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It's the honorable Paul or insincerity!

By J.K. Baltzersen
web posted October 1, 2007

Rhetorically, the Grand Old Party is the party in America for small and limited government. Not so in practical politics.

One exception stands out from the crowd in this respect, namely the Honorable Ronald Ernest Paul, M.D., United States Representative from the 14th district of Texas, a truly honorable and earnest man. I can neither support Congressman Ron Paul financially nor at the polls, as I am a subject of a foreign prince and I do not have status as an American resident. I do, however, give Dr. Paul my full moral support.

Ron PaulWhile Congressman Paul and this author certainly have our differences, notably on the interpretation of history, the election of Ron Paul as the next POTUS is one of the best things that could happen to those United States and the world if not the best thing within the limits of what one reasonably can expect and within a reasonable amount of time.

My sympathies when it comes to the American struggle for independence go largely in line with those of the late Dr. John Attarian, while I do to some extent follow the concept of there not having been an American Revolution, only an American War for Independence. However, I think those United States would be better served, in the words of Leland B. Yeager, by returning to their earlier republican traditions. United States Representative Ron Paul and his presidential candidacy represent a very real chance of returning to just those traditions or at least a very real chance of making a significant step in that direction.

Congressman Paul admits that power tends to corrupt. He has seen this take place in the District of Columbia. As a United States Representative, Dr. Paul has proven that he has been able to reject the political games. He has declined to take part in the Congressional pension program. He has refused his kids taking student loans. These are all good signs, and there are more of them, the most notable of which probably is the humility with regards to his own potential corruption; Dr. Paul hopes that he will be able to resist temptation if he is put at the helm at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

It is not a goal in itself for Representative Paul to be POTUS, nor to be Congressman. His goal is to have government according to the United States Constitution. He will not compromise that goal to be President. He is not an ambitious demagogue. His Presidency will not be part of some political ambition. That is an important reason why he should be President.

You may agree that popular government is bad, even tending to be worse than personal government of old. Still, entrusting Ron Paul with the presidency may make things far better than they are today. In any case, it will not disprove the general rule, for counter-examples is not enough to disprove general rules.

You may believe that Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn, Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Bertrand de Jouvenel, and other like-minded are seriously mistaken on the issue of monarchy and democracy. This is your chance to prove that for the part of those United States at least decline is only temporary.

You may believe that the theories of monarchy and democracy are irrelevant at least for America. This is still your chance to bring back limited government to those United States. Come on! Prove that those United States can do well with popular government!

We see Wilsonianism exercised from the banks of the Potomac today. We see hard Wilsoniansism exercised in Iraq. We see soft Wilsonianism exercised at the top of the world in Nepal. Since World War I we have seen potential monarchical restorations not having been proceeded with because of what the United States Government might think and do. The United States Government has seen as its mission for several decades to see to it that every nation has some sort of Wilsonian, modern democracy, thus upholding the Wilsonian world order.

Bruce Walker recently suggested that monarchy may be a good idea for several nations. As mentioned above, thinkers have made stronger arguments. World War I can rightly be called the war that ended the world of liberty. Since then with the possible exception of World War II we've been stuck with the, basically strengthening, Wilsonian world order. We have yet to return to the pre-1914 order of much less intervention.

We should remember that Woodrow Wilson was a progressive. His policies were progressive. His legacy is thus nothing real conservatives should support. It is high time for the Wilsonian world order to end. It is better for it to end in a controlled manner than for it to come crashing or tumbling down. Putting Ron Paul in the White House would serve three main purposes:

  • ending Wilsonian foreign policy
  • ending Wilsonian domestic policy
  • rolling back the U.S. federal government otherwise

There may be things a Ron Paul Presidency may not get through, but still there is a good chance of significant impact. Those who are interested in largesse from the government in one way or another especially those powerful interests that can manipulate big chunks of the electorate will not stand back passively and just watch. Still, there is a chance.

If the GOP really means business about being for small, limited government, it basically has but one choice; to nominate the United States Representative from the 14th district of Texas, the Honorable Ronald Ernest Paul, M.D. for the Presidency of those United States. ESR

J.K. Baltzersen writes from Oslo, the capital of the Oil Kingdom of Norway. You are cordially invited to his blog Wilson Revolution Unplugged.


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