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The Marxist confessional: Worldwide psychiatry

By Michael Moriarty
web posted October 17, 2005

I'm now in a war of words with the Western Standard, a bogus conservative magazine published in Calgary. This loathsome rag is out to discredit me, as it pours cold water on my political aspirations. I shouldn't really be surprised by this attack from an ostensibly conservative media outlet, for we are dealing here with conservatives in disguise, what I like to call "Soviet Conservatives."

The Marxist religion that has swept the earth has often used psychiatry as a means of gaining more information in order to imprison those citizens who, though not breaking the law, are political dissidents who denounce Marxism as tyranny.

Michael MoriartyIndependent candidate Ross Perot, new to celebrity and unaware that the CIA is obliged to deep-background-check any man or woman who wishes to run for the Presidency of the United States, was seemingly blindsided. The sudden presence of the CIA in his life enraged him. The mainstream press used his anger to label him "paranoid," and inferred that Perot's claims about the CIA's infiltration of his life were not true. They were indeed true and pro forma for elections in any country. This trial by fire did not stop Perot, though he eventually abandoned his run for the presidency in mid-campaign.

Here I am, another third-party candidate for President of the United States, and the same style of discrediting is going on, only this time it's from a self-proclaimed "conservative" magazine called the Western Standard. It's so easy for liberals or what I describe as Soviet Conservatives like the Western Standard to label a Christian crazy. Stockwell Day lived through this same nightmare when he became leader of the Reform Party. His own conservative "friends" eventually undercut his mandate.

We conservatives are not dealing with merely a political or ideological opposition. We are confronting a veritable religion. Its acolytes demand that the separation of Church and State be maintained at all costs. This deflects the truth that the Marxists are nothing but a Church of Lies. When a government expropriates all the jobs of every church in the world, which are mainly to inspire charity out of free will and then use the money to help those who cannot help themselves, then that government is no longer merely a Government, but a religion unto itself, putting the entire human race on its knees to worship one God alone – the State.

So, we have a new and very Godless Vatican, the ultimate Messiah of which is Mao Zedong. He rules the Marxist world in the same way Christ rules the hearts of Christians. Lapsed Catholics and Christians took their need for Christian honesty, confession and forgiveness to the psychiatrists. It is here that the real power of the Marxist Church begins.

The Soviet Union was the first branch of the Church to use psychiatric hospitals as virtual prisons for political dissidents. The success and popularity of that strategy has spread throughout the world. The mistresses of the Psychiatric Supermen – yes, by now it's quite a club – are the pharmaceutical corporations, which make billions of dollars from drugs prescribed by psychiatrists. Add in the profits made from the new abortion pill out of France and from use of fetal tissue and you have an exponentially growing, Marxist moneymaking industry. The entire scientific lobby is greedily applauding Marxism for providing it with a scientific windfall in terms of money, as well as the licenses to expand their "research and development" arms, laboratories, and biological, genetic and cloning dreams. Slowly, mainstream leaders are using phrases like "some forms of full-term abortions I approve of…" or "some forms of adult human experimentation I agree with." These are dangerous words.

"The truth always comes out." That is a virtual law of life, one as implacable as the law of gravity. However, if the psychiatric police of the Marxist State can get to the personal truths of the human race first, they're prepared to head possible "troublemakers" off at the pass. The worst troublemaker in their eyes and most ominous is the pro-lifer like myself. The very cornerstone of unfettered scientific freedom in America is Roe v. Wade. Pro-lifers of any denomination are now automatically labeled crazy, as are outspoken Christians like Pat Robertson. If the Marxist Church can continue to discredit conservative voices of long standing, then a Johnny-come-lately like Michael Moriarty should be a cinch to shut down. Since a conservative is opposing not an ideology but a virtual religion, then the zealotry of his case grows and its intensity is labeled "manic-depression" or "bipolar disorder."

The reason Christ advised us to "love our enemy" is because nothing reveals us to ourselves more completely than our enemies. Friends love us as we are. Enemies say that what we are is wrong. That challenge before us is miraculously revealing: are we really who we think we are? Enemies are the best fertilizer for courage.

With that in mind, and years of the Marxist psychiatric world telling me I'm "imbalanced" in one way or other, I've come to realize these "hospitals" of theirs are increasingly being used as jails. The Soviet solution to law-biding dissidents is to have them incarcerated in "mental" homes.

With the Western Standard really "kicking-off" this assault on my credibility and doing so with "conservative" credentials – mainly touted by themselves and the skin-deep, lamely satirical rag they publish – I'm inspired to analyze what's really going on beneath the surface of the reporters I encounter or whose work I read who write for the National Post – that Pravda of Bay Street. Yes, I've labeled them Soviet Conservatives, but I can become even more specific, that is if Terry O'Neill is any indication of the kind of writing talent housed at the Western Standard.

While O'Neill collected all my eccentricities to trot out on his page, I can list two of his own that I found quite revealing. In the few words he did offer, he kept talking about an appointment with his wife. He also checked his watch every five minutes. Taken at face value, his mind was on his wife and not on his job (the interview), because he figured that discrediting the eccentric Michael Moriarty would be a piece of cake. He'd be done with me in only 15 minutes. It's either that or O'Neill's wife wears the pants in the family. This is just a guess, not the utter misrepresentation O'Neill and his editors gave my words recorded during my interview with Western Standard.

O'Neill is fastidious in the extreme. I obviously am not. This difference in style can mean a great deal when one side of the conversation has the rather cold-blooded intent of discrediting the other.

So, he and I have traded labels. His were inferentially "paranoid schizophrenic" and mine have been openly "Soviet Conservative, anal, hen-pecked operative of a bogus conservative rag."

As for psychiatrists and confessionals – as the Catholic Church imprisoned mankind in unfounded guilt over venal sins, the Marxist Church and its priests of psychiatry will use naked honesty in the confessional and hospital to imprison you with labels and eventually lock you away in a prison cell.

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who has appeared in the landmark television series Law and Order, the mini-series Taken, and the TV-movie The 4400. He is now filming Pick Me Up, an episode of the Showtime TV series Masters of Horror, in Vancouver.

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