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Apocalyptic chess: Part two - Mao Zedong's patron saint: Judas

By Michael Moriarty
web posted September 18, 2006

No, he wasn't a Christian, Mao, the Deadly Dragon, nor much of anything in the way of religion aside from being The Mao of Maoism. He'd been raised a Buddhist and if anything contributed to the absolutely clean slate upon which Karl Marx, Joseph Stalin and Vladimir Ilych Lenin could write their horrid blueprints for tyranny, it was the Buddhist Blueprint for Indifference. Oh, I know the actor Richard Gere would disagree with me about Buddhism – he is a Buddhist, that's kind of Scientology with fewer courses in Careerism - but Mr. Gere and I have never agreed about anything. Sitting under the Bodhi Tree in a Lotus Position is hardly conducive to intervening on behalf of one's fellow man. It's considered bad form for Buddhists to let anything in the world, or in their mind for that matter, inspire them to make any major changes in the world. They just watch from their now Enlightened Third Eye.

That very eye appears on our American dollar as a part of the Great Seal. The Great Seal was included on the one-dollar note in 1935 on suggestion of Vice President Henry A. Wallace. Both Wallace and President Roosevelt were Free Masons. Later, Wallace remembered, "Roosevelt, as he looked at the colored reproduction of the Seal, was first struck with the representation of the all-seeing eye—a Masonic representation of the Great Architect of the Universe. Next, he was impressed with the idea that the foundation for the new order of the ages had been laid in 1776 but that it would be completed only under the eye of the Great Architect. Roosevelt, like myself, was a 32nd Degree Mason. He suggested that the Seal be put on the dollar bill."

Wallace was not only a Mason, but also particularly interested in Eastern Religions, and he regularly consulted an Indian Guru. His connections with the Russian-Indian artist and yogi Nicholas Roerich even threatened the presidential campaign in 1940.

It's not that Masons don't believe in Christ. It's just, well…they have a whole other idea about the Messiah and what he was really, really up to.

The indisputable expert on that Christ of the New World Order Church is Gary Wills. Bishop Gary Wills, as I have described him in the first part of this editorial, entitled Queen William. It's all about the chess game going on between the New World Order, or Novus Ordo Seculorum, as it is engraved upon the American dollar below the Pyramid; and, well, what remains of the American Eagle which sits, staring out at us, on the other side of the backside of the dollar!

So, there, on the back of the dollar, the Pyramid with the Third Eye and Novus Ordo Seclorum is in a major, Apocalyptic Chess face off with the Eagle and his laurel branch.

The Eagle is, in the eyes of the New World Order, the symbol of Nationalism and Fascism. For them, the wheat which the Eagle holds in his left hand is the virtual fascism sign itself. Though hardly a Swastika it does tend to rattle Fulbright Internationalists, Progressive Liberals, Rainbow Coalitionists, the Entire Democratic Party, and yes, since Dr. Henry A. Kissinger turned the Republican Party into enablers of the Supreme Court and a Government of the Supreme Court, by the Supreme Court … there's an Apocalyptic Chess Game going on, at this very moment, inside the United States.

Bishop Gary Wills holds the highest honours for, if not elevating the moral high ground of the New World Order, at least explaining why Queen William and his Hillary think Christ looks favourably on abortion.

If Bishop Wills can canonize Judas, the betrayer of Christ, can elevate him to the level of a Saint, well, then, not only is the now Supreme Intellect of the New Christ high above and beyond Good and Evil, but Mao Zedong, like Judas, is the very, dark pupil of the Enlightened Third Eye. Those who prefer Christ to Judas can contemplate and meditate upon the white of the Enlightened Third Eye.

Speaking of Christ and Judas and that very dramatic moment at the Last Supper when our Lord identified Judas, not always to the complete comprehension of the other disciples, orders him, in effect, to do what a Judas must do, and, if it must be done, do it quickly … well, here is where Bishop Wills really excels, in his exegesis of that moment. He sounds like a dramaturge or drama critic, and I've known a few of those on the receiving end.

Mr. Wills writes, in What Jesus Meant, "There is an odd complicity between Jesus and Judas, as if they were fencing over the heads of the unwitting disciples."

Hmmm … now whether the Bishop came to this conclusion before the publication of the Gospel According To Judas in a not so ancient issue of National Geographic, or whether this new addition to Dead Sea Scroll anathemas led him to a belief in the higher intellect of Judas, one far above the I.Q.'s of the other disciples, there is no doubt we are into Intellectual Superiority of some kind.

Now here is where the Bishop unloads a conundrum. Because Judas commits suicide he performs, according to Bishop Wills, an act almost the equal of Christ's Crucifixion. Therefore Judas should be anointed a Saint in his own right.

Hmmm … I've thought about that, you know?

Remember Pete Rose and the Hall of Fame controversy? Should he, after gambling on games involving his own team, be allowed into the famous Museum of Baseball's Greatest?

I have no doubt that had Pete Rose committed suicide because of the pain which the dispute and his own shame had caused him, if he had "gone Pacific," as they say in Vancouver, Canada, the fans would mourn the loss of a great American athlete.

However, I do not think that, given the damning evidence of Mr. Rose's corruption, most fans would, even following his suicide, vote him into the Hall of Fame.

Do you?

Well, Bishop Wills would have. With his patron saint, Judas, he would have proclaimed a Papal Encyclical, demanding Rose's installation as St. Pete, right up there with St. Babe, and St. Ted Williams.

You see, to the Realm of The New World Order, to its Queen William and King Hillary, Bishops Wills and Billy Graham, the Knights of Science and all the Castles of Harlem, Dubai and Washington, D. C., everything, all of life is, indeed, filled with "moral ambivalence," a grey area of such complex moral issues that morality itself becomes a self-defeating question in and of itself.

Why bother with ethics and a conscience, if you can justify - in minute detail, with footnotes, years of research, translations from the original Greek, Latin, Arabic and Aramaic, psychological profiles and statistical analyses - the centuries-long traditions of cultures such as Islam, where suicidal homicide is basically portrayed as the greatest of the known great orgasms … sorry to sexualize death but the Intellectual Supremacists do it all the time, it's a French thing, like that nation's RU486 or Are You Against It abortion pill. Yes, why give a damn, really?

We are all going to heaven, Hitler included. Didn't you know that? A German woman told me that in Halifax, yes!

"Adolf's in heaven!" she said with a grin.

While holding down my lunch, I gathered my wife and stepsons, exited that house in a rage, vowed never to darken that door again, and, aside from the clouds of my curses on her, have kept that promise.

The New World Order loves getting guys like me angry. Their leadership stays so calm while I am in a fit! Why? It screws my next chess move against them.

Queen William really took all our breaths away when he personally brought up a very, ultra sensitive moment in his administration. He did it, on television, before the adoring eyes of Larry King last fall. It seems the father of a soldier killed in the Blackhawk Down incident over Islamic lands was a Vietnam Veteran. That Clinton never served in Vietnam was bad enough but that this cowardly President should send the son of a Vietnam Veteran off to be killed, well, this guy, just like me, was losing it!
Queen Bill, with the poise of Oprah Winfrey, related the upset condition of his interlocutor and, with a quiet symmetry that must have been rehearsed in his mind every night for at least a week, he shared with the American People how he stood there and simply endured the man's rage. That man, according to the Queen, had a right in a country of Free Speech to vent his spleen, and it was the job of a Queen … I mean a President … well, you know… read "Great President" … to let "the buck stop here!"

That's not only chess, that's Poker!

However, if, like Judas, the Queen "shares an odd complicity" with Christ, one not only over the heads of Christ's disciples but certainly WAY above the understanding of the American People, it would be quite inevitable that the calm of Christ could come over the Queen of America, because, at least according to Bishop Wills, Christ and Judas had planned this all out, perhaps, before time even began.

St. Clinton, eh?

Why do I think the Eagle will win and the Pyramid will lose?

Inside those motionless pawns on the N.W.O's side of the chessboard are still a few emotionally alive men and women left, rather like that Vietnam Veteran. Once their humanity opens up both their eyes and drags them away from the enthrallment they sit in beneath the Third Eye of the Pyramid, the awe in which they hold the Intellectual Supremacy of Queens and Kings and Bishops and Knights, they will turn on the back row of the New World Order's chess alignment and rip the Monarchy's throat out. If France's revolutionaries can behead Louis XVI and then turn on Robespierre and have him guillotined, you think the same thing can't happen in the United States?

However, say the Queen and King, even if the Eagle wins over the Pyramid of the Third Eye, "Won't the same nightmare of war, back and forth, and forth and back continue, Mr. Moriarty? And now, after you have identified yourself as a self-confessed symbol of the Catholic Church, won't the same hypocrisies you have noted in millenniums of Papal Rule continue on and on into infinity?"

Hmmm … well, Daniel and St. John of Revelations say that a Second Coming will kick the Dragon of Mao, the Beast of Bush's Pax Americana, the Little Horn of Sir Francis Galton, and, finally, the Preacher of the Beast, you, your Highness, off the Earth. Following that there will be an age of peace.

"That'll never happen!"

Anything and everything can happen in America, your Highness! ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Mary Christmas and Force of Impact. Moriarty is also running for President of the United States in 2008 as a candidate for the Realists Party. To find out more about Moriarty's presidential campaign, contact rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.

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