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William Jefferson Davis Clinton's very own Eugenics, Inc.

By Michael Moriarty
web posted November 7, 2005

Who is William Clinton, really, other than Lyndon Baines Johnson with a Mona Lisa smile, pitching a southerner's salesmanship, a Dixiecrat with visions of the ultimate triumph of a worldwide Southern Confederacy? The Canadian Liberals insist on calling Canada a Confederation. Interesting, isn't it? Particularly in light of Hillary Clinton's desire for America to become Canadianized. Throw in the Bushes of Texas and you've the whole rebel package, right? The Third Way is a coalition concoction of Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush – the Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis of Socialist Slave Plantations. Don't let the Yale graduate delivery fool you. They're good ole boys, all the way.

The 1964 Gulf of Tonkin Resolution made the War in Vietnam possible, and who threw that "fast ball" by Congress? LBJ! It is rumored John F. Kennedy wanted America out of Vietnam by late 1963. Well, he went down with Abraham Lincoln who insisted that slavery be abolished. Who waited in the wings, following Kennedy's assassination? Lord and Lady MacBird – the main characters of a brilliant off-Broadway play that should be revived: MacBird! Who insisted that vice-president Hubert Humphrey continue Johnson's Vietnam War policy? The Republicans? Their version of how to wage war was customized by Dr. Henry A. Kissinger, that Communist-loving U.S. Secretary of State.

LBJ took a peek at socialist architecture and most likely said to himself, "Damn! That's nothin' but a good ole Southern Plantation, and who knows how to run one o' those better ‘n a Texan? Jus' gotta keep the slaves happy!"

William Clinton came along with the requisite internationalist sophistication to win the northern vote. He wrapped the words of Christ around his French abortion pill – France was the ally of the Confederate South, remember – in the same way that Mao Zedong wrapped the sayings of Confucius around his humanicidal Maoism. The Buddha under the Bodhi tree, strapped into his lotus position, teaching utter indifference to the confusions of life, finally blossomed into two alternatives: the self-immolation of two monks in Saigon or the fleurs du mal that sprouted from the head of Mao Zedong. So the parents of this growing Global Empire are Mao, the anti-Confucius, and Clinton, the anti-Christ.

"You jus' gotta keep the slaves happy!," LBJ might yell as an order to Clinton.

Well, Vernon Jordan, Clinton's crony – a black lawyer and Washington power broker – sure seemed content. In his Armani suits, Gucci shoes, silk shirts and ties, golf games with the Boss, round trips to Bilderburg, Germany, where he sat in the dugout with the real players, Jordan didn't seem to mind playing Stepin Fetchit for the Massa – the now virtual White Bwana of Harlem, and cover up his leaders' sexual peccadilloes with a last-minute trip to New York City. All Jordan and the Rev. Jesse Jackson can really say to any white man is: "Welcome to the plantation, honky!"

With Illinois Senator Barack Obama warming up in the bullpen, the Rainbow Coalition hopes that the next Master of the World Plantation will be black. Kind of a Rainbow Tyranny, don't you think? Well, if they can buy the Rainbow Death of Roe v. Wade, they can certainly put up with a little slavery, right?

The charisma of Bill Clinton was prophesied by Mark Twain in his character of Tom Sawyer, the boy who can get everyone else to paint his fence for him. Twain's other character, Huck Finn, is the author's favorite. I think Samuel Clemens looked down on Tom Sawyer's games in the same way Sir Arthur Conan Doyle looked down on Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson. I hadn't made the Holmes connection with Clinton until I read the preface and commentary of Nobel Prizewinner James D. Watson. This gentleman has eliminated the title of Doctor, most likely given to him in a hundred honorary ways, to avoid the obvious comparisons to his literary predecessor. I can't do that with the name Moriarty, can I?

So, I'm stuck with Moriarty and Dr. James is stuck with Watson. He's also tied umbilically to the only Sherlock Holmes worthy of him, William J. Clinton.

"Conan Doyle?" That's hardly Lloyd George, is it? Rather Irish, don't you think? He let Moriarty live in the Sherlock Holmes series, or rather didn't let us know where either Holmes or Moriarty ended up when they fell off a cliff in mortal combat. As far as I can tell, both ended up in America as William J. Clinton and Michael Moriarty. Never one to wear the truth, let alone his heart on his sleeve, the former President of the United States found his Dr. Watson waiting for him. Out of the University of Chicago, that absolute temple of eugenics and now the home court of Senator Obama and the Lumumba University he's building there, came Watson, the authority on deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA. This was the biggest news to hit the university since the advent of Francis Galton, the father of eugenics. He even coined the word.

In 1883, Galton defined eugenics as "good in stock, hereditarily endowed with noble qualities." With what eugenics has since been doing to the human race in terms of abortion, cloning, fetal tissue research and adult human experiments, I wonder what Galton's definition of nobility is. I doubt if it's the same as the one in Webster's Dictionary. Watson noted that "Charles D. Davenport, my predecessor by some 70 years at Cold Spring Harbor," the home of the Eugenics Records Office, "was one of the leading players trying to make human breeding as rational as that of livestock."

Though not yet a Dan Brown, who revealed the existence of a secret society known as the Priory of Sion, Watson has pretty well spilled the beans. It's a trait of the devil to always let things go to his head before the game is over. Here they are at halftime thinking the next decade for the Clinton Global Empire will be a slamdunk. They can all come out from under their rocks now.

It's hard to think of Sherlock Holmes as being the puppet of Dr. Watson, but that's the case. He's a devil's version of television's Colombo. All that befuddlement is a cover. Dr. Watson picks the targets and Holmes goes hunting. Moriarty is an Irish Catholic genius laughing at what 19th-century England made out of its adopted messiah Karl Marx. Yes, that Boswell of the French Revolution wrote Das Kapital in London. Since then, playwright George Bernard Shaw and his ilk turned Marxism into the atheist's favorite religion. All of London danced at the thought of possible, French-style beheadings of the Royal Family. The Napoleon of Crime, Professor Moriarty, wasn't the least bit surprised to see England fall under the influence of Karl Marx.

Conan Doyle wanted to make a lot of money. With Marxism in the air, he knew that the English-speaking world couldn't resist a George Bernard Shaw with a violin, Meerschaum pipe and cocaine habit. About the same time, Galton, a cousin of Charles Darwin, came out with his famous book on eugenics.

So Marx and Galton hook up to play Holmes and Dr. Watson. It's an instant hit. Meanwhile, Moriarty, Conan Doyle's alter ego, simply haunts and eludes the Wiley Coyotes of Holmes and Dr. Watson… to this day.

They say Ireland's greatest revenge on the British Empire was for its citizens to speak the English language better than the English ever could. No, the ultimate vindication will be watching Prof. Moriarty come out of the woods and serve it up to a Dr. Watson/Holmes empire I call Abortion, Inc.

As you well know, I am running for President of the United States on my own party ticket, The Realists. My strategy is to arrive in Florida, the only state in which I might be able to get on the Presidential ballot, allowing me to convey a series of observations, warnings and predictions – and to do so in the spirit of Hippocrates. You remember the Hippocratic Oath, the one all physicians must honor:

"Proclaim the past!
Diagnose the present!
Foretell the future!
Practice these arts!"

It ends with the ultimate advice "to help, and to do no harm."

This ethical backbone to the scientists of our Judeo-Christian civilization and our governing leadership was destroyed in the United States of America, when Kissinger, convinced that Red China would prevail, lobbied the Republicans to urge their appointments on the Supreme Court to pass Roe v. Wade. With all of its scientific analyses by the pro-choice movement, America, under the thumb of the Supreme Court, swallowed the very cyanide pill that Lincoln predicted when he wrote: "If America is destroyed, it will not be by a foreign power. If it dies, it will be by suicide."

With the fateful Roe v. Wade decision, the Supreme Court and Kissinger hacked their way, not only through the fetal tissue of over 30 million gestating infants, thus instituting a Maoist Population Control Policy, but literally burned the Declaration of Independence and all Americans, not just infants yet to be born, but every American's "inalienable right to life"…. and not death by either abortion or retroactive abortions ordered by the government in the very French Revolutionary spirit of raison d'état. John Adams, our second President, soon after entering the White House, began to realize France's ultimate aim, and the diabolical ingratitude of that nation, following its suicidal revolution in the 18th century.

With George W. Bush finally responding to what is left of an authentic Republican Party, his recent, unequivocally anti-Roe v. Wade candidate for the Supreme Court, Samuel A. Alito, Jr. – an Italian-American… good… like Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia… in fact, Supreme Court justices Clarence Thomas and Scalia are the only two real American votes on the bench…. the following drama will unfold.

W, and that will be my name for him from now on, is, by the divine intervention of the Higher Power which all former drunks and reformed alcoholics must look to, now listens to his purpose in a purpose-driven life. W is beginning what I call the re-enactment of American history. He is the quintessential George Washington, whose job was to free us from the British Empire. W's job is to drive Roe v. Wade out of the heart of America. He only has two more years in which to do it. If he achieves only that, he will be among our greatest Presidents. I know, without a doubt, that while the chaos of the last few months of his administration is swirling around him, his father, H.W., that collaborative arm of Bill Clinton's Third Way is screaming at him not to overturn Roe v. Wade.

"Just look like you're about to overturn Roe v. Wade, Junior!," comes his father's voice from the battlements. "We've been playing that game for three decades, right? From Nixon to Ford to me to you! Keep it up! If we don't play that game and we do overturn Roe v. Wade, we will have big trouble from Red China…. and the Clinton Global Empire!"

That's what H.W. is telling W. Bush, Sr. is pure Skull and Bones – the Yale secret society that was founded 800 years ago. The Masons, Illuminati, Priory of Sion, their gatherings at Bilderburg, the Trilateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations… they are all the fruit on the tree of an anti-Catholic movement that is determined to institute what is best laid out by the unrecognized Grand Master, Ashley Montague, in his book The Natural Superiority of Women. Why do you think Billy Graham hopped on the Clinton Empire bandwagon? Because of its anti-Catholicism!

Our last Catholic President, John F. Kennedy, was assassinated! They will have no compunction about assassinating the new Pope either, if he does his level best to suppress abortion.

The USA is a country that has loved, adored and worshiped life! Bill Bryson, brilliant man, pointed out that during the 1950s under Dwight D. Eisenhower, America constituted 6% of the global population and 7% of the world's real estate – and yet had not only the largest gross national product on earth but consumed almost all of it. As Bryson says, the USA literally didn't need the rest of the world. We don't need the rest of the world now, but if we ask the world for any help, we'll be buried! The USA's Siamese twin-like dependence on Saudi Arabia has been nurtured not for the sake of the country but for the sake of the Bush family and its friends (such as Halliburton).

I still have hope for W. He'll have to tell his father to screw off! That's hard. The Kennedy boys tried it, biting the hand that fed the family, the Cosa Nostra… and did it after using them to gain power. Joe Kennedy, Sr. repeatedly warned his son Bobby, then U.S. Attorney General, to lay off the Mob. Bobby didn't listen and died in a kitchen of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.

In the case of George H.W. Bush, there's a danger but it does not run along familial lines like the Italian Family does. It is literally nothing more than Abortion, Inc. – a worldwide corporation run along corporate lines. The tragedy is that Abortion, Inc. has the support of almost everyone in the world media and entertainment industry. How can you buck that?

What that snaky little genius, Bob Dylan, knew was "blowin' in the wind" was Abortion, Inc. He and hundreds of other artists and anchormen hopped on the bandwagon, and with the greatest Abortion, Inc. careerist in the history of the Free World, Bill Clinton, they hit it right up into the big money and power.

Roe v. Wade was passed in 1973. I can't tell you the epic size of the tragedy. Only an ancient Greek classic like Oedipus Rex or The Orestian Trilogy can compare. A curse was laid on America with that profoundly life-loathing act. Until that curse is lifted by overturning Roe v. Wade, America will not see better days.

Now, here's the progress of what I call the reincarnation of American history. I'm not insisting on a Roman Catholic Presidency. I'm suggesting that my own, unequivocal stance on abortion makes me Catholic. It is that Catholic position, however, which Abortion, Inc. cannot possibly allow in the White House.

With, God willing, W representing the return of George Washington and the Revolution against Abortion, Inc., then the next President must be a John Adams, right? I'm the new John Adams. I would institute the equivalent of the Alien and Seditions Acts. I would make certain that all the purveyors of Abortion, Inc. are kicked out of the United States for the rest of their lives.

There now… either I begin all this as a Realist in 2012 after losing as a Third Party Candidate in 2008 or as the Republican candidate, the dark horse, the guy the Republicans pull out of the bullpen at the last minute. I can win, especially with Colin Powell as my vice-presidential running mate! In 2016, I will end my Presidency by opening the Eastern Gate in Jerusalem and fulfilling the Biblical promise of the Second Coming of Christ. General Powell waged war in the Persian Gulf with surgical precision. With the same fervor, he can most certainly embed a world peace unlike any other.

So, you see. W plays Washington. I play John Adams and General Powell plays Thomas Jefferson and America is again back on track. That's the plan, anyway.

People are still foolish enough to think that eugenics is as dead as Communism, yet both ideologies are still very much alive. Little do most people know that eugenics is Beelzebub and Communism is Mephistopheles: both traipse behind that greatest of Pied Pipers– Lucifer, the Bearer of Light! – or as he's more well known these days, the Emperor of the Clinton Global Empire.

In the old days, warlords and their regiments of barbarians would ravage entire provinces. They'd terrorize the peasants into quivering submission. The closest early America ever came to warlords on horseback were the land raiders, cattle rustlers, thieves and varmints of the Old West.

Today, corporate warlords are springing up all over the place. At the top you'll find the financial warlord, George Soros; the intellectual warlord, Henry A. Kissinger; the multicultural warlord, Rev. Jesse Jackson; the recently retired religious warlord, Rev. Billy Graham; minor sports warlords like Don King; and urban warlords like Rev. Al Sharpton. Above them all sits their Emperor William J. Clinton, or as that poetical mob Queen Toni Morrison calls him: "Our first black President." Clinton is trying to make them believe his middle name comes from Thomas Jefferson, the former slaveholder! Right... damn... the Rainbow Coalition and Barack Obama love reminding us about how "equivocating" or downright slaveholding our founding fathers were, but they either can't see the Simon Legree whip in Clinton's hand or they want slavery with the slight chance that occasionally there'll be a Black Massa.  

I know the former President, like his dear colleague Barack Obama, would like to think more in terms of a university or college rather than a collage of killers, but if it cuts like an abortionist and drops fetal tissue into a FedEx pouch like an abortionist – well, it's just got to be a latter-day Dr. Josef Mengele of Abortion, Inc.

The Eugenics Records Office of Cold Harbor Springs and the expert scientists at the University of Chicago are certain that there are now too many guinea pigs, way too many human beings on earth to deal with in a controlled experiment called The New Superhuman Race.

The New World Order is a codeword for the centuries-long vision of taking human evolution out of the hands of Mother Nature and natural selection, and into the hands of the human intellect.

The natural tempo of untampered-with evolution is slow as a glacier. Where it takes less than 48 hours for an automotive improvement to jump from the drawing board to a prototype vehicle, it takes Mother Nature an eternity to made an adjustment.

Is this a laughing matter?

It will be, once the Clinton Global Empire is similarly encouraged to pack up its office equipment, phones and all, and move to Paris, where the whole nightmare began.

But that's for another column.

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who has appeared in the landmark television series Law and Order, the mini-series Taken, and the TV-movie The 4400. He is now filming Pick Me Up, an episode of the Showtime TV series Masters of Horror, in Vancouver.

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