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Are we not men?

By Michael Moriarty
web posted December 19, 2005

Osama bin Laden laid down his gauntlet and decreed that Allah would make mincemeat out of the Judeo-Christian civilization. Meanwhile, Christ's enemies in North America claim the Son of God was meshuguna (crazy). According to the New World Order's Erosion Theory, the memory of Christ can be worn down by attrition; that is, by withdrawing His name from holiday celebrations and all state functions. This insidious plan seems to be working. Happy holidays is supplanting Merry Christmas. Vicars in England are no longer invited to the schools they once ministered to. Worst of all, a few cardinals in the Roman Catholic Church favor some degree of full-term abortion, arbitrary euthanasia and adult human experimentation. Ah, methinks I hear the siren song of Eugenics!

The greatest of ironies in this defiance of our Almighty Father is that the ultimate Napoleon of this Death-embracing Idea of Empire was Mao Zedong. No man ever radiated such a glacial indifference to human life as did the Deadly Buddha of Beijing. Yet it won't be Mao who gets the last laugh in this Carnival of Death, but Sir Francis Galton (1822-1911), the founder of Eugenics. All the death by starvation, court intrigue and criminal disregard caused by Mao was enacted to feed Galton's ego. Galton believed that war was a good thing and that such humanoidicide is the only possible way to find out which races are the fittest and deserve to survive. From these conclusions, the know-it-alls will pick the central, core and seminal gene for the New Human Race. Then, through "scientific selection," they will breed the human race like livestock, adding a small superior gene of intelligence from this race, another small but superior gene of athletic prowess from that race, and voila! – an irreversible fusion of perfect races at the genetic-molecular level.

Bin Laden and Al Qaeda have awakened a sleeping god – America! To face down Allah and the Islamist Empire, America need only answer these would-be Julius Caesars with the other, better Caesar – Augustus, the imperial ruler behind the longest peace the Roman Empire had ever known. America will answer Allah with Jehovah and Christ. Viewing this situation as a candidate for the Presidency of the United States, I realize that I must turn back the red tide of internationalism. America has morphed from a Republic of individual freedom to become the capital of a Third Reichian Pax Americana.

What is Third Reichian about William J. Clinton's Third Way? He replaced Hitler's Holocaust of genocide with the Abomination of humanoidicide: legalized abortion. Clinton had a great deal of help from the Supreme Court, naturally. Jesse Jackson took Martin Luther King's abhorrence of "abortion as genocide" into a whole new realm of human reasoning, claiming that King would most certainly have approved of Planned Parenthood. Why the Father of Equal Opportunity would agree to the killing of all gestating infants escapes me. Clinton says his spiritual adviser W.O. Vaught told him: "God has nothing against abortion, because the word ‘abortion' never appears in the Bible."

And yet the Bible takes a dim view of King Herod as he slaughtered the innocents in his bid to terminate the Baby Jesus. The Virgin Mary had to give birth in a stable, because she and Joseph were in hiding from Herod, the baby-killer. That's why America is obliged to forever protect Israel, not only because it is the Holy Land where our Lord walked, but because we must make sure that Christ's parents always have "room at the inn." Even Vaught advised Clinton to "above all, protect Israel."

However, when Clinton twisted Yitzhak Rabin's arm to "encourage" him to give Yasir Arafat the "back 40" of Israel, he virtually forced Rabin into what amounts to a "fellow Israeli-assisted suicide." Rabin's killer was Yigal Amir, an Israeli who fully realized what Clinton had done to his homeland, convincing its leaders to gradually cede Israel to the Arab world. Many such men and women in wrath are simply waiting to "serve it up" to the real inspiration for all this madness: the Emperors of the Third Reichian Pax Americana – Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush.

The only chess piece standing in the way of the complete victory of the secular elites, moral relativists and tradition-destroying multiculturalists is Pope Benedict XVI. Benny Six, as he is lovingly called in the streets of Rome, is the last hope of our Judeo-Christian civilization. Brutus-like, Clinton plots to topple the Pope from his high moral pedestal.

Men are mammals like mice, but they sure as hell won't stop their territorial imperative over their own progeny or DNA. The Egghead Eugenicists think a man will behave because they consider the "herds of humanity" to be no more than easily manipulated animals who will, in their confused rage, allow themselves to be terrorized into becoming mice. Eugenicists don't believe in free will. According to the famous behavioral scientist B. F. Skinner, all men can eventually be treated like Pavlov's dogs. That's a step up from mice, I guess, but I'm still not charmed.

I'm trying to get through Hitler's Scientists by John Cornwell, the well-known author of Hitler's Pope. Cornwell is an instructor in the philosophy of science. His depictions of the Nazis' human experiments are so explicitly gruesome that you can't help wanting to put these "scientists" in the same cold storage where they placed their human guinea pigs. The only interest these mad doctors had in their test subjects was in finding out how long it would take for them to die.

These so-called scientists were necrophiliacs, just like their hero, Leonardo Da Vinci, who dug up bodies illegally from graves to perform autopsies on them. While inventing weapons of mass destruction and dissecting corpses, Da Vinci established the paradigm for all human proportions: 1.618. Galton, a mathematically-obsessed, anally retentive, closet psychotic, must have erupted in ecstasy over that "scientific finding." When entomologists realized that beehives maintain a 1.618 ratio of dominant females over minority males, eugenically-minded types began to think that a better idea than men as mice would be men as insects.

The horrifying transformation of scientist Seth Brundle into a half man-half insect in David Cronenberg's reinterpretation of George Langelaan's novella The Fly. At this stage of his degradation, Brundle clings tenaciously to his humanity as the stronger insect genes become dominant. Could this terrible fate befall humanity?, Michael Moriarty wonders
The horrifying transformation of scientist Seth Brundle into a half man-half insect in David Cronenberg's reinterpretation of George Langelaan's novella The Fly. At this stage of his degradation, Brundle clings tenaciously to his humanity as the stronger insect genes become dominant. Could this terrible fate befall humanity?, Michael Moriarty wonders

Socialist progressive taxation builds a wonderful thickening insect-like crust around all of humanity and, since bees are a female-worshipping eco-system, wouldn't it be better if governments took a hint from Franz Kafka and turned all men into cockroaches, as he does to his hapless protagonist Gregor Samsa in Metamorphosis? Even Charles Darwin would say, "Men into mice? Men into insects? If that's not the opposite of ‘evolving' and ‘evolution,' I don't know what is!" David Cronenberg showed exactly what happens when man becomes insect in his vomit-inducing 1986 remake of The Fly.

Dear readers, is this Clinton/Bush vision of the future sounding at all appetizing to you? If not, then join me in my inevitable victory. Acting under the terms of the enemy which is issuing an ultimatum that a President of the United States must now think as an Emperor rather than as a mere leader of a democratic republic, I come in the name of my Lord Jesus Christ and the greatest of all Roman Emperors, Caesar Augustus (who predates Emperor Constantine's conversion to Christianity by three centuries, thus making the Ancient Romans the true initiators of a Holy Roman Empire). I will act as a Christian… no, a Catholic Roman Emperor, and pursue the would-be assassins of Pope Benedict XVI. I will hound them to the East into their final dwelling places, where they will suffer horrible fates.

Why am I so sure of this scenario? There is only one foundation to the virtual Kremlin of the Clinton/Bush Third Reichian Pax Americana. It is the U.S. Supreme Court's 1973 Roe v. Wade decision. Once I am President, my first order of business will be to overturn Roe v. Wade. The empire of the culturally suicidal, profane secularists will begin to collapse as more voices of sanity are raised in Congress and the Senate.

This will happen on my watch as President of the United States of America – the greatest country in the history of the world.

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who has appeared in the landmark television series Law and Order, the mini-series Taken, and the TV-movie The 4400. He is now filming Pick Me Up, an episode of the Showtime TV series Masters of Horror, in Vancouver.

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