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Apple versus FBI technobabble

By John W. Lillpop
web posted February 29, 2016

I readily admit that my technical knowledge and skills are definitely "old school" to the extent that they exist at all. For instance, I am just now able to reliably recite the correct spelling for the universal call letters for the Internet; which I now understand to be www.

Given my limited technical acumen, I find breaking news stories like the ongoing battle between Apple and the FBI damn near incomprehensible, blanketed in terms and concepts that simply defy logic and common sense.

For example, nearly every day we hear a horror story about some pre-puberty, pimple-faced brat, known as a hacker, who has hacked into a major retail business and absconded with credit card and social security information concerning millions of unwitting credit addicts.

Even the super-security that is supposed to protect the US military and other government agencies is vulnerable to attacks by foreign enemies, aided and abetted in some cases by State Department officials and current presidential aspirants, most notably one renegade Democrat with the initials HRC!

Given the seeming ease with which private personal records can be hacked and compromised by foreign governments and geeky teens, why in the hell is the FBI flummoxed by the simple task of accessing the secret chambers of a silly I-phone in order to combat global terrorism?

How in the world can this be?

Perhaps those campaigning for the presidency should commit to actions that will return common sense and sanity to the world of terrorism and counter-terrorism?

Thus, why doesn’t Donald Trump announce that, if elected, he will place Edward Snowden in charge of Homeland Security, Defense, and the State Department….to make America great, again? ESR

© 2016, John W. Lillpop





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