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Criminal taxation without representation: Coal as a punitive arm of the IRS

By Michael Moriarty
web posted December 21, 2009

In light of last week's editorial and Senator Reid's working metaphor of the American Civil War, I soon expect the undeniable Confederacy of President Barack "Jefferson Davis" Obama to fire its deadliest shot across the bow of Fox News, the Tea Partiers, disenchanted Independent voters and most middle-class Americans.

After a repetitive series of Homeland Security training films produced at no taxpayers expense by Dick Wolf of Law & Order television series fame, will come a similarly veiled "teachable moment" with the Cap and Trade Bill.

Or Cap and Tax, as Sarah Palin has labeled it.

Whatever it's called, America's heating bills will "necessarily skyrocket" according to the man who ought to know, President Barack Obama.

Consistent with The One's increasingly cold attitude toward the elderly – his Medicare plans have anyone over fifty nervous and those over sixty terrified – the coming winters, following the passage of Cap and Trade, will be the coldest that elderly Americans may have ever felt in the history of this country. The dropping temperatures won't surpass the dropping levels of compassion for older citizens … and that's not all.

The cunning of our Harvard Lawyer who, as Christ might say, "heaps on other people pains which he himself could not endure", his barrister's genius has discovered a way of expropriating a private industry, the coal market, and transforming it … for "transforming America" is what he's all about … magically co-opting this entire natural resource and turning its nationwide businesses into a punitive arm of the IRS.

Hmmm … yes. The coal managers will be collecting the increasingly Marxist taxes which the Obama government will have burdened them with. They will be taking it out of the hides … and the warmest regions within all American houses … particularly those elderly pensioners who are home-bound and more dependent upon heat than any other corner of America's population.

Since we never elected the CEO's of Coal, they are not answerable to us, correct?

Yet they will soon be, after Cap and Trade is passed, transformed into the clear equivalent of the IRS, draining their own tax obligations … their indisputably punitive tax expenses … siphoning it out of the American people; and, of course, the elderly who, if they cannot pay their outrageous coal-related bills, could very well freeze to death.

This is, therefore, not only taxation without representation … it is criminal.

At the least I claim a charge of "criminal neglect" might be in order here.

It's at least a "misdemeanor" among those "high crimes and misdemeanors".

Following our possibly coldest and most heartless winter of 2010/11, the number of "counts" against the government for criminal neglect … at least … could reach the millions.

Do we wait?

Or can our lame-duck Congress muster up the faint courage to say "No" to Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and that unholy trinity's Cap and Trade taxation without representation?

Need I remind you that "High crimes and misdemeanors" are what qualify a President for impeachment?

Must we let this uniquely greedy and punitive Cap and Trade bill reach the floors of Congress before we address the classically high crime of taxation without representation and the possibly infinite number of misdemeanors that could arise from its enforcement?

The Progressive Movement has already charted its coming, centennial journey and that bizarre pilgrimage's hellish legislation, laws that will increasingly and more brutally enforce its programs.

Cap and Trade is beyond unconstitutional!

The government's interference in our healthcare defies everything our Founding Fathers stood for – but Cap and Trade?! Is this not forcibly making a human necessity – heat – pricing it out of the range of the lower middle-class, let alone the poor?

And letting the coal companies pass on the Government's punishment?!

The American People had no part in picking the CEO's of coal. They in no way represent anything but American business.

That means … indisputably … "taxation without representation".

Constitutional law is hardly my forte … but … common sense tells me that the Harvard Boy Wonder pulled Cap and Trade out of his unconstitutional, sharp practice derriere.

He complained quite audibly  about how the Constitution of the United States is a documentation of what the American government cannot do.

What President Obama is now trying to do is precisely what his … and our pesky Constitution … will not allow him to do!!

One thing the Constitution can never allow is Cap and Trade.

It nationalizes a human necessity, thus instituting a permanent state of economic martial law and increasingly unbridled governmental tyranny.

That is the Marxist antithesis of American free enterprise.

Finally, this Progressive philosophy of passing on a punitive tax – there are taxes and then there are taxes – inflicting it upon the American people through a private industry that provides a necessity such as the heating of homes and businesses, this sharp practice strategy, I say again, is beyond taxation without representation.

The proposed Cap and Trade Bill is not only a keystone to the Obama Nation's evolving, monetary concentration camp (the President's increasingly forcible "redistribution of wealth") but transforms the leaders of the coal industry into the equivalent of capos.

My next editorial will deal with such a Senator Reid-like metaphor depending upon the response of my readers, and do so in a piece possibly titled The inevitable capos of Cap and Trade. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.


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