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America needs Mark Levin & Glenn Beck to pivot in favor of GOP 'presumptive nominee'

By John W. Lillpop
web posted May 8, 2016

The combined talents and charms of radio and television pundits Mark Levin and Glenn Beck damn near succeeded in making Senator Ted Cruz the standard bearer of the Republican Party in the 2016 presidential sweepstakes.

The fact that billionaire Donald T. Trump ultimately earned that distinction is in no way due to a lack of effort or spirit on the part of Levin or Beck. Both are diehard, dedicated conservative heroes whom, for their individual reasons, chose to back the candidacy of Ted Cruz, rather than siding with The Donald.

Perhaps Trump is not conservative enough, or not conservative at all, in the minds of Levin and Beck?

Maybe his language is a smidgen too salty for the most powerful man in the world to spew so publicly?

Or maybe Trump's demeanor is a bit too flippant for the fellow who would, as Commander-in-Chief, be entrusted with the nuclear codes and the power to usher in Armageddon?

And lest we forget, Donald Trump was not familiar with the term ‘triad' when questioned during one of the debates. Can a bloke who does not know the definition of ‘triad' be trusted with the future of the human species?

Did that disgraceful lack of knowledge drive Glenn Beck to smother his face in crushed Cheetos in a desperate attempt to mock Trump as unqualified to serve?

Did Trump's monstrous disapproval numbers cause Mark Levin to ramp up his already hysterical rhetoric and screaming to a new, ear-piercing level in order to warn the American people of the impending doom that a Trump versus Hillary Clinton election would portend?

Whatever the reason(s) for the Levin and Beck meltdowns, and regardless of how well founded in logic and reason their anti-Trump arguments, the simple fact is that Donald Trump won!

After a mind-numbing, grueling series of debates, primaries, and caucuses, spread over a period of several months, Donald T. Trump outlasted a gaggle of US Senators, governors(former and sitting), former presidential candidates, and won the GOP nomination despite ‘conventional wisdom,' a ‘rigged system, a bitterly biased media, a corrupt RNC establishment, and Lord knows how many hundreds of millions of dollars, and a frontal assault from Megyn Kelly!

In short, Donald Trump single-handedly changed American politics forever and established himself as the most talented, charismatic figure in the political world, notwithstanding our deposed Messiah, aka, Barack Obama.

Given the new reality of the Trump era and the prospects that he will effectively end Hillary Clinton's evil political career, once and for all, is it not time for Messrs. Levin and Beck to ‘come home' as it were and join the fray, in favor of the Trump movement?

I, for one, am determined to avoid another well-meaning, but ultimately failed, fast…even if it means breaking bread with The Lucifer! ESR

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