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President Don "Corleone" Trump

By Mark Alexander
web posted April 4, 2016

My article for last week's Enter Stage Right basically told you that the nightmare of the Obama Nation, the ability for such a Muslim Marxist to win the White House not just once but twice?!?!

It all has to do with George H. W. Bush's commitment to creating A NEW WORLD ORDER RUN BY THE UNITED NATIONS!!!

That is pure treason announced publically over 25 years ago by the first disastrous President in the Bush Presidential Dynasty.

Since that announcement?

America, with the invaluable help of Bill Clinton's eight years as a POTUS, is now in the hands of a President who openly lied to all of America from the very beginning.

He said he wanted to "transform" the United States of America.

Barack Hussein Obama
has no other objective
 in the deepest corner of his villainous soul
 but to destroy America
and everything America has stood for.

America's problem right now?

There are only two alternatives for patriotic Americans to vote for: Ted Cruz or Donald Trump.

Cruz speaks eloquently about his faith and commitment to the American Constitution and Bill of Rights.

However, the inconsistency of both his voting record and the radical views of his wife, Heidi Cruz, both throw massive suspicion upon what this couple in the White House could do to America.

After what Obama has done for almost eight years, perhaps the equally radical pronouncements of Donald Trump, despite the crude and insulting style of his campaign… perhaps we have really no choice but to take Donald Trump at his word.

Vote for the man who promises to "make America great again!"

After thirty years of subversive and lying power games by three families – the Bushes, the Clintons and what I call The Entire Obama Nation – and the horrible mess that the Free World's former leader, the United States of America, now finds itself trapped in?!

Perhaps the only answer to that plight is the cunning and "negotiating" machinations of not a God-fearing and law-biding American President but the "negotiating skills" of an unquestionably powerful and rich businessman/Godfather named Donald Trump.

Donald TrumpUnfortunately, Trump hasn't expressed any real loyalties to either the Judeo-Christian Bible or the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution or even the Bill of Rights.

He simply promises us that he will "make America great again!"

How will he do that?!

The tactics he might use?!

Well, his contempt for NATO, his contented willingness to live in an increasingly nuclearized world, his painfully flawed reading of The Holy Bible and his increasingly obvious respect for no one but himself, for his own opinions and for no one but for those in the world who totally agree with him?!

What do we really have?!

A Godfather with undeniably international connections.

A Mafioso-style leader of a newly transformed, Cosa Nostra America!

His contempt for the Geneva Conference, albeit reported in a questionable source with a misleading title… but also Trump's utter disregard for the laws of how prisoners of war must be treated?

Not at all the opinions of a would-be leader of Democracy.

A dictatorship?

Most possibly.


Would Trump then just be another version of Barack Hussein Obama?! The President who uses the Constitution and Bill of Rights for toilet paper?!

Trump's only difference from Obama?

He would be just Pro-American as versus Pro-Islamic or Pro-Communist?!

An American-style, Mafioso Bully?!

"Trust me," he'll say.

Then, as President, he only makes "offers" that "no one else can refuse".

Trump's certainty about Mexico paying for a wall that Mexico says it doesn't need?!?!

Trump's certain tone of voice
is comforting
 for an American population
that knows,
under Obama,
something truly terrible has happened
 to the United States of America
 and must be corrected.

Donald Trump, and apparently one of the few men in life he admires, President Vladimir Putin, a Neo-Soviet Bully?!

Together, these two "Strong Men" will rule the human race and the human race will be consistently offered "deals" that "smaller and less important human souls" cannot possibly", for whatever reasons, "refuse"!

America and Americans are desperate for such certainty and, possibly under such dictatorial leadership… having survived under the dictator Barack Obama… America and Americans can regain the very greatness that Trump has promised them… if and when he becomes President of the United States.

Once in power, however, I doubt if a President Trump will change any of his rules of management and, as far as any of us know, his rules of management are "Do as I tell you to do or you are FIRED!"

"If I want advice, I WILL ASK FOR IT!!!"


In short, President Donald "Corleone" Trump.


These two, Trump and Putin, would rule the world together as bullies and together bully even the Red Chinese Committee or Politburo into following their mutually agreed upon and "negotiated" policies.


"Peace under not-so-democratic a contract, drawn up by two ‘Godfathers'".

Which do we want?

Ted Cruz who, indeed, is guilty of Trump's accusation: "Lying Ted!"

The Ted Cruz,
 possibly false loyalty
 to America's founding documents?!

Or Donald Corleone Trump's
 sincere assurance
that he will, indeed,
"make America great again".

What is most troubling, of course, is that Donald Trump's mirror image, President Barack Obama, has this cinematic self-image for President, the lessons that form the Hollywood film Godfather?!

They are already recorded here in Obama's imitation of Marlon Brando.

"You disrespected me."

Prophetically, Donald Trump has lived his entire life more like a Godfather than Obama whose Godfather act didn't really begin until his second term.

Which would I prefer as President?

A lying yet flagrantly denying member of the now, fully corrupted American, Republican Establishment?!

Or an honestly bullying American Godfather?!

After America has endured Obama, do you really think that Trump has any notion of behaving by the rules?!

Trump is certain that if America didn't fire Obama by impeaching him?!?!

America certainly won't fire or impeach a President Trump!!

No matter what he does.

I'd rather take a Godfather as President over a liar any day.

Certainly over a bottomlessly ambitious lawyer!

No wonder Cruz knows his Constitution so well.

The document is only there for a skilled lawyer to split hairs over…

And then split them again…

And then again…

And then again…

Until he finds out how much he can get away with.

That's how another lawyer named Barack Hussein Obama has done it.

Has singlehandedly destroyed any Truth in American politics.

The lawyer's "hidden agenda".

Trump's only, not-so-hidden agenda is SUCCESS!!

America's "greatness"!!!

Trump became the very financial success he had always wanted to be.

He, however, became a multi-billionaire without jail time.

His life is proof that DONALD CORLEONE TRUMP is not only a rich Godfather… but a profoundly successful one.

THAT tune of Donald Trump's many melodies is not going to change.


Let's make America great again!!

We've certainly had enough of Barack Obama's "Fundamental"
 of The United States
 of America".


Neither Trump
 nor Cruz
 are ideal candidates.

Of the two,
 is far more comfortingly

Then again,
What defines the meaning of "A Great America"
For Donald Trump
And what defines such an America
For Michael Moriarty
Could very well be
Two entirely different things.

Both Mr. Trump and I
Have experienced a "Great America"
Under several,
Presidents of the United States.

God willing,
All differences between us
About that America,
Which we both long for again,
Will prove to be
"Negotiable". ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com. He can be found on Twitter at https://twitter.com/@MGMoriarty.





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