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The World Wide Web has brought a lot of new faces to the attention of the information starved, people like Matt Drudge and Glenn Reynolds. Justifiably included on that list is Patrick Ruffini, someone who has had a presence on the web for as long as we here at Enter Stage Right can remember.

Patrick Ruffini.comThe last few years has seen Ruffini become of the web's premier analysts both in print and on his web site. Focusing much of his attention on elections, as Ruffini says "[B]efore good ideas can become policy, the right people need to get elected," he has taken it upon himself to intensively analyze the 2000 presidential election in a detailed fashion that is rarely seen outside of academic circles. His conclusions, whether on minority voting patterns or swing votes, are interesting to say the least.

Few pundit web sites would be complete without a blog and Ruffini's web site is no different. Rants serves as a forum for his more immediate thoughts and analysis and served as quite an interesting read in the days before and after the November 5 mid-term elections in the United States.

Although he has a bit of ways to go before he challenges the established pundits in renown, we think Ruffini has a bright future. We're also pretty happy he's on our side.

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