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2016 can be a blessed year, if….

By John W. Lillpop
web posted January 4, 2016

As the world ponders the dawning of the New Year with both trepidation and high hopes, our blessed nation also approaches 2016 with a mixture of dread on the one hand, and a sense of good things to come, on the other.

After eight exhausting years under the hostile, divisive, and incompetent governance of Barack Obama, America is ready to move on to a new era in which government tyranny and scandal can be replaced with less government interference and more individual liberty.

Rather than an living in an era in which powerful government figures  openly flaunt the US Constitution and rule of law with arrogant impunity,  America eagerly awaits a return to the days when all Americans, regardless of rank or influence or wealth, are held accountable in a society where it is commonly accepted that no man, or woman, is above the law!

We long for a return to the days when cell phones and pens were not used to circumvent the will of we the people; a time in which the issuance of Executive Orders for the purpose of skirting the concepts of balance of power and co-equal branches of government was unthinkable, and which were inarguably "Impeachable Offenses."

We long for the days when America's Commander-in-Chief was understood to be fiercely, and unequivocally, pro-American, fully committed to the causes of liberty and freedom, and willing to take whatever actions were necessary to destroy evil in order to protect American values and heritage!

We long for the days when a senior administration official whom was found to have used personal equipment to process top-secret, classified government data would end up in a Leavenworth prison, rather than on a political pedestal of "inevitability" on a ghastly path to the presidency!

Our hopes and dreams for the future can be realized if Barack Obama's remaining time in office is severely limited in the further damage he  is able to inflict on the economic, political, social and moral realities of America, and if Hillary Clinton's designs on the Oval Office are soundly defeated based on her incompetence, congenital lying, and sexist agenda!

In short, 2016 can be a great year if Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are defanged and made incapable of inflicting further damage on America!

Chins up, America!  We can save our nation by demanding justice, liberty and freedom from those upon whom we choose to confer power! ESR

© 2016 John Lillpop





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