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If Dan Brown is right...

By Michael Moriarty
web posted October 10, 2005

I feel so sorry for Tom Hanks. I've met the man twice, once at an awards ceremony in New York where he was unexpectedly generous toward me and my talent while he was onstage; then again at the Emmy Awards at which I won Best Supporting Actor for my performance in James Dean: An Invented Life. At this second meeting, I was still drinking, so I wasn't entirely up to par, so to speak. While walking with Steven Spielberg, he said firmly, "Michael, take care of yourself."

The Da Vinci CodeWell, Hanks is about to appear in The Da Vinci Code, a screenplay based on Dan Brown's revelation of the entire Priory of Sion and its goddess-worshipping cult. Hanks plays a doltish intellectual professor who hooks up with a French woman – the descendent of the Grand Master of an 800-year-old secret society. Hanks' character is like the CIA, meaning he has all the information but no idea what to do with it. His sidekick knows with increasing accuracy, as she surrenders to the acceptance of her female divinity, exactly where to go in order to defend herself and her partner from the ignorant tyranny of the Catholic Church.

Except for The Terminal, Hanks' own instincts in making the proper acting choices and choosing the right scripts have been so unerringly on the mark that it's a marvel to watch him. He is, dear readers, exactly what he was in his comedies, and as he revealed a part of himself in his portrayal of Forrest Gump and in the brilliantly compassionate performance he gave in Philadelphia: he is America's most romantic soul on the silver screen. Hanks' soul is as perfect a one as can be found in Hollywood these days.

Unfortunately, urged on by Spielberg and Ron Howard, Hanks will be the mascot of the newly established Clinton Global Initiative (CGI). With the worldwide release of The Da Vinci Code, he'll be assured of an Academy Award nomination, but his co-star Audrey Tautou will win the coveted "gold." This will help to ensure Hillary Clinton's election as President of the United States.

Hanks gives much of his free time to space exploration. His commitment to the space program is so obviously the right answer to a "Population Problem." In a few millennia, humanity will have to leave the earth as chicks leave the nest. So, instead of CGI's Scientific Intellectual Supremacists taking fetal tissue, like gold from the teeth of Holocaust victims, and pretending to cure disease when their real aim is to cross-clone and, through adult human experimentation, design a better human race, Hanks sees the obvious imperative that, like all of life in nature, we must go out into space to bring life to a dead universe.

The Hitlerian dream of the Master Race echoes in CGI, inspired by eugenics and the teachings of Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, which propagates abortion, euthanasia and a "classless" society.

If Brown is right, then Leonardo Da Vinci is the first Anti-Christ. That artist's atheism and use of goddess-worshipping symbols in his art is the exact antithesis to Judeo-Christian civilization. Forever a patriarchy, Judeo-Christianity can only be defeated by a matriarchy. In Brown's analysis, the famous Madonna of the Rocks painting that portrays the Virgin Mary, her sister and the Baby Jesus together is Da Vinci's tribute to his idea of the real power on earth: the Mother. Not the baby Jesus. Christ was nothing but a big, selfishly insane baby who has done more to ruin the world than anyone else. The biblically recorded ingratitude of Christ before his mother when He tells her "those who aren't with me are against me" is proof positive, to Brown's Da Vinci at any rate, that the Messiah's teachings were the worst thing that ever happened to the human race. With the feminist author Ashley Montague's advice to us that a woman is something all men must cling to for survival, the masterpiece is being completed.

It is predicted that the devil's arrival on earth will be Luciferian, a light-filled angel so brilliant it will stun the human race for centuries. What mind of the greatest Judeo-Christian Renaissance, that of 16th-Century Italy, could more completely fulfill the prophecy than Da Vinci's? None. A mere glimpse at his all-encompassing intellectual achievements will convince you of that.

In the Book of Revelations, there is, following the arrival of this Divine Beast, a "Preacher," a proselytizer, one who would spread the word of the Anti-Christ. He would also pose as a Christian.

Which man, posing as a Christian, a "Progressive Southern Baptist," rose to a height of power no man on earth had ever attained before? That man is William J. Clinton. As a Da Vinci "goddess-worshipper," he chose to protect his wife Hillary with every lie he can muster in order to make her President of the United States. (Let us remember that Lucifer is known as the Emperor of Lies.) I fear that Senator Hillary Clinton will win the presidential election in 2008, and that she will drag all of humanity to the Apocalypse.

No, Armageddon cannot be far off. Here it is, arriving in what will be one of the most bizarre inaugurations and installments of a megalomaniacal "goddess" that the world has ever seen.

Hillary Clinton will prove conclusively that a female leader can be as horrid as any male. An undeniable truth will be engraved in the human consciousness: a human intellect without any humility or gratitude is the essence of evil, and a government without God to answer to brings hell itself to the human race!

Finally, with the Reverend Billy Graham turning his congregation of the religious right over to the leadership of the Clintons, saying that the former President should be an evangelist and his wife the next President, the hypocrisy that has riddled Christian institutions will be revealed. This heinous marriage between a preacher of the Anti-Christ and a corrupt ex-President of the United States was pre-ordained when Pope Pius XII signed his Concordat with Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini. However, the body count from this agreement between Graham and the Clintons will be far greater. Tens of millions of human beings have already been butchered in the womb, hundreds of thousands of others are dead or dying in Africa from the cold-blooded, criminal neglect of the United Nations. It is all done in the name of solving the "Population Problem."

An aside on Michelangelo

As the Anti-Christ arrived in the little town of Vinci, Italy, so did a soldier of the Holy Ghost: Michelangelo Buonorotti came to serve his Lord in full measure. For up to 15 hours a day, this man lay on his back, elevated by scaffolding, to paint the story of the Bible. No laborer, from the slaves who erected the Pyramids to the most industrious union man of the present day, could endure the unrelenting physical exertion it took Michelangelo to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. In his humility and divine gratitude to his Creator, Michelangelo with his brush created the very sword that will bring down the Anti-Christ. Visitors to the Sistine Chapel know that Truth was born in the Bible.

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who has appeared in the landmark television series Law and Order, the mini-series Taken, and the TV-movie The 4400. He is now filming Pick Me Up, an episode of the Showtime TV series Masters of Horror, in Vancouver.

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