So you want something to be published in Enter Stage Right?

It's pretty easy actually. All you have to do is email whatever it is that you'd like considered to What we are accepting is:

  • Images -- photographs, cartoons
  • Story ideas
  • Essays
  • Anything!

The only thing that I ask is that your submission fits our editorial slant. The short, yet formal, version can be found on our Manifesto page. However, we are open to articles promoting different approaches to a topic. If you can intelligently argue your point, then please feel free to contact us with your idea.

There is a downside though. ESR is non-profit (very non-profit since I actually spend my own money on this project, but that's another matter). We can't afford to pay for articles, but then, it's not about the money, is it?


Submissions should be sent in the following formats:

  • Microsoft Word format
  • as a text file attachment to your e-mail
  • in the body of your e-mail

They should include

  • Your name and email address above the article
  • A title. While we enjoy being creative, we would really rather you think of a title for your submission yourself

ESR publishes every Sunday evening at midnight and our deadline for that issue is Friday at midnight.

Please include an e-mail address that readers can use to get in touch with you and any information you would like to be included with your piece (previously published articles or books, accomplishments, occupation, a link to your web site, a photo of you etc.).

Do make sure that your piece has been checked for grammatical or spelling errors.

By submitting a piece(s) to ESR, you are agreeing that we may, or may not, use the piece in a future issue. You also agree that if we do run your submission, it will also be entered into our permanent online archive. ESR also retains the right to edit the piece for language and clarity. The author retains all rights to their work.

Please do not ask us the status of your submission. If you were kind enough to submit something, and have not heard from us in two weeks, feel free to resend the piece. However, we cannot personally respond to each request for a status report. If you need to know if we are or are not running a piece, assume, for the purposes of your sending the piece to a better publication, that we are not.

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