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Most Americans would likely agree with Shakespeare that all the lawyers should be killed first but that doesn't diminish their importance when the discussion turns to the rights of Americans. For the most part, the legal system has been the arena of two competing and yet friendly combatants: a government interested in regulating the lives of its citizens and special interest groups who believe the government doesn't go far enough.

Pacific Legal FoundationEnter groups like the Pacific Legal Foundation which was founded in 1973 in an attempt to redress that imbalance. It was formed by people concerned over the lack of a voice for mainstream Americans before the courts on issues of important public policy. The goal was to defend the rights set forth in the U.S. Constitution and to reverse the growing trend toward increased government intrusion in the lives of Americans, infringements on individual and economic liberties, and regulatory assaults on private property and free enterprise.

You might be tempted to write off groups like the PLF as one front in the war against expanding government and to a certain extent you'd be right. One could make a better argument, however, that the courts might be one of the most important venues. It's easier and more lucrative for lawyers to convince 12 jurors in a criminal or civil case then it is a majority of legislators. An increasing amount of public policy is not being made in democratically elected forums of debates but in courtrooms. It's important for conservatives to have a voice in that process and Americans should count themselves lucky that groups like the PLF are around to fight for their rights.

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