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Selling out Israel. Selling out ourselves

By Alan Caruba
web posted November 19, 2001

Well, the "fix" is in. President Bush is now referring to "Palestine" as a separate Palestinian state so that our wonderful coalition "allies" in the Middle East get the message that the United States is ready to sell out Israel in return for their help to eliminate the threat of Osama bin Laden and his al Qaeda organization. With friends like this, who needs enemies?

If you are a Christian or a Jew with dreams of making a spiritual pilgrimage to Israel, you can forget about it if the Palestinians have their dreams of conquest fulfilled. The last time they were in charge of Jerusalem, they turned the Western Wall into a urinal and a place to dump rubbish. In recent years, they attempted to tear apart the tomb of Joseph. For decades they have called the Israelis, people who are the direct descendents of Jews who made Jerusalem their capital city 3,000 years ago, "occupiers."

If the Bush administration has its way, Israel will be destroyed in the same frenzy of Islamic terrorism that has finally reached our shores. You do not compromise with such people, you defeat them.

You would think that the Israelis themselves had learned this lesson, but they have not. In 1948, when Israel declared its independence, the Arabs attacked them. They did so again in 1956. And again in 1967. Finally, on the holiest day of the Jewish calendar, Yom Kippur, they attacked in 1973. Oh, please, let's not kill Muslims during Ramadan, it will hurt their feelings, but it's okay if they attack Israel on Yom Kippur. It's okay if Iraq and Iran kill each other through the month of Ramadan for eight years.

By this rationale, it is okay for Muslims to hijack airplanes and fly them into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. It's okay for Muslims to make war on the Great Satan of America.

You do not compromise with such people. You do not compromise with Islam because it has no intention of compromising with anyone unless and until they become a Muslim. If you are the greatest military and economic power on the face of the earth, you either dictate the terms of unconditional surrender or you exercise that power to defeat an enemy sworn to convert or kill all infidels, all unbelievers.

What are the odds of a commercial airplane having a major mechanical failure within two months of Terror Tuesday? They are astronomical. I predict we will be told that engine failure brought down the American Airlines jet, but I believe it was destroyed by a bomb placed in the luggage of someone who bought a ticket and did not get on the plane. I believe this nation's economy is under attack and that tourism, a key component, has been selected as one of its targets because the security of commercial air travel is non-existent. I believe militant Muslims have determined that, once Americans have to make sacrifices, they will surrender.

The security of the United States will be seriously jeopardized if we turn away from supporting the right of Israel to exist. It is the Western outpost of our civilization, our entire belief system. If we abandon Israel, Muslims will rightly conclude we are prepared to abandon our friends, abandon the cities and places most holy to American Christians and Jews. The Palestinians will celebrate, dancing in the streets, just as they did when they received news of the destruction of the Twin Towers, the attack on the Pentagon.

Much was made of the fact that President Bush did not meet with Arafat during the United Nations session of world leaders, but how much more meaningful it would have been had Bush met and rebuked him for having turning his back on 95% of everything the Palestinian Authority had asked for and for reinstating the Itifada, the terror campaign within Israel. Instead, Secretary of State Colin Powell met with him, offering soothing words, but not retribution.

There is still time to let the White House know we should not sell out Israel for a peace that has not existed from its first day of independence and will not exist until every Jew in Israel is dead. In 1938, the Nazis had a "Kristallnacht", Crystal Night, over two days, November 9 and 10, when its thugs were let loose upon the synagogues and on the shops owned by Jews, breaking their windows, setting them afire. It signaled the beginning of the end for the Jews in Germany and, later, throughout Europe, a continent thought to be civilized and enlightened.

Terror Tuesday was the American Kristallnacht and the fate of Christians and Jews here was signaled. It would be a fearful thing if America's leaders sold out Israel, hoping to get the "cooperation of our coalition allies." Israel has sought Islamic cooperation for decades. It won't happen! We are on a slippery road to surrender and defeat if we permit this.

Alan Caruba is the author of "A Pocket Guide to Militant Islam", available from He is a frequent contributor to Enter Stage Right.

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