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Intellectual capital

By Robert T. Smith
web posted November 9, 2009

The current health care congressional debacle and pending legislative gyrations over the alleged man-induced global warming raise many questions.  Why won't the Democrats that run congress allow us to read their legislation in advance?  Why won't the president describe in detail his plans, unless he feels they are unrecorded in front of like-minded progressive individuals?  Why must each piece of legislation be prohibitively voluminous and lacking in precise meaning and word?  Why must all bills be passed quickly before deliberative consideration, or through some chicanery or manipulation of procedural legislative rules? 

The answer is information.  The old media and ruling elite cannot tolerate an informed citizenry.  It is an assault on their dominion over us; their repository of intellectual capital stolen.
The purveyors of progressivism believe themselves to be the great thinkers.  They believe they are the ones who rightly should dictate other's lives and otherwise order society as they see fit.  The notion of equal distribution and liberal social policies flows from their world-view. 

People such as Woodrow Wilson, Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and like-minded historical figures lead the way as American progressives.  Woodrow Wilson set forth the mind-set of the progressives in his writings.  The types of notions he set forth include the right of the community to take precedence over the right of the individual, and that socialism and democracy are generally not inconsistent concepts.  These and associated thoughts are the antithesis of our country's founding premise.  In the progressives' view, the intellectual capital of our country resides in their hands, wisely elected progressive government officials, the ruling elites. 

Today, progressivism seems alive and well as the Democrat Party.  Having now sufficiently abused the liberal label of the 1960's to 1990's, the Democrats seek a new identity in the generationally forgotten term of progressivism.  The Democrats remain smitten with their own intellectual abilities, and command and control approach to their fellow citizens.  The Democrat politician's lot in life appears self-established above the pedestrian social status of their subjects.  The Democrat Party foundation seems to conform to the current collectivist and arguably de-humanizing socialism of the majority of Europe. 

Not long ago, Walter Cronkite, the "most trusted man in news", all but declared the Vietnam War lost, just as it was arguably beginning to conclude in America's favor.  In doing so, Mr. Cronkite turned public opinion against the war and consequently into a lost war.  One look down the nose of ABC's professorial Charlie Gibson is enough to let you know your place is not with him, among the sophisticated, journalistic elites.  In the old media's view, reflected by the examples of Messrs. Cronkite and Gibson, the intellectual capital of our country resides in their hands.  Self-described journalists seeking to dispense the(ir) truth.    

No longer do the political elite and the old media hold such sway over the social discourse of America.  This new status is upsetting and unacceptable to them.  This was strikingly evident during the Taxed Enough Already (TEA) parties, where simply the appearance of so many with a contrary view to the political elite and old media elicited pejoratives and insults.  The TEA parties were an affront to their dominion over what is and isn't real or important, newsworthy or relevant to the political elite and old media's societal orderliness and discourse. 

TEA baggers, right-wing zealots, racists, bigots, Nazis, all slander heaped upon their fellow citizens for simply not falling in line with the political elite and old media's preferred manner or ordering of society.  What ensued has been an intermingled old media and political assault on a large portion of the country's citizens.  In the political elite and old media world-view, the obviously bitter, clinging to their guns or religion citizen-subjects TEA partiers are better seen and not heard.  One must believe and accept the colluded old media/Democrat truths or face the consequences.  This assault by the old media and Democrats is not hopeful for our future or the kind of change needed, the bait dangled by the Chicago grifter before the switch.     

At one time, most Americans were concerned mostly over proximate issues, our street or area, nearby town, or our State.  Those with a broader view high in government or in the national media could better survey the larger scene and inform us or decide larger issues on our behalf.   A monopoly on information was established.  Now we sit at our computers and access a world of information, read news from around the country and around the world.   A plethora of information is available at our finger tips, unfiltered through the political illuminati or self-aggrandizing old media. 

The intellectual capital of our country is found on the explosion of websites, like Enter Stage Right.  It resides in the large number and diverse think tanks of Americanism, Center for Vision and Values, Heritage Foundation and many others.  These websites and think tanks are places where thoughtful discussion, shared ideas, and formulation of the social discourse grows daily, like a town square or town hall meeting on steroids.  The new media has reanimated the venue for all, each of us individually, quintessentially American.  They, the old media and progressives, hate it with an unseemly passion.

Where lies the intellectual capital of America?  The intellectual capital of our country lies in each American, set free again by the truth of information.  

Carpe diem, fellow citizens. ESR

 Robert T. Smith is an environmental scientist who spends his days enjoying life and the pursuit of happiness with his family.  He confesses to cling to his liberty, guns and religion, with antipathy toward the arrogant ruling elites throughout the country.

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