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Chapter Forty One of An Ecstatic Loneliness: The Divinity of Acquaintanceship

By Michael Moriarty
web posted May 27, 2013

I've been very blessed.

Oh, it didn't always seem that way.

However, when you begin to trust my belief in Life's Perfection, you'll understand.

There are two acquaintances within my life that I believe, and for very mystical reasons, have come up, both spiritually and intellectually, with the same basic but vitally important conclusion.

This predicament which Third Millennium America is experiencing? This Obama Nation that the leading continent of the Free World is presently trapped under?

One of my acquaintances calls it "far more dangerous than a gun in the hands of 200 million law-abiding citizens."

The other acquaintance, gazing down the last sixteen hundred years of Judeo-Christianity and its enemies, dubs this seemingly endless nightmare for the Free World, and America in particular, "Sinisterism".

The first man says most persuasively, "We Americans are so tired of being thought of as dumb asses by the rest of the world that we went to the polls this past November and removed all doubt."

This rather well-known film star, who made that insightful and distinctively American remark, knows a great deal about "the rest of the world". His initial fame came not in America but in Italy. He was a European legend long before he conquered Hollywood.


Clint Eastwood.

The second man is a scholar named Bruce Walker.

Bruce Walker
Bruce Walker

Bruce and I both share this computer site, enterstageright.com.

Clint Eastwood and I shared killing a few villains on the silver screen in Pale Rider. I think I was the only character to save that screen hero's life! On screen, that is.

Now the main question is: Can the three of us, myself, Bruce Walker and Clint Eastwood help to save the United States from all the damage that we all know the Obama Nation is doing to America?

Since America and Americans so enjoy and idolize success, you'd think the size of Clint Eastwood's film fame would persuade the voting public to not give Barack Hussein Obama a second chance to "fundamentally transform", indeed destroy, the United States of America?


There was Oprah Winfrey's fame and George Soros's money, not to mention all the lies that were sold to Americans about Benghazi; and all these "forces at work to reelect Barack Obama" just overwhelmed whatever a Clint Eastwood appearance at the Republican Convention might amount to.

However, it seems that Obama, all by himself, got his own Obama Nation into a peck o' trouble.


Serves ‘im right.

No, I'm not a scholar.

Oh, I won a Fulbright Scholarship; not because of my scholarship but because of Joe Papp, creator of the New York Shakespeare Festival. He was on the Fulbright Committee. He thought I had some talent as an actor. Gave me a job that summer playing Octavius Caesar in Antony and Cleopatra. After picking me to be one of the Fulbright Scholars that year, he advised me not to go to England on that scholarship.

"Stay in New York, Michael! London will just give you a lot of bad habits as an actor. You'll come back mannered and self-conscious."

To a certain extent he was right. In addition, I would have avoided a lot of trouble in my life if I hadn't gone.

However, it was "written", as they say, that I go.

Don't regret any of it, least of all the pain it brought me. That pain taught me more about the Obama Nations in the world than anything else possibly could. Only the British can look down on Americans with the same elitist's arrogance that Barack and Michelle Obama drop upon their fellow citizens.

In the eyes of Barack and Michelle Obama, Americans are what the Soviet Union's KBG had always called them: "useful idiots".

Please listen to everything Yuri Bezmenov has to say on the aforementioned link. He actually gives a frightening description of Barack Hussein Obama before either Bezmenov or the voting American public had even heard of Barack Hussein Obama and his Obama Nation.

According to Clint Eastwood and Obama's reelection, the KGB and its inheritors, the FSB, are still right about Americans as "useful idiots".

Will the Yanks have enough common sense left to press for Obama's impeachment?!

At this point, I doubt it.

Meanwhile, Bruce Walker's two volumes, both examining and exposing  over-a-century of Sinistserism, is a major piece of scholarship.

The title of Sinisterism will, no doubt, put the purist scholars off; but I say, "Good!"

Most of the purists and 99% of the college professors are "Progressive Marxists" which means intellectual spin-offs from the hallowed and obligatorily opaque role models of intellectual history, one of which is Harvard's Professor Henry Kissinger.

Kissinger's shameless applause for a New World Order matches his other Ivy League know-it-all, Yale's George H. W. Bush.

Both have the cold-blooded audacity to think of themselves as peace-makers and not the appeasers of tyranny and tyrants such as Mao Zedong and neo-Soviet bullies, i.e. Vladimir Putin.

I urge you to order a copy of Bruce Walker's Sinisterism!

As a contemporary reference book alone it is quasi-encyclopedic. The subjects he concentrates upon cut directly to the heart of the matter which, to put it bluntly, is the pandemic human evil arising initially from the French Revolution.

Over two hundred years of political history organized in a way that keeps everything crystal clear.

The table of contents alone, I believe, is a major inducement.

Table of Contents

Chapter One:                     The Sinisterism War on Meaning
Chapter Two:                     Ideology in French History
Chapter Three:                   Sinisterism Book Burning
Chapter Four:                    The War between Fascists and Nazis
Chapter Five:                     The Alliance between Nazis and Bolsheviks
Chapter Six:                      The Romance of Bolsheviks and Fascists
Chapter Seven:                 What's in a Name?
Chapter Eight:                   Fascism and Nazism in Practice
Chapter Nine:                   Radical Islam
Chapter Ten:                    Japanese Imperialism
Chapter Eleven:                Radical Brahminism
Chapter Twelve:              Other Sinisterist Oddities

And that is only volume one.

"Radical Islam" does indeed take us roughly 1,600 years before the Twin Towers fell. Such a glance back at the origins of Radical Islam certainly spells the inevitability of 9/11.

A for Bruce's contention that India's Brahmanism embraced Naziism?!

I was obliged to give that particular chapter a closer look than others. The title of Chapter Eleven is based upon a point of view I had never encountered before, that a major corner of India, the India of Mahatma Gandhi's non-violent protests, could possibly support Adolph Hitler.

As Bruce describes the elitist Brahmanism that controlled India for much of its existence, its caste systems?!


One immediately sees India's vulnerability to classic racial and class prejudice.

Bruce writes, "It is, in fact, remarkable that the intimate connection between Hinduism and Nazism has not been more closely examined. "

His investigation is actually the first I've encountered.

I hesitate to share this thought, but such a class system as India's obviously made the British Empire's class system an easy thing for East Indians to fit into. The Brits need only fawn over the higher classes of India and the East Indians, so mesmerized by the power and strength of the West, would easily surrender to a race of men and women that understood their "pecking order" so well and in such sensitive detail.

What stands so singularly and forcefully to face down an undeniably tenacious caste system throughout all of humanity?

Which corner of life and the world holds the sole distinction of having broken down the eternally old caste systems within both the Far East and Eurasia?

Where did a family's large dreams for its children become possible for almost anyone with ambition and talent?


No other place in human history can compare with it.

The last three decades of Big Government Presidencies, from Lyndon Baines Johnson to Barack Hussein Obama have done their best to diminish individual freedom and responsibility.

What made America the proving ground for a democratic consciousness that erupted in breathtaking fertility?


Without the Judeo-Christian culture and its Holy Bible, America would never have been possible.

With multiculturalism now dominating what had been America's belief in individual commitment and individual effort? With this indelibly Marxist, big, fat, red cherry, Barack Hussein Obama, at the top of this increasingly multicultural banana split? With millions of Americans now choosing unemployment over individual initiative and effort?

With the immigration standards for America falling and the American debt rising to extra-terrestrial heights?

What else can we see growing like a cancer within the United States but the inevitably disastrous results of Marxist, herd mentality.

In short, a sinister, big government philosophy in which America and all Americans are now drowning.

If you want the full picture of how the human race and Americans in particular fell into this seemingly endless melodrama? With The Sinister at the top and GI Joe's entire family at the bottom?

Buy and regularly browse Bruce Walker's Sinisterism.

Its title might scare you but the history within it is incontestable, firmly but eloquently presented. It is an undeniably distinctive piece of history you will be proud to have on your bookshelf.

As for my divine acquaintanceship with Mr. Walker?

I trust it will ripen into a long and firmly lasting friendship. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com. He can be found on Twitter at https://twitter.com/@MGMoriarty.






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