than propaganda. Some say the U.S. is actually doing more harm than good.... The attacks have significantly hampered a large humanitarian effort, and the U.S. food drops simply can't compensate for that." -- ABC reporter Dan Harris on now feeding the hungry Afghan citizens is "little more than propaganda"

"But you can't deny the fact that when you drop these [food packs] into impoverished areas you're, in effect, sending U.S. propaganda into those areas, you're saying, 'Taliban bad. Here's a gift from the U.S.'" --Matt Lauer, co-host of NBC's "Today" saying that telling the truth that the Taliban are evil is somehow "propaganda"

"In light of current events, we are changing the name of the band to something more friendly, 'Basket Full Of Puppies.' " -- Scott Ian, leader of the metal band Anthrax

"I love George Bush right now and I always have. I'm the only guy in LA who voted for him. ...The first word I thought of was, you know, 'launch.' That was the first word I thought -- as in 'press the button and launch.' Whoever did this, launch. It's a good thing I'm not president because I would just launch, okay, man? Sorry, I would." -- Actor James Woods on his initial "nuclear" response to the 9/11 events, and who shared an August flight from Boston to LA with four suspicious "swarthy males" who likely were 9/11 terrorists "casing" targets

"In terms of promoting terrorism, the Iraqi tyrant [Saddam Hussein], armed to the teeth with weapons of mass destruction, is to Taliban what Wal-Mart is to a pushcart. ...In the course of our expedition to Afghanistan, we could end up shooting a few snakes while making capital improvements to the snake farms." -- Don Feder

"I do think it's important to recognize that very intelligent, very sane people can still think according to very different...'paradigms,' but most of the people who use the word 'paradigm' seem like they need a vigorous enema." -- Jonah Goldberg

"The most dangerous place to stand these days, outside of Afghanistan, is between a member of Congress and a TV camera." -- Mark Russell

"President Bush is celebrating Spanish Heritage Month. The theme for Spanish Heritage Month this year is, 'Don't shoot! I'm not from the Middle East, I'm a Mexican!'" -- Jay Leno

"Have you seen bin Laden on TV with his fancy Rolex watch? Why does this guy need a watch? He lives in a cave! A cave! It's either night or it's day. He lives in a cave! We'll see if that Rolex [keeps ticking] after it's hit by a cruise missile." -- David Letterman

"Osama bin Laden has given $100 million to the Taliban government of Afghanistan over the last few years. What a total idiot. If he had given it to Bill Clinton he would have been pardoned by now." -- Argus Hamilton

web posted October 15, 2001

"I have no intention of stopping doing what I do. That's the beauty of this country and that's the purpose of the announcement, and even though I can't hear, I can still communicate. So liberals and moderates, beware!" -- Rush Limbaugh on announcing that he is going deaf

"We cannot afford to not be fully prepared to deal with these diseases. The unthinkable has already happened. I say to you, we are underprepared and we better get ready to do the best we can. We discontinued smallpox immunizations because the threat was low. Now the threat has risen to higher levels once again, and it is time to ... truly re-examine once again whether we should immunize our people against anthrax and smallpox." -- Dr. Mohammad N. Akhter, executive director of the American Public Health Association, speaking before Ted Kennedy's Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, which is considering a proposed $1.4 billion plan to provide emergency vaccination funding

"You don't have to be a diplomat or a president to keep your compass true." -- A.M. Rosenthal

"The anti-warriors must know that their position is a luxury made affordable only by the sure bet that no one in authority will ever accede to their position. The marchers and shouters and flag-burners in Washington pretended to the argument that war should not be waged. What they really mean is that war should not be waged by them. It should be waged by other mothers' sons and daughters. How many pacifists would be willing to accept the logical outcome of their creed of nonviolence even in face of attack--life as a conquered people? Not many, I would think. How many want the (mostly lower-class) men and women of the United States armed forces to continue to fight so that they may enjoy the luxury of preaching against fighting? Nearly all, I would think. Liars. Frauds. Hypocrites." -- Michael Kelly

"For the public, the war on terrorism will probably be about nothing less than national honor, and that is not something that can be finessed or negotiated away in coalition politics." -- Rich Lowry

"What opponents of the Second Amendment have never understood is that the prime benefit of the right to bear arms is now and always has been reaped without a shot being fired. The main benefit does not lie in the occasional person who shoots an attacker in self-defense. It doesn't lie in the many attacks that are stopped by warning shots or the brandishing of a weapon. The main value of the Second Amendment is that anybody who considers attacking a home, a business, or a community, has to fear one thing above all -- the people there may be armed." -- Glenn Sacks

"At a time like this, the imprudent ones are those who simply want to lop off one tentacle of the terrorist threat, the one that perpetrated Sept. 11. Doing that will give us satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment, and an entirely false sense of security." -- Charles Krauthammer

"Until we eliminate the rule of Saddam Hussein in Iraq and free the Iraqi people from the terror of their everyday lives, this War on Terror will be incomplete." -- John LeBoutillier

"Audacity mixed with patience will produce victory. Patience has never been a virtue for Americans. This is, after all, the land of fast food, FedEx, and fax machines." -- Alan W. Dowd

"There is an incredible evil in this world and it is not capitalism or a foreign policy that tilts toward Israel or a failure to recognize global warming. No, this evil kills women and children in the name of God and rejects all humane behavior." -- Bill O'Reilly

"There seems little doubt that a tough and determined president could have ridded the world of bin Laden years before he was able to plan and carry out the attacks of Sept. 11." -- Lyn Nofziger

"Look at America; the country they exult at having wounded so grievously. Can you name a country that ever amassed more power and abused it less? Can you name a country that ever amassed more wealth and distributed it more fairly? Can you name another country that was ever attacked by surprise as America was in 1941, rallied to defeat both powerful enemies, and wound up with less land than it had previously? (America gave the Philippines its independence after victory in World War II.) Can you name another country that, after victory, treated its allies and enemies alike to massive rehabilitation and rebuilding? Instead of rape and plunder we gave Germany and Japan democracy implants. They're both strong and prosperous democracies today. And you call that 'satanic'?" -- Barry Farber

"It is a delusion to think terrorism can be appeased. Violence feeds on itself. The demands of the demons inside every hater are never satisfied. Not even when they drive the hater to destroy himself along with others. For hatred has no final demand; its appetite grows with its conquests. Its idea of a perfect world is a heel forever smashing a human face -- its heel, our faces. That is why, when great violence is done and mighty towers topple, and thousands are left to suffer and die, hatred exults. It throws a party, it tosses candy, it dances in the streets. It cheers. And it demands still more victims." -- Paul Greenberg

"Tyranny is when the state can -- whenever it wants -- know where you are, what you're doing, and from collateral information, what you're thinking." -- Nat Hentoff

"Government needs power to fight enemies of America, but that power must remain constrained, since it is easily abused by even the best intentioned." -- Doug Bandow

"...[O]ur leaders are confused and have their prime directives screwed up. Those prime directives include protection of the borders of this country and protection of the citizens both from outside invasion and from government abuse itself." -- Diane Alden

"And if we fail to distinguish genuine refugees from economic migrants, we will encourage an uncontrollable outflow of people from poor to rich countries -- and effectively abolish national borders." -- John O'Sullivan

"The gun-control lobby prefers hijacked airliners to any role for self-protection." -- Paul Craig Roberts

"Prosperity is not a petty concern but the very pith of what it means to thrive and grow in peace." -- Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

"If talking about problems solved them, America wouldn't have any. Sometimes it takes a crisis to break a nation out of the rhetorical cycle." -- Linda Bowles

"As for our popular culture in general, what have the attacks forced to the margins? Glibness, for one thing." -- Brent Bozell

"Look, George W. Bush is your president, and he's my president. I feel bad about what I said, and I apologize for saying it." -- Andy Rooney expressing regret he called Mr. Bush "not too smart" for the metaphorical suggestion that landlocked Afghanistan was providing "safe harbor" for terrorists

"Oh, I am well aware that it is out there. One of the most difficult experiences that I personally had in the White House was during the health care debate, being the object of extraordinary rage. I remember being in Seattle. I was there to make a speech about health care. This was probably August of '94. Radio talk show hosts had urged their listeners to come out and yell and scream and carry on and prevent people from hearing me speak. There were threats that were coming in, and certain people didn't want me to speak, and they started taking weapons off people, and arresting people. I've had firsthand looks at this unreasoning anger and hatred that is focused on an individual you don't know, a cause that you despise -- whatever motivates people." -- Sen. Hillary Rodham-Clinton on how opposition to her health care plan was akin to the cold-blooded mass murder of September 11

"Osama bin Laden's followers are obsessed with the promise of an afterlife in paradise and the 74 virgins who wait there to serve them. (The fanatics apparently have not considered the grim fact that for every waiting virgin there's a prospective mother-in-law)." -- Wes Pruden

"We aren't running out of targets -- Afghanistan is." --Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld \ in assessing the progress of the military strikes against Afghanistan

"A prattler can be a murderer or a murderer can also be a prattler." -- Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres on Osama bin Laden

"Well, we gave peace a chance, and they blew up the World Trade Center. Now it's time to give war a chance, and over 90% of Americans agree." -- Jonah Goldberg

"Some people seem to think that the answer to all of life's imperfections is to create a government agency to correct them. If that is your approach, then go straight to totalitarianism. Do not pass 'Go.' Do not collect $200." -- Thomas Sowell

"Did everyone have a nice Columbus Day? The Taliban found out they have something in common with Columbus, today they both have discovered America! As you know it's now the "Tali-BOOM"! We had our B-1's and B-2's, the Tomcats, all the fighters out yesterday. I guess we showed them that Americans aren't afraid to fly! Do you know what the number one reality show in Afghanistan is? The Flintstones!" -- Jay Leno

"President Bush received an 89 percent job approval rating on Thursday. He's really starting to impress people. Between Mideast war, recession, and layoffs, he's doing the best impression of his father since Dana Carvey left Saturday Night Live." -- Jesse Jackson

"Berkeley has always been an island of sanity in terms of the war madness that has prevailed in this country. The U.S. is now a terrorist. According to the Taliban these are terrorist attacks." -- Dona Spring, member of the Berkeley City Council, proposed a resolution to have the city manager send official letters to President Bush and Congress demanding that the bombing in Afghanistan stop. The measure was defeated

web posted October 8, 2001

"Americans should be vigilant about the language we use throughout Operation Enduring Freedom and the ensuing War on Terror. The events of Sept. 11 were, indeed, monumentally tragic. But they also were calculated deeds of cataclysmic slaughter. Exterminating the bastards who perpetrated all of this unbridled cruelty will be arduous, painful and even may involve ugly domestic surprises along the way. Nonetheless, it will be vital throughout this endeavor to remember why we fight. To paraphrase Margaret Thatcher, even in the realm of rhetoric, this is no time to go wobbly." -- Deroy Murdock

"Let those who say that we must understand the reasons for terrorism come with me to the thousands of funerals we're having in New York City -- thousands -- and explain those insane, maniacal reasons to the children who will grow up without fathers and mothers and to the parents who have had their children ripped from them for no reason at all. On this issue -- terrorism -- the United Nations must draw a line. The era of moral relativism between those who practice or condone terrorism, and those nations who stand up against it, must end." -- New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani addressing the UN

"How can a citizen be called educated if he has been trained to misunderstand the world?" -- Robert Conquest

"We're learning once again that freedom and liberty and the American way of life are not a birthright. It is time for us to pick up the mantle to destroy terrorism and remove this cancer." -- Navy Secretary Gordon England

"What percent? Eighty percent of the people checking for terrorists at Dulles Airport are not American citizens? What is wrong with this picture?" --Rep. Harold Rogers (R-KY) to Kenneth Mead, inspector general for the Department of Transportation. Mead replied, "I think it's about eighty percent. It may be somewhat more."

"Last November I broke the unwritten rule that requires journalists to be neutral political observers when I got embroiled in the controversy over the presidential election and publicly supported Al Gore. It was not just with friends that I passionately argued the election had been stolen and that Mr. Gore would be the better president. I was one of the signatories to the pompously titled 'Emergency Committee of Concerned Citizens 2000,' which took full-page ads in the New York Times demanding a revote in Palm Beach county. I wrote op-eds for and the New York Daily News. On television talk shows ... I made the case for Mr. Gore. In thousands of e-mails, I urged voters to deluge Clay Roberts, director of Florida's Division of Elections, with appeals for a recount. Of course, I did not know whether the election had gone for Mr. Gore or George W. Bush. As a partisan, I did not care. I was convinced that Mr. Gore was by far the best-qualified candidate and the man most fit to lead the U.S. Mr. Bush was not only untested nationally, but he seemed to me bereft of the character or intellect to become a real leader, and I feared that four years, and possibly eight, under Mr. Bush would set the country back. How wrong I was. ... Sometimes historians wonder whether great leaders are made by the crises they confront, or whether they would be great leaders even in untroubled times. More often than not, real leadership flourishes when faced with imminent threats and dangers. That is what America faces at the start of the 21st century from a radical perversion of Islam. And President Bush showed all of us who doubted him, and voted against him, that he is indeed a leader. ... My late father used to tell me that one of the hallmarks of good character is the courage to admit mistakes. ... Well, I was vocal last year in stating my firm belief that the wrong man was elected president. Now I am compelled to admit I was mistaken. The best man for this incredibly hard campaign is now president. I suspect many of my fellow Democrats feel exactly the same way." -- Gerald Posner

"Military potential only counts when there is the will to develop it and use it, and the fortitude to continue with a bloody war when it comes." -- Thomas Sowell

"Deadly bullies must be beaten down, and those who cheer them on must be chastened as well. If we are unwilling to instill fear in our enemies, we must be content to live in fear ourselves." -- Ralph Peters

"The entire criminal-justice approach to terrorism is irrelevant now. It's a war, not a courtroom procedure, and there is no need to provide courtroom-level evidence against bin Laden or anyone else involved." -- John Leo

"The first charge of any government is the defense of its borders -- and, without that, it makes no difference how much you spend on prescription drug plans for seniors." -- Mark Steyn

"With the horror of the disastrous terrorist attack as a backdrop, debate over what to do fills the air. Policy makers must also carefully consider what not to do. ...Government needs power to fight enemies of America, but that power must remain constrained, since it is easily abused by even the best intentioned." -- Doug Bandow

"...[G]overnment is made up of fallible men, who often lust for power, who often have no confidence in their fellow citizens, who almost always think they know better than the rest of us. Do I want to yield my rights to them? In a pig's eye." -- Lyn Nofziger

"Soon enough we will be asked to understand terrorism not as pathology but philosophy." -- Paul Greenberg

"You can't persuade evil. You can't reason with fanatics." -- Bill O'Reilly

"Government has ruled in our place so long we have atrophied as a people. We must shake ourselves and rub the sleep out of our eyes, like the slothful nation of Rip Van Winkles that we are. I warn you, the long sleep must end or the long war will come. There will be wars, but cursed is the country who starts them." -- Michael Peirce

"Our commercial pilots fly very precious human cargo, in very dangerous and expensive machines capable of killing many people on the ground. ...We should recognize that pilots themselves overwhelmingly favor having the choice to carry a gun when they fly. In fact, some have refused to return to work until they are permitted to do so." -- Rep. Ron Paul

"There are no symbolic representations right now for the things the world really needs -- equality and justice and humanity and solidarity and intelligence. ... War would reinforce the worst elements in our own society -- the flag-wavers and bigots and militarists." -- Katha Pollitt in The Nation

"We should be, as we should have been all along, paying attention to the economic status of these people, which has led to some of this hatred." -- Walter Cronkite

"Now we know why 7,000 people sacrificed their lives -- so that we'd all forget how Bush stole a presidential election. ...Bush has capitalized on a nation's grief, confusion and anger to extort a political blank check payable in young American blood." -- Political "cartoonist" Ted Rall

"I pledge allegiance to the Earth on which I stand, one world, one people, undivided, with food, shelter and justice for all." -- Text of a "pledge of allegiance to the Earth" Los Angeles City Councilwoman Ruth Galanter proposes should begin each council meeting

"Excuse me -- if you commandeer an airliner and you drive it into a building with the express intent of killing thousands of innocent civilians, what are you supposed to call these people -- high octane tourists?" -- Howard Kurtz protesting his network CNN's since "clarified" decision to avoid on-air use of the word "terrorist."

"Bill Clinton is actually stopping people on the street that he doesn't know to tell them how he just missed Osama bin Laden by an hour." -- Rush Limbaugh

"Can we be funny?" --"Saturday Night Live" Executive Producer Lorne Michaels on last weekend's season-opening show, the first after the World Trade Center terrorist attacks "Why start now?" --Reply of guest host New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani

"President Bush continues to have the highest popularity of any president. His approval rating is currently 130 percent! See, now the illegal aliens are even voting." -- Jay Leno

"Bill Clinton has been disbarred. This means he can only argue his case with his wife now." -- David Letterman

"An Air Canada flight bound for Toronto from Los Angeles was returned to LAX when an Iranian got caught smoking in the bathroom. The plane was escorted back by F-16 fighters. Now even the Surgeon General has the power to shoot down airliners." -- Argus Hamilton

web posted October 1, 2001

"What New Yorkers seem to want is a measured and accurate punishment and the prevention of any such barbarism in future -- in short, a victory over terrorism that will give meaning to the sacrifice of the dead. ...The United States and allied governments must use this brief moment of moral clarity, when ordinary people are listening to them, to explain what is at stake in the long twilight struggle that lies before all civilized people. The dead expect no less." -- John O'Sullivan

"In light of recent events, I strongly believe we must support our government despite our disagreements on certain policies. We have seen that when we set aside our differences for the greater good, we can prevail against any negative force in this world." -- Barbra Streisand writes in a message posted to Streisand also pulled all her anti-Bush messages from her site

"The hunt for the terrorists is a technical matter, and we must hope that our military has enough virtue left from the Clinton ravages to do the job. But we should have no misgivings about our ability to destroy tyrannies. It is what we do best. It comes naturally to us, for we are the one truly revolutionary country in the world, as we have been for more than 200 years. Creative destruction is our middle name. We do it automatically, and that is precisely why the tyrants hate us, and are driven to attack us. So we begin with an enormous advantage. The tyrants fear us, and their oppressed peoples want what we have to offer: freedom." -- Michael Ledeen

"For once, let's have no 'grief counselors' standing by with banal consolations, as if the purpose, in the midst of all this, were merely to make everyone feel better as quickly as possible. We shouldn't feel better. A day cannot live in infamy without the nourishment of rage. Let's have rage. ... Let America explore the rich reciprocal possibilities of the fatwa. A policy of focused brutality does not come easily to a self-conscious, self-indulgent, contradictory, diverse, humane nation with a short attention span. America needs to relearn a lost discipline, self-confident relentlessness -- and to relearn why human nature has equipped us all with a weapon (abhorred in decent peacetime societies) called hatred...." -- Time magazine's Lance Morrow

"What's the purpose of the new Cabinet-level Office of Homeland Security that President Bush proposed last [week]? Isn't the Department of Defense supposed to be concerned with the security of our homeland? If not, what exactly is it defending?" -- John J. Miller & Ramesh Ponnuru

"But events are demonstrating the vitality and utility of nations. Nations govern territory and can be held accountable for what tolerated groups do when enjoying sanctuary in that territory. In combating nations that support terrorists, the pertinent nations are few, and they can be given incentives -- offers they can't refuse -- to police their portions of the planet." -- George Will

"Everyone is supposed to be 'non-judgmental' these days. But how can it be wrong to judge, when such a statement is itself a judgment?" -- Thomas Sowell

"In the end, though nobody will say it, the United States will do nearly all the heavy lifting -- and take the casualties in getting the job done and abuse later from the fainthearts who will have sat on the sidelines. We can expect a hand from Britain, as always, and Israel and those most like us." -- Wesley Pruden

"It seems to me that objective meaning is flowing, like transfused blood, into all sorts of concepts which were tragically anemic not too long ago. Patriotism is of course the most obvious example. Freedom is another word people are reacquainting themselves with. But we've also seen good and evil (and even capitalized Good and Evil) used by all sorts of politicians and commentators normally embarrassed by such morally loaded -- and hence unacceptably judgmental -- words." -- Jonah Goldberg

"They moved here, and they used our freedom. You could say that war has immigrated to America as part of our immigration policy." -- Rush Limbaugh

"We have to dismantle the entire madness called multiculturalism. No, people are not the same everywhere, and what they do, believe and advocate is not of equal value." -- Balint Vazsonyi

"Some observers of America have predicted that we eventually would defeat ourselves from within. They were almost right. Effective Sept. 11, we are again one people, one body united to honor the dead, to defend liberty and the living. To look terrorism in the eye and say: 'Over our dead bodies'." -- Kathleen Parker

"We have received a wake up call from hell," ...[and we have a choice of whether to act or to hit the] "collective snooze button." -- Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

"There is no point, in a situation like this, being an 80 percent ally." -- Australian Prime Minister John Howard

"Pacifism in the face of war is not only irresponsible -- it is immoral. Refusing to meet force with force in the name of peace will beget not peace, but further death and destruction -- the very violence the pacifists seek to avoid." -- David Limbaugh

"It has been remarkable to see the fortitude with which Americans have endured the horror visited upon them. They have, instinctively, pulled together, comforted and strengthened by the beliefs they hold in common -- and by the belief that these beliefs are worth fighting for. But Canadians have not been taught these things. Quite the opposite. We have been taught that beliefs are ideology, and that ideology is American, and that not being American is what makes us Canadian. And we have been taught that, in the end, being Canadian doesn't matter -- not enough to fight for it, or even put up much of an argument. If a part of the country were to secede, we should let them. If our ships were sent to the Gulf, they should come home the minute they were fired upon." -- Andrew Coyne

"These men are fighting the first battle. These are the men who will fight our wars." -- New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani

"The fires that erupted in the wreckage of the World Trade Center blaze on many shores. The conflagration isn't confined to the Middle East." -- Don Feder

"America did not panic when the British burned Washington, D.C., to the ground in the War of 1812, and America must not panic today." -- Dave Kopel

"Clarity is the enemy of fear." -- Michael Graham

"If our enemies are attacking freedom, this is no time for Americans to abandon it." -- Steve Chapman

"Our intelligence has grown complacent, cocky, fat, lazy, too-rich -- and not 'hungry' enough to remember the desperate days of World War II when our OSS performed heroically behind enemy lines to thwart Hitler and Japan. We will not win this War on Terrorism until we rip apart and then rebuild our own very-lacking intelligence apparatus." -- John LeBoutillier

"Corrupt rulers, and would-be rulers, blamed the woes of their peoples on the Jews. So too do today's rulers and would-be rulers on the Americans." -- David Quinn

"Although most Americans seem to understand the gravity of the situation that terrorism has put us in -- and the need for some serious military response, even if that means dangers to the lives of us all -- there are still those who insist on posturing, while on the edge of a volcano." -- Thomas Sowell

"Especially in a time of national crisis, the most patriotic thing journalists can do is to remain as objective as possible. That does not mean journalists are not patriots. All of us are at a time like this. But we cannot signal how we feel about a cause, even a justified and just cause, through some sort of outward symbol." -- Jeffrey Schneider, ABC's spokesman on why anchors won't be sporting American flags on their lapels -- or anywhere else

"We all know that one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter and that Reuters upholds the principle that we do not use the word terrorist. To be frank, it adds little to call the attack on the World Trade Center a terrorist attack." -- Stephen Jukes, global news editor for Reuters, in an internal memo on "terrorism."

"Enduring Freedom." -- The Pentagon's new name for the initial phase of the war on terrorism, after Muslim complaints that only Allah can mete out "Infinite Justice."

"Film director Alfred Hitchcock taught us that if there's a gun in act one, it's sure to go off in act three. Welcome, America, to act three." -- Barry Farber

"The military is a killing instrument; if we want finesse we should hire a ballet company." -- Ralph Peters

"More is out on spoiled rich kid Osama bin Laden. In Time magazine they say he inherited $80 million at age 13. Then he got up to $300 million through construction, smart investments and oil and gas investments. See, he can use this money in his war on capitalism." -- Jay Leno

"The United States received offers of support from Syria, Libya and Iran over the weekend. Their reaction is understandable. If there's one thing a bunch of truck bombers can't stand, it's a bunch of airline bombers ruining their good name." -- Argus Hamilton


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