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The New World Order Cabal vs. The Trump/Putin/Beijing Triumvirate

By Michael Moriarty
web posted February 29, 2016

Does Donald Trump know a lot more than he's telling us?

Is his apparently growing friendship with Vladimir Putin the source of such secret information?

I ask that only because of Donald Trump calling President Barack Hussein Obama "stupid".

In one of their debating encounters, Marco Rubio objected quite eloquently to Trump's description of Obama and points out the increasingly threatening successes of Barack Obama's "fundamental transformation of the United States."

From my point of view, calling Barack Obama stupid, if you continue the line of reasoning in my article (and that logic's literal bloodline), is like calling Egypt an irrelevant corner of human history.

On the other hand, if you see things the way Mr. Trump might be viewing them, Obama is merely the tool of a treasonous American Cabal, headed by the Bushes and the Clintons, and actually, in Obama's fairly bizarre servitude to The Cabal, simply following orders.

The Dr. Jeckyl of George Soros and his billionaire's money had been the primary creators of Barack Obama's President Hyde.

Apparently that honeymoon is long-over.

There's something about the Bushes which the cited article accuses George W. Bush and Rudolph "Rudy" Giuliani of, and which Donald Trump threatened to disclose… unless, of course, Jeb Bush ends all of his typically Bush, Presidential ambitions.

Perhaps that possible threat from Trump – and, of course, Jeb Bush's poor showing throughout the Republican Primary – explains Bush's recently decisive exit from the race.

The History-Making ghost in the Bush Family Closet:

"Did George W. Bush
deliberately cause
the fall of the Twin Towers
 and Building 7?"

Why, in God's name, would he do that?!?!

Grounds for starting a war to save the Arab Emirates and its oil from Saddam Hussein?

It is not, however, in my old and decades-long, considered opinion, merely about oil.

The Bush Philosophy has, for at least three generations of the family, from Grandfather Prescott to Grandsons George W. and Jeb, clung fiercely to the presumptions of a centuries-old fraternity and family blood-line, self-described as "The Illuminati".

"The same intent within these people", says the narrator of this rather interesting psycho and spiritual analysis, this entertainingly brief theory about the "illuminati's insanity", is the sickness that now grips the world!

"This bloodline carries the symbol of our illness."

It is a most entertaining theory that the narrator lays out within 7 minutes.

However, with Jeb Bush out of the Presidential race, Rubio and Cruz increasingly behind the soaring, unexpectedly winged giant, Donald Trump, there's only one man to concentrate on.

Thank God it is not a Bush.

It is, however, Donald Trump!

This link is why I declared I could not possibly support Donald Trump's "neutrality".

This, however, leaves me wondering, how many undisclosed games has he already begun to play with his "partner", Vladimir Putin?

I know that as "The Great Negotiator" he needs running room.

With these two, contradictory statements of yes and no about Israel, I'm certain that Palestine can't trust him and perhaps, because of Trump's assurances, his promise of American support in defense of Israel, Trump at least looks like a major improvement over the Israel-hating Barack Hussein Obama.

But isn't Trump inviting trouble with his first claim of "neutrality"?!

Won't both Palestine and Iran see it as a "green light" to attack Tel Aviv?!

There is, however, the beginning of a new game in world politics: The Trump/Putin Alliance for World Ownership.

Donald Trump has clearly handed the Middle East over to Vladimir Putin as his, to put it politely, "sphere of influence" which Trump has vowed not to involve himself in.

But has Trump also handed Europe as well over to Vladimir Putin?!?!

Aren't we looking at two men dividing up the whole world except for Red China?

And why?

China then succumbs to "an offer she can't refuse".

China surrenders to the overwhelming power of an American/Neo-Soviet Russian Alliance?!

Then, indeed, what ruled the known world of Emperor Augustus Caesar in a Triumvirate of Caesar, Pompei and Mark Antony… is, basically, the Trump/Putin "negotiation" with the Politburo of Red China.

Trump runs the complete and dual continents of both North and South America?

While Putin, with the exception of China and China's puppets, North Korea and Vietnam, runs the entire land mass of Euro-Russia, the Middle East and Africa?!

That's the beginning of The Trump/Putin Boiler Plate Plan for world domination.

And, who knows, a Pax Romana version of world peace.

The Trump/Putin version of the Pax Romana!

Once can only "negotiate" such a vision if one sees one's self in the same light that Barack Obama has been "seeing himself": As An Emperor!

Eight years of an American President's contempt for the Constitution and its Bill of Rights is bad enough.

But with a President Trump, could this absolute destruction of America's foundations continue for another eight years?

Sixteen years in all under two "Emperors"?

A world peace, modeled upon the Pax Romana which could be retitled The Pax Mundi Triumvirate!

One that is, perhaps, already agreed upon between those two in private communications, many of which we are now becoming increasingly aware of?

Vladimir Putin has repeatedly declared that he is not in love or even a part of The New World Order.

I assume, perhaps incorrectly, that Donald Trump agrees with him.

Trump and Putin want nothing to do with what I consider a Treasonous American Nightmare: the Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama New World Order to be ostensibly run by the United Nations.

It is treason.

However, is 8 more years of Pure Imperial Arrogance in the White House?!

The trashing of the American Constitution and Bill of Rights?!

All for the empowerment of this once successful formula for world peace: a Triumvirate of Trump/ Putin and Communist Beijing?!

We shall see. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com. He can be found on Twitter at https://twitter.com/@MGMoriarty.





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