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The Thousand Year Peace: Chapter Eleven: The Most Urgent Truth Inside America

By Michael Moriarty
web posted January 11, 2016

This increasingly detestable campaign to disqualify Ted Cruz as an eligible candidate for the American Presidency?! Trump, of all candidates?!

Indisputably in the lead but still afflicted with his lust for an incontestable, take-no-prisoners victory over any and all of his political opponents?!

Trump has been number one in the polls for almost as long as the Republican Primary has been unfolding. There are lousy winners… then there are, with someone like Donald Trump, ungratefully and gracelessly insulting, arrogantly lousy winners.

If America were not in the worst shape she has ever been in since The Depression and the Vietnam War Years combined?

If the traditional corners of both political parties, Democrats and Republicans, hadn't, post-Reagan, been so miserably unconcerned with America's frightening decline in economic prosperity and military might?

If the power of Donald Trump's appeal, the American gratitude for his frank and nakedly honest description of America's plight and if the immediate solutions that such a nightmare demands were not so grounded in the reality of the entire Free World's situation?

If the Free World weren't slowly waking up to this decades old plot and secret campaign to transform all of the Earth's nations into a suicidal and inevitably tyrannical New World Order, placed entirely… or seemingly under the complete and total control of The United Nations?

If that criminally hidden and, what appears to be, six hundred year old vision of a profoundly conspiratorial fraternity called The Illuminati?If such age-old momentum were not behind this, by now, increasingly obvious and megalomaniacal plot by the few, by these "enlightened despots", as Voltaire admiringly describe them, to run and, if necessary, for the sake of "population control", dispose of the many?!

If, for example, the authorities and press of Germany, weren't now lying, minimizing or actually covering-up the damage being done to German property and to German women by the male Muslim, so-called "refuges" of Syria and Africa?!

The refusal to admit an eternal and permanently chronic problem of coexistence with Islam?!

This being the Third Great Uprising of Islam, or "Jihad" Against Western Civilization!

Donald Trump's prescription for saving America, banning all of Islam from further entrance into the United States?!

If none of these nightmares had happened and are still happening, Donald Trump's solutions for what is troubling America would sound preposterous.

Trump's solutions
are neither preposterous
nor out of the realm of possibility.

I personally applaud most of Trump's solutions.

Not this, however!

Not his truly panicky assaults upon Ted Cruz' unquestionable right as a previously proven and exceptionally eloquent United States Senator to run for the Presidency!

And now today, with my least favorite Conservative in American politics, John McCain – yes, worse even than Paul Ryan – that undeniably failed Presidential candidate also climbing on the anti-Ted Cruz bandwagon for the same reasons as Trump is clinging to his belief that Cruz' Canadian background, despite his American mother, will disqualify him for the Presidency?!

It's not politics but petulance. An over-expanded worry so childish that one wonders if the Trump/McCain objections to Ted Cruz's candidacy weren't "code" for some other worry about the Cruz Campaign.

More secrets than we already have?!?!

So much of The Truth Inside America, an encyclopedia-sized history that still hasn't been written because of the lying purveyors of a New World Order… such information is and has been lied about and veiled for so long that every move inside both the Republican and Democrat campaigns seems like a deliberate distraction from countless central truths and facts which only the Illuminati and The Most Privileged Americans – of which Donald Trump has been a lifetime member – are allowed access to.

America, the most influential and, at one time, most powerful nation in the world, needs a radically patriotic President of the United States!

A POTUS radically American enough to turn the United States around from the criminally suicidal cliff which Barack Obama is still planning to drop America off of!!

Trump so fulfills that desperate need within the United States that his popularity is no surprise to me.

The power of Trump's unforgettably scorched earth campaign comes from the undeniable sense of urgency that exists throughout America and major portions of what is left of The Free World.

Why should the leading contender, Donald Trump, tie himself up with such a petty and arbitrarily inflated concern as Ted Cruz' Canadian birth?!

His mother's American!

End of squabbles!

The impeachment of a treasonous President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, is a far more immediate and vastly profounder concern than petty details about the early years of an indisputably and proven American candidate for the White House.

Donald Trump has begun to question, albeit too slowly, the true objectives of President Obama's damaging and unquestionably unconstitutional decision-making as POTUS. There is where Trump's attention must be placed, as well as upon Hillary Clinton's political and personal records.

Encyclopedic is a modest description of the rat's nest beneath both Obama's record and Hillary's political and personal history as politician and wife of former, two-term President of the United States, Bill Clinton.

Keep not only your eye on the real ball, Mr. Trump, but demand that America and Americans concentrate upon what is truly important about this next election. Not what might tie up the whole, vitally important, historical conversation in another, embarrassingly pointless and virtually petty distraction.

Worries about what Ted Cruz might face if he's chosen as the Republican nominee?!

No one, including Ted Cruz, is going to defeat you, sir!

Not as the obvious first choice for Republican Nominee!

Nor defeat you as the Republican Candidate for the Presidency of the United States!!

Ted Cruz is a clear possibility for you to choose as your Vice-Presidential running mate!

Why help the Democrats damage his image in any way?!

Your first two most important challenges?

Hold on to your lead!

Then, when you are most certainly the landslide candidate for a Republican Presidency?!


Then, of course, accomplish as President of the United States as much of what you promised us you would make happen.

You're a cinch for President because of what you promised us.

If you attain 75% of what you declared as your objectives?!

You are what you say you want to be!

You become a member of the greatest Presidents of the United States that, in over 250 years, America, with the exception of Barack Obama, and Americans have been blessed enough to live under!

Don't risk your future and the future of the United States by, as is said, pulling defeat out of the jaws of victory.

As the Brits, when challenged, always cry, "Rise above!"

"Rise above!!" ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com. He can be found on Twitter at https://twitter.com/@MGMoriarty.





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