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Will being 'kinder, gentler' destroy Donald Trump?

By John W. Lillpop
web posted March 14, 2016

For several months, Donald Trump has baffled the pundits, media and establishment Republicans with his brash, outrageous, sexist (?), racist (?), public attacks.

His victims include Mexican illegal aliens, all Muslims, older, less attractive women like Carly Fiorina & Hillary Clinton, disabled members of the media, Pope Francis, and on and on.

His undisciplined rhetoric and erratic behavior have led many to doubt his seriousness and viability as a presidential candidate. He was expected to implode last summer, or early fall at the latest.

Yet despite his numerous ‘missteps,' the unconventional Trump has out lasted all but one of the "establishment" candidates (Marco Rubio) and leads long- time politicians Ted Cruz and John Kasich.  

Amazingly he appears poised to capture the GOP nomination for the US Presidency!

Unthinkable, just a few short months ago!

So while the original establishment favorite, Jeb Bush, wasted $100 million or more trying to ruin Trump, it is Jeb Bush whom has been sent to the peanut gallery in a snit of bitter resentment and bewilderment, sans $100 million of other people's money!

Another establishment fellow, Mitt Romney, took it on himself to wage a full-throated assault on Trump in a speech that included personal vitriol and condemnation unprecedented in previous campaigns, especially coming from a former candidate against the current GOP front runner.

Like Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney's ambush failed miserably, and may have even helped The Donald.

Party elitists and advisors like Karl Rove are beside themselves as Trump continues to thumb his nose at the archaic, conventional establishment and its rules, which Trump has completely transformed to suit his sultry, angry persona.

Unfortunately, the Donald recently amended his approach by being ‘kinder, gentler' and more presidential during the 12th debate, mediated by CNN on March 10.

Rather than his usual fire and brimstone, spiritual awakening energy, Trump showed a relaxed, civil, and reasonable dude during the most boring debate of the season.

He spilled no blood from his opponents and he left the media largely unsullied.

The result was?


Trump must realize that his passion and personality, his outrageous incorrigibility, his willingness to take on even the Pope, his take no prisoners attitude are the reason people are lining up to vote for him!

Hell, if we wanted a weak, compromising dodo head to carry the GOP banner against Hillary Clinton we would have stood behind Jeb---and surely gone down to defeat like Romney, McCain, Dole and other moderate losers despised by most Americans!

Here is praying that Trump is struck by a bolt of lightning strong enough to restore his non-conforming beliefs and hostility before the general election.

My prayer for Donald: Dear God, please bless Donald Trump with his former hostility, anger, hatred, and crass behavior---ASAP,  but absolutely before the November elections!

We must not allow ‘Kinder, gentler' malarkey to destroy the only man who can save America!

Amen! ESR

© 2016 John W. Lillpop





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