January 2019 - December 2019

January 2019

The myth of the media: Politicians and pundits are fixated upon the media and their perceived importance for "getting the message out" but Bruce Walker believes that conservatives need to pursue a different line of thinking
America’s Suicidal Turning Point: Chapter Nine: The Bipartisan, New World Order Treason: Before Michael Moriarty moves on to the next American president to examine -- Barrack Hussein Obama -- he needs to address a really big idea that still threatens to destroy America
Looking back twenty-five years at a 1994 game and magazine about U.S. civil conflict (Part Two): Mark Wegierski continues his examination of 1994 political board game Crisis 2000: Insurrection in the United States!
And now a word from our sponsor about “toxic masculinity”: Gillette's recent commercial which lectured its customer base about "toxic masculinity" has Greg Strange examine the thought process behind the concept and why men need to fight back against this and all such campaigns
Why term limits lost and ranked choice voting will succeed: Two major reforms focused on deciding how and how long people would serve in elective office started back in the 1990s and Michael R. Shannon says we shouldn't be surprised which one has essentially won
What President Trump should say in his State of the Union Address: US President Donald Trump has delayed his State of the Union speech so Dr. Lester Jackson has amended the proposed speech that he suggests the president should deliver
The left isn’t stopping at merely censoring the right’s free speech: Rachel Alexander points out something that few apparently noticed during the MAGA hat/Nathan Phillips incident and it speaks to a new tactic by the political left
The ultimate irony of the 'Native American Elder' and the MAGA hat kids: It's probably not a surprise that Selwyn Duke wasn't impressed by Nathan Phillips, his claims of racism and his general appreciation of leftist politics
The Leftmedia's 'hate' narrative lynch mob: "Mob of white racist MAGA boys taunts noble native warrior"? Mark Alexander explains what really happened at the Lincoln Memorial and why
Huge backlog could trigger new wave of shale oil: Nick Cunningham reports that there are lot of drilled but uncompleted wells in the American shale oil patch and that could add a lot of new supply and make forecasting more difficult
Saved by pseudo-renewable energy?: Paul Driessen argues that climate alarmists must prove that expensive, weather-dependent energy is green and sustainable
Reasonable precautions: Environmentalists have grabbed a hold of a normal decision-making principle and used it to attack anything that smacks of progress or presents only the slightest risk of a negative outcome, writes Robert T. Smith
America’s Suicidal Turning Point: Chapter Eight: Michael Moriarty turns his sharp pen towards the second Bush that occupied in the White House and notes that there were three words that you never heard emanate from Bush 43's lips
“Third parties” in Canada – yet another reassessment (Part Four): Mark Wegierski looks mainly at Canada's left of centre/socialist New Democratic Party (NDP)
Here’s what President Trump should say in his State of the Union address: Lester Jackson is not a professional speech writer but we believe that US President Donald Trump would be hard-pressed to deliver a better State of the Union address
Looking back twenty-five years at a 1994 game and magazine about U.S. civil conflict (Part One): Mark Wegierski examines 1994 board game Crisis 2000: Insurrection in the United States! -- one that was perhaps more insightful than readers at the time knew
Does God speak to you?: Call him crazy if you will but Dr. Robert Owens doesn't mind telling people that God speaks to him and he's rather surprised if He isn't speaking to you as well
Watch out for far left presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren: Elizabeth Warren may be selling herself as a moderate Democrat these days, says Rachel Alexander, but her history reveals herself to be nothing less than a member of the far-left
Hospitals guard prices like the CIA guards secrets: The current American health care system is designed purely to maximize cost and Michael R. Shannon says it's time for hospitals to start posting firm prices for procedures if they wish to continue receiving federal money
MLK v the Democrat Party: Mark Alexander believes that Black Americans are recognizing that Democrats have turned the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream into a nightmare
When environmentalism becomes corruption – Part 1: Craig Liukko argues that environmental principles are too often used to stop lawful, responsible, vital land uses
Don’t ban plastic bags!: Hal Shurtlef says people need to learn the facts about plastic versus paper bags – and bag the bans that are sweeping North America, instead
Climate hysterics skyrocket: Increasingly absurd environmentalist disaster rhetoric is consistently contradicted by climate and weather reality, argues Paul Driessen
Nancy’s problem: Nancy Pelosi rode a narrow Democratic majority in November to become Speaker of the House but she also decided to take ownership of solving America's problems -- and that won't work well for her, says Bruce Walker
America’s Suicidal Turning Point: Chapter Seven: William Clinton next comes under fire in Michael Moriarty's latest series investigating modern American presidents and the decline of the country
“Third parties” in Canada – yet another reassessment (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks mainly at “third parties” in Western Canada -- long a hotbed of new parties challenging the existing political order
Arizona Governor’s office was warned about state vendor who allowed woman in vegetative state to be raped and get pregnant: News recently broke of a woman in a vegetative state who gave birth to a child over the Christmas holidays and Rachel Alexander says the governor's office was fully aware of issues involving the health care provider
America at a Rubicon moment & MAGA isn’t enough: America as a concept is understood differently by two broad schools of thought and Michael R. Shannon argues that one of has to win in order to save the Republic
Pelosi's MSM 'wrap-up smear' collusion against Trump: Mark Alexander says it's all about leftists' unquenchable thirst for statist power, and for them, Americans outside the Beltway are just collateral damage in their quest
Funding the Climate-Industrial Complex: Tom D. Tamarkin explains why Big Green energy investors rely on the man-made global warming myth
Meet the mainstream: Last week essentially marked the 10th anniversary of bitcoin -- the crypto-currency that promised a new era in financial transactions -- and its not what it was when it first launched, reports Daniel M. Ryan
America’s Suicidal Turning Point: Chapter Six: The 28-Year-Old, American Nightmare Known As The New World Order: Michael Moriarty pauses -- for a single week -- his examination of recent American presidents by looking at George H.W. Bush's infamous New World Order announcement
“Third parties” in Canada – yet another reassessment (Part Two): Mark Wegierski continues his series with a look mainly at “third parties” in Quebec
Dawn of the debacle: It's a new year and Dr. Robert Owens has some predictions for 2019 and beyond -- and he doesn't predict good news with newly emboldened and empowered Democrats in control of the House of Representatives
Setting the wolf to guard the sheep: Electing the Palestinian Attorney-General to the ICC Nominations Committee for judges: Amb. Alan Baker argues that the selection of the Palestinian Attorney-General to an ICC committee to select judges makes a laughing stock at the notion of an impartial court
A look back at the demise of the mainstream news media in 2018: It was a rough year in 2018 for the mainstream media, writes Rachel Alexander, as traditional outlets continued to be lapped by both upstarts and their conservative competitors
National security debates on the border and beyond: Mark Alexander says two major American national security issues are casting a long shadow over 2019
Oil is at the mercy of financial markets: Oil prices seemingly going up and down at random in recent weeks? Nick Cunningham believes that you can expect that will continue as long as the financial markets are doing the same
Prodding Trump’s EPA to reexamine Endangerment: William L. Kovacs argues there needs to be the use of external pressure to overcome Administration inertia on reviewing Endangerment Finding
Let’s do follow the climate money!: Paul Driessen says that Climate Crisis Inc. gets billions to promote an imaginary manmade cataclysm – but attacks realists who argue otherwise 
Israeli-Japanese friendship: A potential yet to be realized: Israel and Japan may not be a pair you would immediately think of but Shaun Ho believes that the two countries have a great deal to offer each other to realize regional and international desires

February 2019

Countering Warren’s daycare plan: Elizabeth Warren has proposed a national daycare plan that would cost at least $70 billion and further continue the trend children being away from their parents. Bruce Walker has a counterproposal that conservatives should consider
Ji-Min Park: The name Ji-Min Park isn't probably known outside of the world of opera but Michael Moriarty believes that the South Korean tenor should be included on a list of the greatest of all time
Regionalism and nationalism in Canada – another reassessment (Part Four): Mark Wegierski looks at the long struggle of Western Canada for a serious voice in Ottawa
Far left Kamala Harris fast becoming a Democratic frontrunner for president: Kamala Harris is a very far left candidate for the Democrat nomination in 2020 and she's also one of the party's most popular entrants, writes Rachel Alexander
Canada – a country with an attenuated Right (Part Two): Mark Wegierski examines the left-liberal hegemony in Canada today
Another crop of illegals moves north: The secretly funded mass illegal migrant parade is back on, writes Michael R. Shannon, and the latest version is even bigger than last November's impressive total was
Comey/McCabe/Rosenstein: The coup co-conspirators: While the FBI's McCabe deflected blame to DoJ's Rosenstein, McCabe's coup d'etat against Trump is still in motion, reports Mark Alexander
AOC says America should lead the world: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's environmentalist plans are something that Paul Driessen says means committing national economic suicide and sending living standards back to 19th century
Cold outbreaks are not caused by global warming: Dr. Jay Lehr and Tom Harris argue that global cooling – and global totalitarian socialism – are the catastrophes we should fear far more than colder temperatures
How to defeat leftist ‘outrage’: The culture war has seen conservatives be battered repeatedly but Dr. Gregory Slysz argues that victory could be closer than the right thinks and he offers a path that has proven to be both realistic and successful
Regionalism and nationalism in Canada – another reassessment (Part Three): Mark Wegierski examines the ever present tensions between Ottawa and Western Canada, especially Alberta
Shirley Horn and Johnny Mandel: Here’s to Life!: Shirley Horn's 1992 jazz album Here's to Life, a recent discovery for Michael Moriarty, declares it to be nothing short of divine and something that could change your life
Canada – a country with an attenuated Right (Part One): Mark Wegierski looks at the luckless Canadian right-wing in a country which tends to swing towards the left these days
China, Telecom, and Canada's Deep State: The political scandal in Canada surrounding the Liberal government and their alleged dealings concerning multinational SNC-Lavalin has Keith Henderson pondering deeper questions about whose really in charge
Twitter censoring conservatives is worse than it appears: Twitter has been using the ban hammer on conservatives for quite some time and many on the right have or are tempted to abandon the platform. Rachel Alexander argues that is the wrong move to make
Virginia Democrats play last man standing: The state of Virginia seems to be playing a game where the last person accused of racism, sexual harassment or assault will end up as the governor, writes Michael R. Shannon
Red old deal recycled as Green New Deal: Mark Alexander examines the Democrat Party's ruinous "Rainbows and Unicorns Resolution of 2019", promoted by such luminaries like Sen. Edward J. Markey and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
A simple solution to solve legislative gridlock: John Droz, Jr. argues that it’s time to remove some of the powers that nationally unelected political party leaders -- such as Steny Hoyer and Kevin McCarthy -- now have
The Ku Klux Krats: Anyone who is surprised that Democrats are some of the worst racists clearly is not a student of American history -- either recent or in the further past, writes Bruce Walker
The Miles Davis My Funny Valentine Album, Live at Philharmonic Hall, Lincoln Center: Michael Moriarty has been listening to Miles Davis' live album My Funny Valentine for the better part of five decades and it still speaks to him today as much as it did in his youth
Regionalism and nationalism in Canada – another reassessment (Part Two): Mark Wegierski looks at the role of Toronto, capital of the country's most populous province, in Canadian history
The 2019 SOTU review: A Trump Administration triumph: There is a new opportunity in American politics, if only we have the courage to seize it. Victory is not winning for our party. Victory is winning for our country, says Mark Alexander
What is the State of our Union?: The United States is divided, argues Dr. Robert Owens, with one side wanting a traditional America and the other a globalist utopia. There is one question, however, that needs to be answered
Government (-driven) shutdowns have human consequences: Too many government regulators burden and shut down private sector businesses and jobs, says Paul Driessen
The need to challenge bad art: Mark Wegierski examines the crisis in art today
Meet Claire, a Hillary Clinton supporter: Rachel Alexander profiles Claire Andouille -- a progressive leftist who just wants to make the world a better place and who'll step on who she needs to in order to get it done
Gillette and “Toxic Masculinity” -- Has something been lost in translation, or have we lost touch with reality?: The questions raised by Gillette's controversial "toxic masculinity" ad from last month is one that needs to be asked of both genders, argues Charlotte B. Cerminaro
Why electing leftists is bad for the birth rate: If the state of Virginia is proving anything these days, writes Michael R. Shannon, that unborn babies have a lot to fear if Democrats manage to capture power anywhere
Bank Of America: Oil demand growth to hit zero within a decade: Forget peak oil, Nick Cunningham says in a little more than a decade global demand for oil hit a peak before rapidly declining, thanks largely due to electric vehicles
Keep fraudulent science out of our courtrooms: Paul Driessen argues that courts should bar evidence that fails to meet basic standards of honesty, integrity and credibility
Gov. Northam and the guy who said: Kill people in mixed-race relationships: As the recent scandal surrounding Virginia Governor Ralph Northam illustrates, argues Selwyn Duke, racial controversy largely depends on what you are rather than what you've actually said and done
America’s Suicidal Turning Point: Chapter Ten: Barack Hussein Obama: Michael Moriarty turns his eye towards Barack Hussein Obama, a man that he says embodies two aspects of the radical American left in recent decades
Regionalism and nationalism in Canada – another reassessment (Part One): In his latest series on Canadian politics Mark Wegierski will be examining the tensions between different regions in Canada
Got hope?: In a world where it seems to be that evil is praised and good is derided there is only one thing that a person can do, writes Dr. Robert Owens, and that is to have hope
Private colleges could revive the humanities in Canada: Mark Wegierski argues that Canada needs more private colleges
‘Toxic Masculinity’ is misnamed: Toxic masculinity casts a wide net, whether by accident or design, and allows the political left to treat all men as nothing less than a great evil, argues Rachel Alexander
Mathematical modeling illusions: Dr. Jay Lehr and Tom Harris say that the global climate scare – and the myriad of government policies resulting from it – are based on models that do not work
Demos hate the effectiveness of border barriers: Though Democrats continue to argue the contrary, says Byron York, the evidence is there that border barriers do stop or slow down attempted illegal immigration
We must hope Dr. Soon is right …: And the global warming apocalypse is not nigh, writes Jeffrey Foss, PhD. The real-world evidence certainly supports his contentio

March 2019

Beto-Bernie — The 2020 version of Obama-Biden: Mark Alexander believes that a Beto-Bernie ticket would create a formidable socialist tag team to oppose Donald Trump in 2020
Comparing the Canadian and the American Right – updated to 2019 (Part One): Mark Wegierski looks at some of the differences in society, politics, and culture between conservatives of the United States and Canada
My campaign to raise the voting age got me shadowbanned on Twitter: Recently Jorn K. Baltzersen made some news by arguing that the voting age in countries should be increased rather than lowered and he reports that apparently got him shadowbanned on Twitter as a result
Captain Queeg McCain: The chattering class has been outraged by recent slights by Donald Trump directed towards the late John McCain but Robert T. Smith points out no one has asked those ones insulted by McCain how they feel
Examining the chances of the Right in Canada: Mark Wegierski expresses skepticism about the possibilities of the Right in Canada -- once a strong force and today a shell of its former self
Will there ever be a conservative uprising in liberal, post-Sixties' Canada?
Criminalizing free speech: Political correctness used to be about smug and sanctimonious lectures but its increasingly turning into a crime to say something that offends someone of the protected classes, writes Rachel Alexander
Mosque massacre could change everything for New Zealand: The massacre at two mosques in New Zealand was nothing short of tragic but Greg Strange says it must not be used as a pretext to avoid uncomfortable conversations and criticisms
A (Euro)vision for the future: Eurovision arrives in Tel Aviv, Israel in May 2019 and Eitan Fischberger believes that the pop music contest could play an important role in helping the Jewish state improve its image key demographics across the world
A question of voting right(s): A large number of people who identify as Christians vote for the Democrat Party and Robert T. Smith argues that it is time for the faithful to demand much more of themselves, their churches and society
Anthony Bourdain #2: Detroit: Michael Moriarty about the late chef Anthony Bourdain and the self-inflicted tragedy of Detroit and the parallels between the man and the city
Regionalism and nationalism in Canada – another reassessment (Part Seven): Mark Wegierski looks at an important question – in what sense is Canada a nation?
Random thoughts V: Dr. Robert Owens offers another of his stream of consciousness essays where random thoughts are governed by an over-arching theme
State bar mandatory unions for attorneys are finally being dismantled: Most states in the United States require attorneys to join state bars but Rachel Alexander reports that things are finally beginning to change as that system comes under attack
A black female Harvard professor reconsiders the Second Amendment: Some conservatives recently praised a NYT op-ed by a liberal professor concerning gun rights but Mark Alexander was not quite as impressed by it
The UN Human Rights Council report on Israel’s response to the Gaza border riots: Amb. Alan Baker says it’s yet another biased, malevolent, and unprofessional United Nations report when it comes to Israel
Make America greater: Approve the PCCS!: John Droz argues that America absolutely needs outside expert review of climate claims that have been used to oppose fossil fuels
Don’t lower the voting age, raise it: All around the world -- including the United States -- people are fighting to have the voting age lowered to the teen years. J.K. Baltzersen argues that countries interested in continued liberty should be doing the exact opposite
The kidulthood of the cosmopolitan left: Education was once thought to uplift humans to a higher level of thought and consideration but Dr. Gregory Slysz says the takeover of education by the left has spawned millions of people who know only sloganeering
Anthony Bourdain #1: Michael Moriarty has written a lot about the late chef and food critic Anthony Bourdain and the reason is simple: the man was nothing less than a tragic genius
Regionalism and nationalism in Canada – another reassessment (Part Six): Mark Wegierski looks at the Atlantic region, which has -- to be charitable -- a historically ambiguous relationship with Ottawa
The failure of the Canadian Right (Part Two): Mark Wegierski examines “the managerial-therapeutic regime” in Canada
DOJ finally backs off from targeting another GOP congressman: The Department of Justice has been targeting Republican congressmen for years but Aaron Schock may have signalled a change, says Rachel Alexander
Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District: Anti-Semites ‘r’ us: The only time Ilhan Omar seems to make the news -- assuming the media bothers to report it -- is when she makes anti-Semitic she has done once again, reports Greg Strange
What Nixon and Trump have in common: Although the two men are completely different from each other, writes Michael R. Shannon, Donald Trump and Richard Nixon share one important similarity
The House impeachment subterfuge to obstruct MAGA: Mark Alexander says the Democrats' "Hate Trump" Phase 2 plan — the impeachment obstruction of the MAGA agenda — is now underway
Stop the anti-climate science totalitarians: Paul Driessen argues that anti-climate science totalitarians want to upend and transform America, but demand No Debate on underlying “science”
America needs President Trump’s Climate Science Committee: John Droz argues that America needs independent scientists to  review alarmist “science” that is driving anti-fossil fuel policies
Howard Schultz could use a little caffeine: Former Starbucks CEO and chairman Howard Schultz appears to want to run for the Democrat nomination in 2020 and Michael R. Shannon says he faces an uphill battle to even generate interest let alone a victory
The Danish String Quartet: Four young Danish men comprise the Danish String Quartet and Michael Moriarty says how they play is literally what he has been dreaming of hearing for years
Regionalism and nationalism in Canada – another reassessment (Part Five): Mark Wegierski examines former Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s policies towards the regions
The failure of the Canadian Right (Part One): Mark Wegierski looks at various signposts of this failure, from Brian Mulroney’s “defeat in victory” to the torpedoing of Stockwell Day to Stephen Harper’s flop in 2015
Take Sanders's 2020 campaign seriously and literally: Bernie Sanders is crushing his opponents' fundraising efforts, and his campaign has already signed up more than a million collectivist volunteers, reports Mark Alexander
America’s Frankenstein culture: Dr. Robert Owens views abortion as an unconscionable evil already but news that a California university is buying body parts from aborted fetuses for experiments with mice has him declaring it no different than Nazi experimentation
Green land grabs on steroids: The Endangered Species Act has increasingly been used and abused to delay, block or bankrupt numerous projects and activities across America, argues Paul Driessen
The U.S. Green Party’s crusade against Israel: Anyone who thinks that the Green Party is about environmental concerns -- at least exclusively -- has yet to actually read their platform. Do so, argues Amb. Alan Baker, and you'll find a party also stridently anti-Israel
The $32 trillion push to disrupt the entire oil industry: Cyril Widdershoven reports that a shareholder network claiming to manage assets worth a staggering $32 trillion and promoting an environmentalist agenda is forcing oil companies to reevaluate some of their plans
Fighting for energy and human rights equality in Africa: The Congress of Racial Equality Uganda has lost another leader, Fiona Kobusingye, but the fight continues, writes Paul Driessen

April 2019

Mueller is done, but the Democrats' MAGA obstruction continues: Democrats have spent the last two years using their "Russia collusion" subterfuge to undermine real progress for all Americans — and will spend the next two years doing the same thing, writes Mark Alexander
Anthony Bourdain #6: Michael Moriarty explores an episode of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown which saw the chef and travel writer visit China and crash a wedding while there
Space exploration, technology, and the possible futures of humanity (Part One): In honor of the Moon landing 50th anniversary, Mark Wegierski tries to predict the future of humanity in space in a 5-part series
The ambassador comes to call: A visit once from an African ambassador at his home reminds Dr. Robert Owens of the importance of being an emissary of a higher order
What we believe: The mystery of faith, the church, and its ancient roots: Americans by in large, if polls are to be believed, consider themselves Christians who believe in the God of The Bible. Charlotte B. Cerminaro explores some questions related to those beliefs
Explosion of antisemitism on the left: The left is essentially a collection of special interest groups. What happens when a decision has to be made as to which group takes precedence in their demands? Rachel Alexander says Jews are finding that out the hard way these days
Can Saudi Arabia still sway the oil market?: For decades Saudi Arabia has essentially been able to move the oil markets with its decisions. Tsvetana Paraskova wonders if that is still the case
Galileo and the Medicis brought revolution and truth: Dr. Jeffrey Foss writes that those who cherish freedom must recognize the work of today’s solar science revolutionaries
Fake climate science and scientists: Paul Driessen argues that climate alarmists game the system to enrich and empower themselves, and hurt everyone else
Sanctuary neighborhood prepares to repel invaders: Arlandria is a city in Virginia which is predominately Hispanic in character and not quite legal in status -- and apparently they don't want non-Hispanics invading their neighborhood, reports Michael R. Shannon
Anthony Bourdain #5: Michael Moriarty continues his examination of the late chef, writer and traveler Anthony Bourdain and an episode of his program Parts Unknown that took him to Thailand
Earth Day 2019 – tradition and ecology: Mark Wegierski explores some of the affinities between tradition and ecology
Anything goes: Self-proclaimed Christian Peter Buttigieg, current mayor of South Bend, Indiana and Democrat nominee hopeful, doesn't think much of evangelicals who support Donald Trump. Robert T. Smith believes his outrage is misplaced
The left’s bizarre, irrational hatred of MAGA: The political left has a near uncontrollable hatred of Donald Trump's "Make America Great Again" slogan and are attempting to use it as a weapon against his supporters, writes Rachel Alexander
Democrat Party socialists are a threat to freedom: Rep. Mark Green offers some thoughts on the relatively recent size of socialists in the Democrat Party and which they are a danger to the United States
Trump and the Roar of the Paper Tiger: Donald Trump talked a tough game when it came to illegal immigration, writes Michael R. Shannon, but action has been limited
Unvaccinated travelers: Undocumented immigrants? That's old school -- today everyone is talking about "unvaccinated travelers", or illegal immigrants bringing all sorts of diseases from the old country, writes Robert T. Smith
Comparing the Canadian and the American Right – updated to 2019 (Part Four): Mark Wegierski looks at the weakness of the Canadian conservative infrastructures
Who weaponized the FBI?: The recently released Mueller report is an argument that it is now time to investigate the investigators, says Dr. Robert Owens
Anthony Bourdain #4: In continuing his look at the late chef, writer and traveler Anthony Bourdain, Michael Moriarty looks back at his visit to Russia
The right environmentalist: Bruce Walker's Pseudo-Green Leftism and True Green Conservatism pitches a different kind of environmentalism -- one from the cultural conservative perspective. Steve Martinovich reviews his efforts
Man claims NYC officials are abetting neighbor's theft of his property: John and Irina Hockenjos have spent the better part of the past decade fighting both a neighbour allegedly trying to steal their property and a city that seems to be aiding him, says Selwyn Duke
Methodists decide to believe the Bible: Given the current state of culture, opines Michael R. Shannon, it is remarkable that the United Methodist Church actually decided believe what the Bible told them was right and wrong
Rigging electoral demo-graphics to guarantee leftist rule: Mark Alexander examines the Democrat strategy to transform America’s Constitutional Republic into a permanent populist democracy
Smart money is piling into oil: For a few reasons oil prices are continuing to rise and that means money is flowing back into that part of the energy sector, reports Nick Cunningham
Sanity and humanity return to the World Bank?: Extreme environmentalists can grouse, but African and other poor families see hope in David Malpass and the World Bank, says Paul Driessen
The border policy debacle — Never let a serious crisis go to waste: Mark Alexander says Democrats will hold the line, seeing the crisis on the border as a political opening to loosen immigration policy and grow their voter constituency pipeline
Comparing the Canadian and the American Right – updated to 2019 (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks at mass education and mass media in both countries
Anthony Bourdain #3: Michael Moriarty argues that the late chef and occasional political activist Anthony Bourdain had a reason for espousing policies that would destroy the United States
Who are we?: Dr. Robert Owens is unabashedly a Christian and has a simple motto: The Bible is God's word...He said it and Dr. Owens believes it
How AOC became even more embarrassing with her Green New Deal: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hasn't had a very good run since being elected to office last November and even members of her own party voted against her signature legislation, says Rachel Alexander
West Virginia joins growing sound money movement: The sound money movement is gaining steam all across the United States, reports Jp Cortez, with West Virginia joining the club and another six potential members very soon
Sidelined because she rejects radical green agendas?: Paul Driessen says Aurelia Skipwith, the Fish & Wildlife Service director nominee, has joined hundreds of others in confirmation limbo
No business is safe from the left’s ignorance & envy: Some just want to watch the world burn while others are more content with attempting to destroy opportunity for everyone in a community, writes Michael R. Shannon
Larry Cohen: Larry Cohen, who passed away recently and was best known for his B-movie horror and sci-fi films, worked with Michael Moriarty in several films. This week Michael pens a letter to his late friend
Comparing the Canadian and the American Right – updated to 2019 (Part Two): Mark Wegierski looks at multiculturalism and varied types of “affirmative-action”-type policies in Canada
A coup wrapped in a hoax inside a vendetta: One chapter may be ending with the campaign to get Donald Trump but never fear, says Dr. Robert Owens, the sequels are here
The Coup, Phase Two: Taking Trump down: Mark Alexander argues it’s time to investigate the Obama officials who concocted and spread the Russian conspiracy hoax
Facts, not myths back national popular vote’s surge in popularity: The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact is being portrayed as an unconstitutional attempt to ignore the Electoral College. Rachel Alexander says it's nothing of the kind and Republicans better get up to speed
U.S. recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights: Some legal observations: Last week US President Donald Trump recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights and Amb. Alan Baker has some thoughts about what that means

May 2019

Trump is not 'Starting a Trade War' with China: For the record, argues Mark Alexander, the U.S. has been the target of a very costly and perilous trade war with China for decades and Donald Trump is finally addressing it
The Stupidly Loudest Alligator In The New World Order Swamp: George H. W. Bush: George H.W. Bush may have passed away late last year but Michael Moriarty still has a bone to pick with a man he views as nothing less than a traitor
Space exploration, technology, and the possible futures of humanity (Part Five): Mark Wegierski asks if even a withering of technology may follow the social and cultural decline of some current-day societies
Show me then I’ll believe: Dr. Robert Owens is in the process of re-writing his autobiography and his early years, before he discovered a different path, were ones of emptiness
Wrongly imprisoned former Rep. Steve Stockman files appeal: Former congressman Steve Stockman may be in prison on what Rachel Alexander argues were technicalities but she states he hasn't ended his fight to prove his innocence
Pastor Pete delivers another homily: South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg has proclaimed himself the Christian Democrat candidate but Michael R. Shannon says that probably isn't going to help him much inside or outside the party
Taming the Bench: MAGA means ending the precedent of judicial precedent: Anyone hoping to end up on the US Supreme Court has to pass at least one test: Making a promise to uphold judicial precedent. Selwyn Duke says that needs to end in order to save the country
Sen. Mike Braun’s backwards healthcare reform: Sen. Mike Braun (R–IN) has a plan to reform health care. Unfortunately, says Michael R. Shannon, his plan has a fundamental problem with it
Costly wind power menaces man and nature: Dr. Jay Lehr and Tom Harris argue that the true costs of wind energy – both to humans and nature – are too often (deliberately?) ignored or underestimated
What Game of Thrones reveals about your politics: Game of Thrones has finally lumbered to an end -- before the inevitable spin-off series -- and Thomas M. Sipos says who you cheer for says something about your politics
My Magnum Opus #1: The Lionhead Ring: Supremely talented though the German composer was, Michael Moriarty's operatic indictment of Richard Wagner is truly expanding in muscial scope
Space exploration, technology, and the possible futures of humanity (Part Four): Mark Wegierski defends nature and history as vital for a truly humane future
All we need to know: Christianity holds that Adam's Original Sin has marked humanity to the present day. Dr. Robert Owens says while that is true, there is a way out of that trap
Looking at the vaccine controversy objectively: The anti-vaccines movement appears to be gaining some strength and Rachel Alexander takes a look at both sides of the debate
Ending Obama EPA climate deception: Paul Driessen says let’s finally review the 2009 Endangerment Finding the EPA has used to justify trillions in climate and energy costs
Fear, loathing, intolerance – and worse: Paul Driessen argues that the climate-fearing, capitalism-loathing Left cannot abide questions or differing opinions
The left has us walking on eggshells: Political correctness used to spur debates, writes Rachel Alexander. These days its purely used as a weapon against conservatives to punish them personally and professionally
Anthony Bourdain #8: During the run of his show Anthony Bourdain visited the theocratic regime in Iran to learn about the food and culture and Michael Moriarty has some thoughts on that episode
Space exploration, technology, and the possible futures of humanity (Part Three): Mark Wegierski asks whether technological advance will be likely to continue if Western civilization collapses
History from the front lines: Henry Kissinger, loved and loathed in equal measure, finally sits down to provide an oral history of the Nixon years in Winston Lord's Kissinger on Kissinger: Reflections on Diplomacy, Grand Strategy, and Leadership and Steve Martinovich is mostly satisfied
Tyranny of the left — The so-called "Equality Act": This Orwellian legislation dictates that American individual and corporate views must comport with those of the Left, under penalty of law, argues Mark Alexander
The times they are a changing: The young people that Dr. Robert Owens is teaching today have quite literally never known anything except the siren call of socialism -- and that's scary, he says
Anthony Bourdain #7: Michael Moriarty continues his look at the late chef and world traveller Anthony Bourdain with an episode that saw him visit the eastern African nation of Tanzania
Space exploration, technology, and the possible futures of humanity (Part Two): Mark Wegierski looks at issues of language and religion in the future
Big Tech trying to have it both ways as platform and publisher: Tech giants like Facebook and Twitter have seemingly mastered the game of pretending they aren't responsible for the content on their services while also purging content they don't like, writes Rachel Alexander
Joe Biden and the collective constituencies strategy: It’s a combination of fielding a lot of candidates, raising a lot of money, and folding each candidate's constituents into an amalgam of general-election voters, says Mark Alexander
Big Oil goes Big Green: David Wojick says oil companies are giving billions to climate alarmists, but hardly a dime to climate realists

June 2019

When leftist worlds collide: Leonardo DiCaprio thought he was doing good when he narrated a new climate change hysteria documentary called Ice on Fire. That was, until Greg Strange reports, he was called a white supremacist for his efforts
Fukuyama, thirty years after -- some still unanswered philosophical questions (Part Two): Mark Wegierski argues that the serious critique of modernity is absent from historian Francis Fukuyama’s thesis
Newworldordergate 2: Given the number of enemies that US President Donald Trump has within the Republican Party it's not surprising that he hasn't shaken that particular tree very much. Michael Moriarty says that has to change
Does any of this make any sense?: Living in today's world it's not surprising that people are increasingly asking the question that titles Dr. Robert Owens' essay. He argues that there is an answer
Observations from an indignant millennial: Perspective has been offered from a bold young woman who has departed the lockstep leftist orthodoxy of her peers, says Mark Alexander
A Red Team review of climate crisis assertions: Paul Driessen says that Gavin Schmidt’s spat with Steve Koonin underscores why we need to debate climate change
The Palestinian refusal to attend the Bahrain economic workshop is irresponsible and self-defeating: An economic conference designed to assist the Palestinians in developing their economic potential is being boycotted by...the Palestinians. Amb. Alan Baker is not surprisingly unimpressed
Support pouring in for imprisoned former Rep. Steve Stockman: Rachel Alexander reports that jailed former congressman Steve Stockman is receiving support for his continued battle to be released from prison
It’s not about the economy, stupid! What really lies behind the Cosmopolitan Left’s love affair with the EU?: The British people voted to leave the EU but three years later not much has happened. Dr. Gregory Slysz says that's largely due to the elites being so far removed from the average person
Fukuyama, thirty years after -- some still unanswered philosophical questions (Part One): Mark Wegierski argues that American political scientist Francis Fukuyama ignored certain important thinkers
Neworldordergate: The tendrils of the Bush's family into the Republican Party extend even into the White House, charges Michael Moriarty, hence why some things continue to happen as always
Courage is the missing millennial link: Some millennials have summoned the courage to step out of their generation's jack-boot political dogma, argues Mark Alexander
Reality bites Joe Biden’s “Clean Energy Revolution”: Paul Driessen tallies Joe Biden’s recently announced environmental agenda’s huge impacts on our energy, industries, living standards and personal freedoms
The fate of Palestinian refugees in Syria and Lebanon: The war in Syria and the resulting flow of refugees into camps and neighbouring countries have created conditions rife for some bad actors, reports Pinhas Inbari
It’s time for Trump to take on Mitch McConnell: Michael R. Shannon argues that US President Donald Trump needs to take aim at Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell or otherwise his presidency will ultimately be a failure
Shutting down middle and blue-collar America: From Joe Biden to Elizabeth Warren, argues Paul Driessen, Democrat president wannabes are pushing job-killing pseudo-green policies
You’ve already lost the immigration battle if you say this….: Selwyn Duke argues that if you utter one phrase, no matter how well-meaning, you have essentially lost any arguments you may have made about illegal immigration
June’s New World Order, 2019: June is shaping up to be one that is interesting from a political -- both American and global -- perspective and Michael Moriarty has some thoughts about what should be done
Visiting Torun, birthplace of Nicolaus Copernicus, in 2004: Mark Wegierski recalls a happier time in East-Central Europe, fifteen years ago
An arrow aimed at America’s heartland: A growing movement to change how Electoral College votes are pledged to a candidate is nothing less than an attack on America, argues Dr. Robert Owens
Conservatives, stop attacking each other: It used to be that only the various factions of the left were at war with each other but Rachel Alexander notes that conservatives are increasingly targeting each other
Virginia’s shinola Democrats still holding out: Michael R. Shannon is impressed that three Virginia Democrats embroiled in scandal for months have managed to resist calls -- even by their own party -- to resign
Is Trump reversing course on Iran?: Critics have accused Donald Trump of manoeuvering the US into a potential war with Iran but Nick Cunningham says the exact opposite appears to be happening
Nasrallah: It is Hizbullah’s decision to upgrade its precision missiles: Recent threats by the United States have apparently rattled Hizbullah, says Brig.-Gen. (ret.) Dr. Shimon Shapira, which is why they're working fast on upgrading their missile capability
Inheritance welfare leftists — The effluent of generational wealth and privilege: What's the definition of irony? Mark Alexander says it's "Legions of leftist cadres who hate the wealthy elite benefactors who gave them rise."
Memories of the summer of 2004 in Poland: Mark Wegierski recalls a happier time in East-Central Europe, fifteen years ago
Marlow’s chains: Dr. Robert Owens has a warning for Christians: Avoid anything which would elevate a system of man, false teachers in other words, over that of the higher power
What to do about the student debt crisis: There are plenty of young Americans currently labouring under heavy debt thanks to a few years in college or university. Rachel Alexander, who knows a thing or two about student debt, has some ideas to alleviate the problem
Gravity is no longer a political issue: A few months ago gravity -- yes, the natural phenomenon that brings things with mass or energy together -- was no less than a political issue. These days? Not so much, writes Michael R. Shannon
Dr. Lester Jackson's Presentation on "Equal Justice for Victims": In this recent presentation Dr. Lester Jackson discusses his book Equal Justice for Victims and what he believes are the problems and solutions for the American justice system
Dr. Lester Jackson's presentation on “Equal Justice For Victims” and follow-up: In this follow-up video Dr. Lester Jackson provides more documentation and elaboration of the arguments made in his presentation

July 2019

The left is following communism’s playbook for revolution: Selwyn Duke says that America's political left is following the plan that communists have used so successfully to takeover societies by causing a break-down to enable their plans
Fitting in: Liberalism used to be about prestigious people like the Roosevelts, an image promoted by people like Ken Burns in his documentaries, but Michael Moriarty says the movement is little more than those who make up "The Squad"
Seventy-five years since the establishment date of the People’s Republic of Poland: Mark Wegierski recalls two trips to People’s Poland in the 1970s
We’ve all had an apple out of that sack: Dr. Robert Owens proudly proclaims himself a born-again Christian and one of his most important studies was of the Old Testament -- particularly the story of Jacob and Esau
Squabble over The Squad gets squalid: "The Squad" and the controversy over the "Send her back!" chant at a recent Donald Trump rally is explored in Greg Strange's latest essay in which he argues it's about politics, not race
Phoenix news anchor demonized merely for joining Parler: Rachel Alexander reports on a Phoenix Fox 10 news anchor who may have been fired for the odious crime of merely having a profile on Parler, a social networking service primarily used by conservatives
Trump endorsed by a Turk: Michael R. Shannon addresses the use of models by the Trump administration in its campaign videos and the president's current battle over the make-up of the census
Monetary metals don’t need a "gold standard" proxy system: Judy Shelton's nomination to the board of the US Federal Reserve is a good sign, says Stefan Gleason, and the debate surrounding a gold standard is even better
Bill to reinstate Obama pesticide ban ignores science: Paul Driessen argues that House legislation to ban neonicotinoids in wildlife refuges would hurt bees and wildlife
The left's moderation of conservative media: Mark Alexander says the political left is relentless and use Gestapo tactics when it comes to what they consider to be unworthy media outlets
Government is a great servant but horrid master: Today bigger, argues Jeffrey Foss, supremely powerful global governments are justified by environmental claims
Democrats’ problems controlling Congress: Democrats have had a run of bad luck in the last quarter century when it comes to controlling Congress and Bruce Walker believes that not much is going to change going forward
Fifteen years since a 60th wedding anniversary celebrated at Czestochowa, Poland (Part Three): Mark Wegierski revives memories of a happier time in East-Central Europe, fifteen years ago
Trump follows through with ICE raids on illegal immigrants: US President Donald Trump has talked a good game about illegal immigration for years but this past weekend he finally unleashed the power of the law, writes Rachel Alexander
The hidden reason why Fed Chairman Powell and "systemically important" banks oppose a gold standard: Mike Gleason argues that Fed Chairman Jerome Powell opposes the gold standard for a simple reason and it's not the one often floated
Trump’s health care transparency round 2: Michael R. Shannon lauds US President Donald Trump's latest attempt to force transparency into health care pricing but he doesn't think it goes far enough
The self-appointed digital arbiters of truth: As the power of media censors rises, Mark Alexander wants to know who will rate the media raters?
Modern societies require minerals, and mining: Paul Driessen and Ned Mamula report on congressional bills that would end US mining and leave USA dependent on foreign critical materials
HBO’s falsified Chernobyl “documentary”: Dr. Kelvin Kemm says imagine HBO doing a similar profit-making film about the tragic Chilean rugby team from Uruguayan Air Force flight 571
Nothing to write about?!: Michael Moriarty actually has a lot of things to write about, so many so that the other things he would normally be writing about are actually nothing worth writing about
Fifteen years since a 60th wedding anniversary celebrated at Czestochowa, Poland (Part Two): Mark Wegierski revives memories of a happier time in East-Central Europe, fifteen years ago
Broken English: The lonely despair of a liberated woman: When it came out in 2007 many likely thought that Broken English was a romantic comedy but Thomas M. Sipos says the movie is a bleak portrayal of a woman who can't find love in her 30s
Here’s why Democrats want illegal immigrants counted in the 2020 census: It's pretty unsurprising why Democrats essentially want illegal immigrants counted in the next census, writes Rachel Alexander, it will improve their future election chances
Food expiration dates are a conspiracy: Michael R. Shannon doesn't place too much stock in the expiration dates you find on food or the government role in ensuring that they're there
A Declaration of Mineral Independence against eco tyranny: It’s an essential first step in making the USA less dangerously dependent on foreign minerals, argue Paul Driessen & Ann Bridges
Educating kids to debate alarming climate claims: Paul Driessen says there is an important new effort -- the Climate Change Debate Education project -- that provides videos and short non-technical issue briefs for students
The Second Amendment v NRA fratricidal fire: The internal war between NRA head Wayne LaPierre and seemingly everyone else has to come to an end soon, says Mark Alexander
In search of Canadian identity: Mark Wegierski notes the problematic nature of current-day Canadian identity
The denture adventure: The Painful Price of Vanity: Michael Moriarty has reached that age and point in his life where dentures have become a necessity and he's learned a few lessons within days of obtaining them
Give peace a chance: Whether or not US President Donald Trump is really looking for war against Iran, argues Dr. Robert Owens, he must resist the urge and demands to invade the Persian nation
Fifteen years since a 60th wedding anniversary celebrated at Czestochowa, Poland (Part One): Mark Wegierski revives memories of a happier time in East-Central Europe, fifteen years ago
Reflections on tradition, history and culture, no textbook needed: Charlotte B. Cerminaro believes that the culture and tradition of the western world are on their last legs and no signs of recovery are in sight
Kamala Harris is not African American and her ancestors owned slaves: Democrats are as happy as clams that Kamala Harris is in the race for the Democrat nomination but Rachel Alexander says her main strength -- her race -- doesn't actually exist
Dead end at Bernie’s: Sanders will never be president: Bernie Sanders is popular amongst Democratic crowds and the socialist left but he will never serve as America's president, argues Selwyn Duke
"A monkey throwing darts" is better than the Fed: An interview with Steve Forbes: Mike Gleason talks with Steve Forbes and discusses gold, inflation, and central bankers
The oil crisis Saudi Arabia can't solve: Saudi Arabia's Aramco recently announced that oil will continue to reach world markets regardless of Middle East issues but Cyril Widdershoven isn't so sure that will actually happen in case of war
How fault lines in the PA and the Arab world affect Jerusalem: The issue of Jerusalem isn't just an Israeli-Palestinian question, writes Pinhas Inbari, it's one that also draws in the other major powers in the region
George Soros continues to collect district attorneys: Thanks to some heavy funding from George Soros, reports Michael R. Shannon, two Democrats will be running for District Attorney gigs who aren't interested in "quality of life" crimes
For bee alarmists, Groundhog Day comes in June: Paul Driessen asks a question: Will activists finally admit their sins and break out of their pesticide-blaming time loop?
Hey, “trans” men in women’s sports: Good luck, fellas’ — go for the gold!: If men and women truly are physically equal, says Selwyn Duke, then he doesn't feel too sorry for women being dominated in sports by "trans" athletes
The Demos' socialist Cloward-Piven pivot: Mark Alexander answers a simple question: What objectives and strategies do the Democrat Party and CPUSA have in common?
The President’s genius: Michael Moriarty has seen a lot of American presidents come and go -- some great, others less than mediocre -- but he proclaims Donald Trump to be the greatest he has ever seen
Seventy-five years since the fateful Warsaw Uprising of 1944 – a précis of the role of Poland and the Poles in World War II (Part One): Mark Wegierski looks at the beginning of the war, and Poland’s contributions to the Allied war effort
Yes, Baltimore is ‘a disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess’: This past Saturday US President Donald Trump described Baltimore as a "rat and rodent infested mess" and was promptly declared a racist. Rachel Alexander says the president was correct with his words
Someone told me, “Go Back to Where You Came From!”: Erica Thomas isn't the only one who has known the pain of being told to "Go back to where you came from!" Selwyn Duke tells his own story of a similar incident
The oil crisis Saudi Arabia can't solve: Saudi Arabia has tremendous power when it comes to world oil markets, writes Cyril Widdershoven, but one thing it cannot do is protect those markets if war comes to the Middle East
Financial media elite defensively bash “useless” gold: If you had any doubt that financial elites -- including the journalists who cover that world -- despise the very notion of a gold standard and precious metals, Chris Powell will clear it up for you
EU Foreign Affairs Chief nominee downplays Iranian threats to annihilate Israel: Amb. Alan Baker was none too impressed by Spanish Foreign Minister and nominee for the post of EU Foreign Affairs Chief Joseph Borrell when he stated he wasn't concerned about Iranian threats to destroy Israel

August 2019

Millennial becomes unhinged after boss corrects her spelling of “hamster”: There have been few generations so widely hated in recent decades as millennials and Selwyn Duke reports on one incident that perfectly explains why they are the target of such opprobrium
Eighty years since the start of World War II -- recalling a commemorative ceremony at Nieszawa, Poland: Mark Wegierski recalls an event sixty-five years since the start of World War II
What did Miles Davis have that no other musician, before or since, has ever possessed?: Michael Moriarty argues that Miles Davis, like Marlon Brando, had a mystery about them that explains their an extent at least
Trump works for US: One year ago US President Donald Trump made a pledge to help American workers and Dr. Robert Owens argues that the administration has certainly done that
Hypocritical, contradictory Antifa becomes more violent at latest event in Portland: Antifa hasn't gone away and it would appear that they've only stepped up their violent tactics, reports Rachel Alexander
Indoctrinating and radicalizing mass murderers: Mark Alexander says it may come as news to some but mass shooters and other murderers have this in common: They are sociopaths and disregard the law
The unique status of the Jerusalem suburb of Wadi Hummus: Wadi Hummus is a neighborhood in the southern Jerusalem Arab village of Sur Baher and not surprisingly the source of controversy, writes Nadav Shragai
El Paso and Trump? And what rhetoric causes the shooting of whites?: The political left have engaged in years with some of the most violent and racist rhetoric but the media prefers only to report on those from the other side, says Selwyn Duke
El Paso: The real root causes of mass shootings: After the mass shooting at El Paso you heard the usual from the mainstream media about motivations but Selwyn Duke says there is more to the story
Seventy-five years since the fateful Warsaw Uprising of 1944 – a précis of the role of Poland and the Poles in World War II (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks at the Warsaw Uprising of 1944, and the aftermath of the war in Poland
Mass shooting causes: Trump's rhetoric or leftist nihilism: Pundits and Democrats say Donald Trump and his words are to blame for the recent mass shootings but Greg Strange would argue that the answer isn't quite so pat -- or convenient for the left
Lead me not into temptation: Temptation is an issue which every Christian grapples with. Dr. Robert Owens discusses it from his own personal perspective and colourful history
Left’s doxxing of Trump contributors is just another way they destroy our careers: The political left has made the destruction of their ideological opponents one of their primary tools in recent years and that includes doxxing people, reports Rachel Alexander
Warning! Coming to a Republican district near you!: If these leftist cadres haven't yet infiltrated a Republican district near you, they are coming, warns Mark Alexander
The sound money showdown in U.S. states: As most state legislatures have now wrapped up their work for the year, Jp Cortez reviews the victories (both offensive and defensive)—and lone defeat—for sound money during the 2019 session
Past, present and future progress requires mining: John M. Clema argues that metal and mineral needs in our modern society are constant, constantly evolving, and require new mines
Murder, It’s a Democrat thing: The media and the political left love to blame shootings like that in El Paso on white conservatives but Selwyn Duke argues murder is generally a liberal disease
Enforce rules against false and misleading organic claims: Paul Driessen says the FDA must no longer let organic food growers, manufacturers and sellers get away with lies
Federal employees want taxpayers to keep their distance: What is the latest outrage proposed by the vile Trump administration? The high crime of moving parts of the Department of Agriculture and Bureau of Land Management closer to the people their decisions affect, writes Michael R. Shannon
Seventy-five years since the fateful Warsaw Uprising of 1944 – a précis of the role of Poland and the Poles in World War II (Part Two): Mark Wegierski looks at Poland under German and Soviet occupations
The two witnesses who helped change my life: Dr. Robert Owens isn't afraid to admit that he used to live a life of dissolution -- that is until he saw the light thanks to two people
Feliks Wegierski, artist and World War II veteran: Pola Kojder and Mark Wegierski write about Feliks Wegierski, who was born in Dzialdowo, Poland, 1923, and died in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 2019
Government’s case against Steve Stockman getting weaker: The conviction of Steve Stockman, which Rachel Alexander argues was nothing more than a politically motivated hit job, is under heavy attack these days
Evidently Ahab Mueller wasn’t the captain of the Pequod: Robert Mueller's performance before the House of Representatives last week failed to impress anyone in the building, argues Michael R. Shannon
Elijah Cummings is a racist: Democrats hope shrieking "racism" at every opportunity will keep black voters on their plantation through 2020, argues Mark Alexander
After Fed disappoints, will Trump initiate currency intervention?: It would appear that the only people satisfied with the US Federal Reserve's monetary policy of late are those who work for the US Federal Reserve, says Stefan Gleason
Sound money movement gains momentum in the states: An interview with Jp Cortez: Mike Gleason talks with ESR contributor and Sound Money Defense League member Jp Cortez about the positive push advocates of sound money have made across the United States
Fraud and corruption bring big payoffs: Paul Driessen argues that California judges are providing a stage for kangaroo court justice over the Roundup weedkiller

September 2019

Time to purge the liberals – Brexit, a great opportunity for British conservatism: Boris Johnson is hardly a perfect conservative, argues Dr. Gregory Slysz, but a Brexit in October -- assuming it occurs -- would give him the opportunity to imbue the Tories with a new vitality and life
Tradition and liberty in science fiction and fantasy: Part Three – Subgenres of fantasy: In the third part of his fourteen part series on the subject of science fiction and fantasy, Mark Wegierski looks at various fantasy subgenres
Finally the right prescription for runaway drug prices: Dr. Robert Owens proclaims US President Donald Trump's plan to lower drug prices to finally be the solution that Americans have been waiting for
Is Generation Z more conservative or less conservative than other generations?: There's evidence to answer the question either way but Rachel Alexander believes that Generation Z is trending strongly towards the left -- at least for now
Andrew Yang: The robots are coming – to take your jobs and destroy the economy: Entrepreneur and lawyer Andrew Yang has joined the Democrat race for that party's nomination and one of his economic planks is anti-robot. David Richman rises to the defense of our robotic pals
On the Trail of Tears with federal bureaucrats: Donald Trump's plans to move the USDA’s Economic Research Service to the wildlands of Missouri is certainly prompting a lot of anguished media coverage, says Michael R. Shannon
The real threat of the Demos' 'universal background checks': Mark Alexander believes that a national firearm registry will ultimately result in firearm confiscation under a future Socialist Democrat regime
Conservative culture options: Fight back or hope for Endangered Species listing: Michael R. Shannon reports on a recent debate between Sohrab Ahmari and David French in which the future of cultural conservatism was discussed
Is Egyptian President Sisi’s regime in danger?: If Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi thought he had squashed the Muslim Brotherhood, writes Yoni Ben Menachem, recent protests would appear to have proven otherwise
How to defeat Elizabeth Warren: Elizabeth Warren has yet to announce her candidacy for the Democrat nomination and yet she already looks like person to beat and the GOP better have a plan, writes Rachel Alexander
Alcohol, guns, and prohibition: A homicide victim is far more likely to be murdered by an assailant using a knife, blunt object, or fists than by a rifle of any type, says Mark Alexander
Tradition and liberty in science fiction and fantasy: Part Two – Utopia, dystopia, fantasy, and reality: Do these genres express a yearning for a better world, Mark Wegierski asks
Loose Him and let Him go: Humanity has made Christianity fairly complicated with rules and theories but Dr. Robert Owens says the only source you need is the one that Christians say is the definitive one
‘The Hunt’ is canceled, but the left still pursues conservatives: Hollywood may have belatedly realized that "The Hunt" was an awful idea but that doesn't mean the left has ceased its war on the right, says Michael R. Shannon
Electricity in the realm of the Lion King: Small Modular Reactors, especially Pebble Bed Modular Reactors, are Africa’s best future, argues Dr. Kelvin Kemm
Gun–grabbers shoot themselves in the foot: Journalists have been trying to prove that it's mind-numbingly simple to buy a firearm in the United States...and failing, reports Michael R. Shannon
More buckets of icy cold energy reality: Paul Driessen believes that Democrats, Green New Dealers and UN gabfest attendees need to get ‘woke’ on eco-energy
Why AR-15s are the plastic straws of the gun world: And why banning “assault rifles” won’t save even one life: AR-15s have become the go-to villain for anti-gunners, says Selwyn Duke, and the reason why is simple: They need a scapegoat and the rifle fits the role perfectly
Tradition and liberty in science fiction and fantasy: Part One – The “selective” nature of today’s world: In honor of the Moon landing's 50th anniversary earlier this summer, Mark Wegierski begins a multi-week series
Serving those who served US: Critics may carp but Dr. Robert Owens believes that the MISSION Act, which US President Donald Trump signed into law earlier this summer, will serve America's veterans much better when it comes to needed health care
Magdalena North: a Canadian's view of Netflix's Bolivar: Keith Henderson explores Netflix's Bolivar, a look at the South American revolutionary who continues to inspire many on that continent but had many significant flaws -- ones shared by some politicians in Canada
What’s all the fuss over vaping?: Vaping has been in the news recently over some deaths and illnesses attributed to the practice. Rachel Alexander wonders if it's much ado about relatively little...especially compared to another habit
Another WaPo pollaganda whopper: Collusion between the Democrat Party and its MSM propagandists -- such as a gross incident in the Washington Post last week -- is an abject betrayal of the First Amendment, argues Mark Alexander
Are Israel and Hizbullah on the verge of a military confrontation?: Israel and Hizbullah have long had a tacit understanding of the types of military actions they would conduct against each other but it would appear that the Shi'ite terrorist organization is changing the rules, reports Col. (ret.) Dr. Jacques Neriah
The race to depreciate fiat currencies is accelerating: The US Federal Reserve is widely expected to lower rates by 25 basis points this week due to growing uncertainties over American and global economies, says Mike Gleason, and in a slowly accelerating race to depreciate currencies
Buckets of icy cold reality: Paul Driessen argues that the Democrat presidential candidates and Green New Dealers need to face some hard energy facts
The left's next target: 'Christian Nationalists': The political and cultural's left's latest straw man is to label patriotic Christians as "haters," reports Mark Alexander
George Parkin Grant and the fading of conservatism in Canada: In this year of anniversaries of three major Grant books, Mark Wegierski asks, has a more authentic traditionalism become impossible in current-day Canada?
There’s power in the blood: Dr. Robert Owens was once told by someone that Christianity was a religion drenched in blood. He argues that isn't far from the truth -- though not in the way critics believe
Medical migrants head to Mexico: It's still relatively rare but Michael R. Shannon reports that some insurers are beginning to offer cost-savings incentives to patients -- including procedures conducted outside of the United States
Abbas tries to convince the Palestinian public he’s not corrupt: Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is trying to convince the Palestinian street that he doesn't preside over a corrupt government but Yoni Ben Menachem says he's failing
There is no climate emergency!: Climate models predict disaster – but the real world evidence shows no such thing, argue Dr. Jay Lehr & Tom Harris
The biggest threat to 'free and fair' elections: Big tech: Mark Alexander argues that Facebook and Google have done more to undermine American elections than Russia could
Eighty years since its outbreak, World War II continues to shape the world: Mark Wegierski offers a précis of some of the ideological consequences of the Second World War
Stand up for Americans who stand up for America: Dr. Robert Owens praises US President Donald Trump for leading the way on the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund, designed to help those affected by the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks
Labour Day 2019 -- Who speaks for the working classes?: Mark Wegierski argues that left-wing intellectuals have betrayed the workers
Google discriminates against conservatives and climate skeptics: We must understand how Google does it, why it is wrong and how it hurts America, says  David Wojick
Historical financial lessons learned: Whether you want to hear it or not, says Dale Schlundt, an economic downturn will happen -- the only question is when it will happen and what will cause it. What you can do, he argues, is be prepared for it
A wake–up call for snooze alarm conservatives: Conservatives are celebrating that Universal has decided to can The Hunt, a movie which saw "deplorables" be hunted by elites. Michael R. Shannon argues that conservatives should instead be disappointed by the news
Gold price suppression denier defends his client central banks: Chris Powell takes issue with a prominent metals consultancy firm member who argues that central banks aren't manipulating the price of gold on the markets
It’s time to whack greenhouse gas Endangerment Finding: Carbon dioxide does not “endanger” our health, argue Tom Harris and Dr. Jay Lehr, and it’s time EPA recognized that simply fact
Shadows dancing on a wall: Greek philosopher Plato and Christian creation influence this essay by Dr. Robert Owens who looks at the difference between perception and reality

October 2019

Was the American decision to abandon the Kurds a surprise?: Pundits and the media may have been surprised by the American withdrawal from Syria but Col. (ret.) Dr. Jacques Neriah says the Kurds, Turks, Syrians and Russians knew full well the move was coming
Tradition and liberty in science fiction and fantasy: Part Seven – Cyberpunk: Mark Wegierski examines the subgenre of “future shock”
Does democracy provide liberty?: Most would opine that democracy basically equals and is the highest expression of personal liberty, but in the first of a three part series J.K. Baltzersen argues that some fundamental concepts of freedom do not exist in any definition of democracy
Cleavage wars or how deep is the valley?: The latest rebellion being championed by the social justice warriors? Girls being able to wear revealing clothing to school to "reclaim their bodies," reports Michael R. Shannon
By grace you have been saved: Grace, argues Dr. Robert Owens, has been given to you. It is imperative and expected, he says, that you pay that forward to the people around you as well
Paul Romer and California’s electricity crisis: The latest energy crisis in California has Rachel Shey pondering the work of economist Paul Romer and the conditions necessary to actually create a free market in a commodity
The Fed’s “not QE” is morphing into “QE4ever”: The US Federal Reserve has engaged in "quantitative easing" so often over the past decade that it is the new normal and no one knows that means for the future, writes Mike Gleason
The real U.S./Turkey strategic endgame — Iran: Donald Trump’s moves in the Middle East appear to be part of a long game. Mark Alexander asks, then, hat to make of the mainstream media spin on his foreign policy, Turkey, and Syria?
American withdrawal and the future of Israeli security: Amb. Dore Gold argues that Israel cannot accept external guarantees of security which is why it must maintain control of the Jordan Valley and the Northern Dead Sea
Is it climate socialism – or eco-fascism?: Paul Driessen argues that Green New Deal climate alarm socialism is really intolerant, totalitarian eco-fascism
MAGA raises for American workers: The media may be all about cries of impeachment and scandal but Dr. Robert Owens says the news they aren't reporting is the incredible explosion in economic growth for average Americans
Tradition and liberty in science fiction and fantasy: Part Six – Some notable SF works: Do science fiction scenarios presage a possible return to tradition in the future, asks Mark Wegierski
Is the USMCA really a good replacement for NAFTA?: Donald Trump wants the replacement to NAFTA to be passed as soon as possible but is the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement actually an improvement? Rachel Alexander takes a look to find out
Subsidized diners demand we pay mandatory tips: Remember the days when tipping was actually predicated upon good service? Michael R. Shannon says the Social Justice Warriors of the world are demanding sizable tips no matter how bad the service is
Does Iran’s leader leave room for Iran’s return to the negotiating table?: Iran's leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has been issuing hard line statements concerning the US, Israel and any return to the negotiating table concerning his country's nuclear program and Lt. Col. (ret.) Michael Segall explores whether negotiations are even possible anymore
Canadian Thanksgiving 2019 – how bountiful is Canada for most of its citizens?: Mark Wegierski argues that the extent of Canadian prosperity has been exaggerated
Show me the money: Everybody may be focused on Democrat impeachment attempts but Dr. Robert Owens is more interested in the massive positive effects of President Donald Trump's economic policies
Tradition and liberty in science fiction and fantasy: Part Five – Dune and current-day reality: Mark Wegierski examines the sociopolitical implications of Frank Herbert’s masterwork
Era of intense vast media scrutiny is creating overhyped outrage: Everywhere you turn there's another click-bait headline that's designed to provoke and stoke anger and outrage and Rachel Alexander is getting tired of it all
The unintended consequences of Trudeau’s promised gun bans: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will likely double-down on his plan to further tighten gun regulation in Canada if he is re-elected next week and that leaves Canadian gun owners in a precarious position
Maryland church washed away by watered–down theology: Twinbrook Baptist Church was once a brave church that fought segregation but in the 1980s began to lose its way. Now it's soon for the ash heap, reports Michael R. Shannon
The Demo double standard when digging for dirt on Trump: The impeachment drive showed that Democrats embrace hypocrisy as if it was the highest of political character traits, says Mark Alexander
Democrats hoist on their own transcript: Michael R Shannon argues that Nancy Pelosi's bid for Donald Trump's impeachment is based on a very spurious elementary school game of "Telephone"
Tradition and liberty in science fiction and fantasy: Part Four – Fantasy in pop-culture; military SF; and space opera: Mark Wegierski looks at a broad variety of genres
Can anyone say amen?: Dr. Robert Owens maintains that knowing the word of God is the only way that the light of the truth will shine from you and onto others
More corruption with the State Bar of Arizona, this time protecting a sexual predator: Rachel Alexander reports that the State Bar of Arizona seems very eager to protect one of its members from multiple allegations of sexual assault
Bill de Blasio’s Great White Lie: New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio claims that there are too many white children in the city's elite schools -- Selwyn Duke says the numbers show that's not really the case
Impeachment: Two ways to go with coup d'etat 2.0: Do not underestimate the combined power of the Democrat Party and its Leftmedia impeachment machine, advises Mark Alexander
Should white Americans pay for their ancestors’ injustices?: The idea of paying reparations to African-Americans has been around since the end of the US Civil War and Julia Brousseau says the pro side has some decent arguments -- but not enough to make the idea a good one
Medicare for all: Yea or nay?: Most of the Democrat hopefuls for their party's nomination have promised some large scale expansion of health care for Americans and Rachel Shey takes a look at the ramifications

November 2019

Schiff's desperate pivot to perjury and bribery: Mark Alexander continues his look at the clear-as-day politically motivated impeachment hearings that the campaign for essentially began the very day that Donald Trump was sworn in as president
Tradition and liberty in science fiction and fantasy: Part Eleven – The origins of SF and fantasy: In the latest installment of his ongoing series Mark Wegierski looks mostly here at H. G. Wells and Fritz Lang’s Metropolis
How than shall we pray?: How to pray has been a subject of contemplation and debate since the first Christian and if you're expecting an easy answer you'll be very disappointed, writes Dr. Robert Owens
Lieutenant Colonel Vindman as Ukrainian asset?: Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman became a darling of the political left last week thanks to his testimony at the Trump impeachment hearing but Selwyn Duke isn't quite as impressed by the US Army officer
Silent Night, Deadly Night 4: Initiation targets radical feminism: Need a movie for Christmas? Thomas M. Sipos says that despite being a late entry in a holiday horror franchise -- and we know how quickly a series declines after a worthy original -- Silent Night, Deadly Night 4: Initiation is actually worth watching
The emotionalism of the left: Liberals always trumpet their belief that they are intellectually superior to conservatives and yet, argues Rachel Alexander, their arguments are always predicated on emotional appeals
Trade deficits aren’t always bad: It's a rare politician on either side of the political divide that doesn't promise to improve a trade deficit but Rachel Shey says not all trade deficits are a bad thing, particularly if both sides are benefiting
The failure of the International Criminal Court: The International Criminal Court was envisioned as a neutral place of justice where the worst crimes would be prosecuted. The reality? Amb. Alan Baker says the court is tied to the United Nations and its prejudices
Ghosts of the USDA: The Washington Post won't let go the trail of tears move of the US Department of Agriculture from Washington, D.C. to Kansas City, writes Michael R. Shannon, and the agony it's causing America
The worst is over for oil markets: Nick Cunningham believes that if international trade -- such as the China-US spat -- is sorted out that oil prices will have room to begin moving up in 2020
U.S. policy change on Israeli settlements: A long awaited correction: The Trump administration's policy change on the legality of Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Gaza are welcome and take into account some important facts, argues Amb. Dore Gold
We are surging across the Democrat divide: Mark Alexander says that Black conservatives are the Democrats' archenemies – and their numbers are steadily growing
The United States of North America: Part One: Don Cherry may have only been Canada's most popular hockey personality -- until he was fired for comments widely interpreted as anti-immigrant -- but Michael Moriarty says his termination as part of a wider plan of attack
Tradition and liberty in science fiction and fantasy: Part Ten – Three key works: Mark Wegierski looks at three critically-important dystopias
The Trump bump stumps chumps: For all of the attacks that US President Donald Trump faces from his varied enemies, writes Dr. Robert Owens, the one thing that no one seems able to take aim at him over are the country's increasing fortunes
The passing away of traditional Canada (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks at the 2015 and 2019 Canadian federal elections in the final entry of his three part series
Notes from the back row: Is ​hearing ​ the same as ​listening?: ​Charlotte Cerminaro says seemingly simple questions like this can perplex even a musician 
Roger Stone: Convicted for bragging: Although many cheered with his conviction, Rachel Alexander wasn't very impressed with the charges and believes he should be lightly sentenced
Why the UK repeatedly stumbles heading for the Brexit: Despite a clear mandate from the people, says Michael R. Shannon, the UK's leaders seem unable to actually leave the European Union -- or is it actually unwilling to leave?
Brexit bagels: Why is Camilla Fratta comparing the delicious breakfast meal of bagels to the ongoing mess that is Brexit? As she so capably states, it's all a matter of perspective
Congressman prods Attorney General on gold, silver trading questions ignored by CFTC: US Rep. Alex W. Mooney wants some fairly simple answers regarding manipulation of gold and silver markets and he's not getting them, reports Chris Powell
Katie Hill affair and its aftermath are signs of America’s decline: The recent resignation of Rep. Katie Hill for carrying on affairs with several staffers prompted some odd claims from other Democrats and pundits, writes Selwyn Duke
Tradition and liberty in science fiction and fantasy: Part Nine – Alternative History: Mark Wegierski looks at the subgenre of uchronia or “counterfactual history”
The passing away of traditional Canada (Part Two): Mark Wegierski looks at developments from the late-1980s to today when it comes to conservatism in Canada
Quit looking at the wind: Dr. Robert Owens argues that believers in God need to stop waiting for when the time is right to make a change and difference and realize that the time is always right
Democracy and liberty ahead: In the final part of his three-part series whether democracy is still a viable political system, J.K. Baltzersen wonders about what could replace it in the future
When the Tiger and Sun fight: Relations between Japan and South Korea have always been a bit strained, particularly since World War II, but the recent escalation in tensions between the two may puzzle onlookers. Christina Render explains why the two Asian giants are once again at odds
The economics of Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia's economy, says Rachel Shey, is an odd mix of a powerhouse and a deeply inefficient system -- propped up with seemingly endless amounts of oil -- that has made reform a virtual necessity if the Kingdom is to meet its citizens' needs
We’ve become a society of pop culture and Keeping Up With the Kardashians: Remember The days of wholesome television? Probably not. Pop culture today, writes Rachel Alexander, is little more then crudity, crass behavior and pandering to the lowest common denominator
Reality stands in the way of socialist healthcare fantasies: Richard E. Ralston can only shake his head at the promises being made by the Democrat candidates for their party's nomination when it comes to the subject of health care
Our patriot veterans keep America great every day: If you want to thank a veteran, you should strive to be a citizen worthy of their sacrifice, says Mark Alexander
President Trump’s pledge to American workers: Few media outlets are talking about it but it's clear that US President Donald Trump's economic agenda is having clear benefits for the American worker
The passing away of traditional Canada (Part One): On the heels of a Canadian election that returned the Liberal Party to power, Mark Wegierski presents his own “lament for a nation”
Is democracy the best we can do?: It's taken as gospel that liberal democracy is the conclusion to any discussion of ideal political systems. In the second of his three-part series, J.K. Baltzersen questions that
Tradition and liberty in science fiction and fantasy: Part Eight – Some antecedents to cyberpunk: A subgenre of resistance to late modernity, Mark Wegierski asks
Ridiculous things the media and the left said about taking out Baghdadi: It was pretty rough on the media in the wake of ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's death, writes Rachel Alexander. They had to pretend to be happy while also not crediting Donald Trump
Why nobody chants “End the Fed!” anymore: Just over ten years ago the streets were alive with cries of ending the reign of the US Federal Reserve. Today? Clint Siegner says the Fed wisely changed how it hands out money
South Korea: A rising tiger’s struggle's: South Korea has the outward appearance of a young and vibrant nation but Christina Render says the Asian tiger is facing two very big economic and demographic issues
The road paved with good intentions: Elisabeth Moore explores the question of how similar modern America is to the failed republic that was ancient Rome
The Freedom Dividend may not be as free as you think: Steven W. Trettel agrees with Democrat presidential hopeful Andrew Yang that Social Security is broken but his fix would only create more problems
Was Hillary’s attack on Tulsi Gabbard part of a plot to destroy Trump?: Many were a little confused when Hilary Clinton recently tore into Rep. Tulsi Gabbard but Selwyn Duke wonders if it's all part of a very clever plan
Eco-imperialists impose a  biomess on Africa: Duggan Flanakin asks a simple question: Instead of cutting forests and burning dung and charcoal, shouldn’t Africa have cheap electricity?
A young patriot departed: Young conservative activist Philip Mathews's passing leaves a large void in the lives of those who knew and loved him, writes Mark Alexander
Climategate: Ten years later: A decade after leaked emails revealed climate scientists were promoting a false narrative, writes Dr Kelvin Kemm, they are still promoting junk science, fossil fuel bans and wealth redistribution
The giga and terra scam of offshore wind energy: Paul Driessen says the latest “renewable, sustainable” energy claims show the International Energy Agency belongs in an insane asylum

December 2019

How Democrats could undo Trump’s “lasting legacy” in the courts: US President Donald Trump has done a remarkable job in the amount of judges he's named to the Federal bench -- something that will pay off for years to come -- but Selwyn Duke says Democrats can undo all of that hard work
The reason for the reason: To say that Christmas has become amazingly commercialized is like saying that the sky is blue -- it is beyond doubt. Dr. Robert Owens, however, says we need to remember why the holiday actually exists
The Crown: Part Three: Michael Moriarty continues his look at the Netflix series The Crown with his thoughts on the episode Vergangenheit, one with a secret that threatens the entire Royal Family at the end of World War II
Greta Thunberg: And a little child shall lead them: Greta Thunberg, regardless of what you may think of the Swedish environmentalist, is being exploited by the political left in order to advance their agenda and Greg Strange says that's the saddest part of her crusade
Time to give American Samoans U.S. citizenship: Rachel Alexander says it's time for the United States to do the right thing by American Samoans, long treated as second-class people, =and grant them the citizenship that they deserve
Sound Money State Index identifies friends & enemies of precious metals investors: An interview with Jp Cortez: Mike Gleason speaks with frequent ESR contributor Jp Cortez on the the Sound Money Defense League's recent ranking of states both friendly to and enemies of those who invest their money in precious metals
The Democrats’ one-night stand with the Founders: You can tell that the House Democrats were throwing everything they could against the wall in their quest for impeachment, writes Selwyn Duke, when they were suddenly the strongest constitutionalists America had seen in decades
Politicized veganism: Do we really have to tolerate, asks Duggan Flanakin, local, state, national or UN officials telling Americans what they may eat?
UN bureaucrats chow down on burgers – while attacking meat: Craig Rucker runs down what happened in Madrid, where climate hypocrisy was alive and well at COP-25
The dangerous winds of trying to prevent climate change: Duggan Flanakin argues that inconvenient facts for environmentalists show why wind energy is not renewable, sustainable or climate-friendly
The Crown: Part Two: Michael Moriarty continues his look at his newly favourite Netflix series The Crown, a partially fictionalized/partly fact-based look at the English monarchy during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II
Tradition and liberty in science fiction and fantasy: Part Fourteen – Canadian speculative fiction, and conclusion: Mark Wegierski looks at Canadian speculative fiction, and concludes the series
Trump remembers the forgotten: For a very long time America's blue collar workers seemed to be, at best, an afterthought for the nation's ruling class. Dr. Robert Owens argues that the current president has put them back on the agenda
R.I.P. Paul Volcker, the last “good” central banker: Former chairman of the Federal Reserve Paul Volcker passed away last week and while he was no friend of gold or Austrian economics, writes Jp Cortez, he did recognize the danger of inflation and maintained his independence from politicians
Border Patrol Agent Nick Ivie was killed by smugglers, not friendly fire: The official story is that Border Patrol Agent Nick Ivie was killed in 2012 by accident by a fellow BP agent. Rachel Alexander says Who Shot Nick Ivie? lays out a compelling case that narrative is nothing but a cover-up
The latest assault on religious liberty in the armed forces: Mark Alexander reports that leftists have demanded that the Department of Defence stop allowing the production of Shields of Strength with military logos
He touched me: Dr. Robert Owens offers a short essay in which he describes how God changed his life with the lightest touch -- yet had a deep impression on his soul
No end in sight for the biofuel wars: Biofuels are unsustainable in every way, but still demand – and get – preferential treatment, says Paul Driessen
Trump tip rule exploits workers: A US Department of Labor proposed rule that would allow restaurant owners to take tips from waiters and waitresses to share with other staff is a very bad one, argues Michael R. Shannon
The Crown: Part One: Michael Moriarty has been binge-watching the Netflix series The Crown, a series that chronicles the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, and he thinks it's nothing short of brilliant
Tradition and liberty in science fiction and fantasy: Part Thirteen -- A variety of films and TV shows, from aliens to vampires: Mark Wegierski looks at a variety of movies and TV shows over the past decades
Trump negates a nasty narrative: One of the primary weapons that the media and his opponents have been using against him, writes Dr. Robert Owens, is simply ignoring what he actually said and framing his words as actually having communicated something else
On death row for a murder he did not commit: In prison, at least if you ask its inhabitants, everyone is innocent. At least one man, however, isn't guilty of the crime of which he was convicted, argues Rachel Alexander
Chick-fil-A runs afoul of the alphabet people: Did you know that Chick-fil-A has a department of "Corporate Social Responsibility"? It's stuff like this, says Greg Strange, that explains some of their recent behavior
A non-aggression agreement between Israel and the Arab countries: Not many people it's happening but Yoni Ben Menachem reports that Israel could soon have a non-aggression pact between it and four other Arab nations, something that could eventually lead to full normalization in relations
Government policy: The answer to the wealth gap?: Progressives will argue that government policy is required in order to either shrink or eliminate a wage gap. Kyle Wheeler says that any action by the government would actually do the exact opposite
Who really stands watch over the House?: Mark Alexander says an ancient group that the Democrats are well aware of has overwatch on the House impeachment farce
Activist junk science breeds bad policy: Paul Driessen argues that banning neonic pesticides in wildlife refuges would hurt birds, bees, other wildlife and people
Perils of the left: The unrecognized, profound danger of Elizabeth Warren: Conservatives may generally view Elizabeth Warren as a bit of a joke, Selwyn Duke says she would genuinely make for a very dangerous president for a number of reasons
Tradition and liberty in science fiction and fantasy: Part Twelve – Grandmasters of SF: Mark Wegierski looks at some writing and films from the true greats of science fiction and fantasy, mostly of the 1940s-1980s
Here are the rules for defeating radicals: Saul Alinsky has long held sway with radical leftists -- and his tactics have been very successful, but Rachel Alexander argues that Christopher G. Adamo's Rules for Defeating Radicals, Countering the Alinsky Strategy in Politics and Culture may be answer to that success
Christianity proves expendable for Chick–fil–A: Chick-fil-A's recent ending of ties with two Christian charities may have surprised many but Michael R. Shannon says the signs that the restaurant chain wanted move away from religious links have been around for years
Rent control creating housing shortages: The only people who benefit from rent control, says Kyle Wheeler, are the people who are actually paying below market rate rents. The rest of society? Just trying to find a place to live
No Plan B for Planet A: Paul Driessen argues that replacing fossil fuels with so-called “renewable” energy would devastate the only planet we’ve got
The unrest in Iran continues: You probably aren't hearing much in the news about the ongoing protests in Iran but the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs reports that they do continue and the regime hasn't stopped their violent responses either


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