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We are Trig!

By Michael Moriarty
web posted January 3, 2011

"The Hammer", more generally known as Charles Krauthammer, has indeed made his mark indelibly in my old and fading memories. His last three major opinions, the recent revelations of just how cunning and successful President Obama can be? The triumph of President Obama's "Compromise" over tax hikes and "Obama's New Start"?

Then, of course, The Hammer's most recent translation of Obama Transparency.

Of course, my instant "Yea" from the bleacher seats in Canada is particularly fierce in light of all the warnings I've made about the fruits of Roe v Wade. I doubt if Mr. Krauthammer would consider my observations little more than the cheers of a distant but profoundly unrealistic admirer.

Charles Krauthammer is a realist.

In an earlier but unpublished tribute titled The Hammer, I conceded the President's genius, albeit diabolical gifts, and yet noted how many of Obama's political opponents are relatively silent on abortion.

They are "realists" as well.

The Hammer's realism is encyclopedic. There is little he cannot recall, remember or dig up within his considerable reach.

Abortion is not a subject for The Realists. To them, a broadside against abortion is as pointless as whining over addiction and substance abuse. All are eternally human traits to be dealt with realistically.

It is a cardinally Romantic excess of mine to cling nostalgically to the American ideals contained in "all men are created equal" and "unalienable right to life". Our Founding Fathers wrote those words but America didn't even begin to live up to them until after the Civil War and its end in 1865. Even then, it was very slow-going.

Following that, in 1973, the Supreme Court under Richard Nixon, hurled America back to pre-Civil War days with the equivalent of the Dred Scott decision.

Roe v Wade.

As Dred Scott undeniably proclaimed, "All men are not created equal", Roe v Wade clearly stated, "Americans do not possess the unalienable right to life until after their second trimester of gestation!"

Hmmm … despite the presence of human DNA at the moment of a child's conception, here's the New Realism for you: even scientific fact must crumble before the reality of human … uh … well … human reality … and its convenient necessities … or, if you prefer, the necessities of an inconvenient reality.

As I have been told, much too often, "Reality is not black and white. It is grey."

It is odd, however, that America can be driven in the most unexpected and ferocious ways to becoming idealists.

The American Civil War was something that even Abraham Lincoln did his best to avoid. Our eyes have, indeed, seen the glory of the coming of at least something approaching, if not God, then the Truth.

My cautionary axiom for Progressive America and Progressive Americans: Man cannot accept legalized murder without eventually committing suicide.

It doesn't take a Sherlock Holmes to see the end of the Golden Rule in the legalization of abortion, nor the end of civilization in the end of the Golden Rule.

Lincoln said that America cannot even accept slavery as legal without running the risk of its own demise. It would be a death, as he described it, "by suicide". Lincoln felt that no foreign power could possibly defeat the energy, health and destiny of the America he knew and helped create.

I believe that a very American "suicide" by legalized abortion has been going on now for 37 years. Slavery endured in America for 89 years.

Leave it to The Devil himself to create the most pro-abortion President, Barack Obama, with Lucifer's unavoidable Catch 22, that the President also be black and represent the former victims of slavery.

Why not?

Karl Marx, one of Obama's heroes, was a Jewish anti-Semite.

Yes, the major common denominator of evil is the depth of its ultimate self-loathing and dissatisfaction with life and humanity in general.

Since, according to the Bible, the Devil is the quintessential antithesis of God and dedicated to the entire destruction of all of God's creations, clearly the last act of this drama is the ultimate and inevitable suicide of the Devil himself.

No matter how hard he tries, the Devil just cannot become God. Oh, there are the manic flights of fancy to evil, best represented by the ravings of Adolf Hitler, but they end in suicide. The President's very professorial calm, however, might make us believe there is no suicide in sight for the manic dreams of Karl Marx, Ilytch Lenin, Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong.

Never let effective style deceive you about the ultimate content; and, in the case of Marxist Calm, cold-blooded suicide is about as calm as it gets.

Barack ObamaAt right we have our President pondering his next chess move or possible three-pointer from the corner.

America's Regulatory President.

This is a force of nature beyond even its own understanding. An historical and metaphysical had-to-be. The ultimate in Far Left Repose. Marxism's victoriously dialectical version of Rodin's The Thinker.

The Red Genius that can hold two opposing views in his mind at the same time, inevitably arriving at a synthesis magically favoring the Left side of the playing field.

The American Mao.

What keeps him calm? The still-undisputed record of Mao's success in China.

In the minds of the Obama Nation, China and America shared slavery of one sort or another, therefore the rebellion of former slaves is what unites Obama's America with Maoist China.

Obama's 'fundamental transformation of the United States of America" is the American Civil War Part Two, with Mao's Little Red Book as the tranquilizing guide to the modernized version of The Art of War, a Chinese classic that has now been translated into the "Bottom-up, top-down and inside-out", American version of the French Revolution.

The Dialectical Calm of American Maoists.

Unless America begins and tenaciously succeeds in overturning the Supreme Court's Roe v Wade decision, state by state, the American Mao and American Maoists like Anita Dunn will win.

Why will the Obama Nation win?

The Cold-blooded Calm of the American Mao.

Only an end to Roe v Wade and legalized abortion can possibly unsettle either The American Mao or The Obama Nation.

The President and the rest of his Progressive euphemisms for Marxist tyranny know that America's homicidal selfishness, in the form of legalized infanticide, leaves the United States a morally empty Chiang Kai-shek for the likes of this American Mao.

What certifies his vision?

The equivocation over abortion by American Conservative Libertarians such as Milton Friedman. America's main antidote to the Progressivism of economist, John Maynard Keynes? Milton Friedman's silence on abortion?

I suspect that he and the rest of Friedman's economically conservative friends have felt that some form of a New World Order – hopefully American – is inevitable and "population control" a sine qua non. In other words, Keynes and Friedman, otherwise opponents, would most likely agree upon legalized abortion. It is all a part of their "enlightenment".

"The opposite of truth is not untruth, but reason."

                          Jose Ortega y Gasset

The older I become the more the implacable truth of that statement is reinforced. That most of life and great human achievement defies reason is my first reply. My second reply is my faith. Nothing defies reason more completely than the life and inextinguishable power of Christ.

"Love" is the only reply to the political legacies of Machiavelli and Mao. The only hope of Man and for Man is love and gratitude to God for what He gave us.

Roe v Wade and Communism or, as it is now passing as, the American Progressive Movement, are not only not Love, they are ultimately Mankind's road to suicide.

Charles Krauthammer, being a realist, would not agree. Love is too unreasonable a prism to look at the world through.

Love, however, as the perpetually heartbroken god of its own creation, is demanding that Roe v Wade be overturned. America's repeated refusal to do so spells her own, inevitable demise.

Love, or God, in this case, can live without Mankind but Mankind cannot live without Love.

What might turn the tide? A President Sarah Palin.

A Christian realism: her son Trig tucked under one arm and her hunting rifle under the other.

Right now Trig is America and the Progressive New World Order undeniably wanted him murdered in the womb.

God bless Sarah Palin! And Trig?!

We are Trig!!

The only thing standing between us and an early grave are women and men such as Sarah Palin and the very Catholic (grade school and high school) trained, Col. Allen West. Please listen to Col. West's CPAC speech here.

May they both succeed in rescuing the White House and America, freeing us from the Bipartisan, Progressive and Decidedly Pro-Abortion, New World Order.

Fervently pro-life defenders of the Second Amendment, encompassing the two major minorities of America, women and blacks, will simultaneously dumbfound the anti-American world; while, at the same time, they will rule with God's blessings by saving the lives of unborn infants.

Until Roe v Wade's infanticide ends, America and Americans will not only founder; they will drown in the ocean of hypocrisy which they created for themselves. Once Roe v Wade was decided in 1973, the Obama Nation was sure to follow. "Morning for America" will not be possible until we begin to overturn Roe v Wade.

We are Trig.

Unless we know that, the Obama Nation wins.

Trig and the right to be a human being are inextricably wedded.

Progress for a Progressive means becoming something greater and more powerful than a mere human being. It obviously means, in the face of Roe v Wade's legalized murder, becoming God.

I'd really rather be Trig. No one can play The Creator better than The Creator already has.

If you think so, I'm glad I'm not you. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.

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