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The last of the emperors

By Michael Moriarty
web posted November 16, 2009

In the same way the burgeoning Republic of Rome seemed destined to create an emperor, a single man imbued by the Roman Senate with almost God-like powers … the equally burgeoning New World Order, that dream of both the United Nations and the American Progressive Movement, seems quite willing to "imperialize" President Barack Obama, to endow him with the powers of prophet, proselytizer and … well … Emperor of the New World Order.

It is so clear that William Clinton wanted that title. He even enshrined such personal dreams within the title of his "Global Initiative" … and he and his wife saw their dreams of imperial power swept away by this … newcomer, this seeming nobody, Barack Hussein Obama.

America's favorite victory and hero: a triumph by the underdog!

I've included the President's middle name because it is clear, now more than ever, following the recent tragedies of Fort Hood, that the Emperor must have some intimate entrée to the torturously mysterious and greatly expanding world of that repeatedly trumpeted, Underdog Nation: Islam. The President's undeniable bow to the Saudi King made that clear. What seemed a defiance of Presidential protocol was, indeed, Obama's clear method to an increasingly less complex madness … yet a suicidal madness of appeasement nonetheless.

While The Bow infuriated many American traditionalists, it brought hope to much of the world's population that perhaps … just maybe … the Emperor knows how to deal with these terrorists. The Obama/Holder, tightening grip over the trials of terrorist defendants will give the Emperor "bargaining chips" for the private negotiations he is having with an Islam he so respects. God knows how low he'll bow behind closed doors.

But then again, he's the Emperor, isn't he … perhaps because of the Will of Allah!

With hopefully a few Ayatollahs in his back pocket, the American Progressive Movement in thrilled expectancy, world labor unions on their knees to him and the New World Order oligarchs smiling smugly in the background, it just seems time to get out of the wannabe-Imperial closet and announce the full and unashamed birth of a New World Empire and Emperor!

Perhaps the true energy behind the American Revolution was not the American loathing of a monarchy but a lust for the presence of an emperor to create an American Empire. The early Americans were eager to award General Washington the title of Emperor … but, thank God, he declined. He didn't even want the Presidency … but he knew his work wasn't done and he accepted the office.

"Something there is that doesn't love a wall" … but just adores a demagogue!

The New World Oligarchy is more than ready to serve up, sustain and maintain President Obama as the entire human race's emperor.

All these elitists needed was an ego hungry enough to want the job, the title … and most importantly the power! The kind of power-lust that … well … eventually turns even the oligarchy into slavishly obedient subjects … or subjectively obedient slaves.

One returning theme of the Roman Empire is the universal longing for the days of the Roman Republic when there really was no lifetime emperor … just a Senate and two Consuls that generally represented the Romans fairly well.

You certainly hear such longing in the villains of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar … the noblest of which, Brutus, might, in this instance, represent Lenin or Trotsky … those men who, like Cassius, don't want to peep about Caesar or the Czar to find themselves "dishonorable graves".

George Washington possibly earned a right to be Caesar or the Czar. However, in one of the most defining decisions for America … and, I might add, for the human race … the first President of the United States turned the opportunity of being emperor … turned it down.

I've never known of such humility among the legendary leaders of Communism.

So far I have seen no similar instincts in either William Clinton who thought himself, like Roosevelt, worthy of more than two terms, or Barack Obama whose sights seem set upon ruling over the entire human race with Marxist and possibly Maoist determination. Pushing America this far to the Left necessitates at least Caesarian … if not Maoist … uh … self-confidence.

There is certainly nothing American about his plans for "Change" or about his and his wife's love of abortion, death and euthanasia or "Death Panels" as the quickest if not the best solutions for the problems of life.

The most notorious appearance of an emperor in the West … was Napoleon! At the same time the growing British Empire had a mere king. The infant American Empire had a President.

Now, however, The New World Order seems to be just begging for an emperor.

He who can finally put the New World Order uh … into order … he will be its emperor.

However, there will, without a doubt, be the inevitable uprisings … here and there … and despite the Marxist design of the New World Order … these uprisings may prove as successful as the former Communist ones under the Czar's imperial reign … but these Third Millennium Uprisings might put an ultimate end to the emperors of any kind.

That's what the American Revolution may very well prove to be about.

Indeed, the American Empire has fallen and is still falling into the same pattern as the Roman Empire: from Republic to an increasingly imperial dictatorship. The now, fully Marxist euphemism of "Progressive" … is the wastebasket label for an elitist's amalgamation of all the tyrannies of world history. From Fascism and Communism to … well … Roman imperialism.

The Christ of the New Testament transformed the Roman Empire into the Catholic Church.

The same Christ, I believe, will now turn the American Empire into the City of God.

The City of God will not abide legalized abortion any more than it will abide Islamic terrorism.

So perhaps Obama will be the Last of the Emperors.

Oh, the President's recent Bow to "Imperial Japan"? Noblesse oblige and perhaps the beginning of an Emperor's Club! Who or what can possibly dislike Emperors … or even Empires for that matter?! Hmmm … ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.


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