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Open letter to Benedict Ted

By Karen Norling
web posted October 17, 2016

Dear Ted,

I've spent the last three years emailing friends and family, singing your praises, telling everyone who "talks politics" with me that you were the first person I'd ever come across who went to Washington and kept his promises to the American people, the first person who consistently stood up for what's right and good and true.  Likewise, I sent videos of you doing what you do best: fearlessly opposing both Democrats and RINOs.

And now you turn your back on me?

My heart belonged to you practically from the day you entered the Senate--when hardly anyone knew your name. Within only a few months, I became convinced that you would be our next president—following in the footsteps of the illustrious Ronald Reagan--if only you decided to run. 

Cliché as it sounds, you symbolized my "shining city on a hill." You rekindled my belief that we, at last, had a shot at derailing the runaway train that's been barreling toward pure, unadulterated socialism for the last 25 years.

You might be interested to know that shortly after the Pathologically-lying, Megalomaniacal Narcissist-on-Steroids known as Donald Trump began to reveal his, shall we say, thoroughly-vile colors, I decided to write "The Art of the Heel"--an article comparing him to you, an article replete with video clips illustrating the unabashed lowlife he is and the prince I believed you to be

Note: my estimation of you has changed quite a bit since you endorsed the tyrant-in-waiting. (Should you desire, you can view "Art of the Heel" here.)

I can't help but feel, in the wake of your flat-out-idiotic endorsement, as if all the "blood, sweat and tears" I poured into "Art of the Heel" were an absolute waste.  With one daft, blatantly self-interested move, you rendered every word I wrote—every word I spoke to others--meaningless.

If you truly believe, as you've intimated, that God is leading you to throw your support behind Donald Trump, you certainly don't pray to the same God I do.  The God I pray to would tell me to run as fast as I could from someone who:

Made terrible fun of my spouse

Refers to women as "dogs," "slobs," "beautiful piece[s] of ass," "disgusting," "ugly," "grotesque"

Says the "favorite thing he has in common" with his daughter is "sex"

Insists that Planned Parenthood provides vital healthcare services to women

Uses the foulest of profanity in public, simply to energize his "chip-on-the-shoulder" sycophants

Viciously mocks handicapped people

Encourages violence against those who don't idolize him

Delights in destroying his rivals via sheer vindictiveness and hatred

Boasts about his adulterous affairs

Parades around as an "evangelical" while having not the slightest idea what's in the Bible or what Christianity is

Tries for years to seize an elderly woman's property so he can build a limousine parking lot for the 22-story hotel he built next to that property

Drives tenants from one of his apartment buildings by shutting off their heat and hot water (in the dead of winter), refusing to make necessary repairs, imposing "burdensome new rules," and turning a blind eye to "rodent infestations"

Relentlessly gloats about his larger-than-life accomplishments and the "billions" he has garnered from them

Refuses to pay his employees

Establishes "Trump University"—an illegal, Mickey Mouse "institution of higher learning"--with the sole purpose of stealing thousands upon thousands of dollars from those seeking an education in the real-estate trade

Answers, "I'm not sure I have . . . I don't think so . . . I don't bring God into that picture" [whatever that means], when asked: "Have you ever asked God for forgiveness?" 

Brags about walking in on Ms. Universe contestants while they're changing their clothes

Blusters about being able to grab women's genitals, at will, because he's such a "star"

Indeed, the God I pray to not only does not endorse those who say and do such things, He also reminds them they are "treading on thin ice" precisely by saying and doing such things: ". . . because of your stubbornness and your unrepentant heart, you are storing up wrath against yourself for the day of God's wrath, when his righteous judgment will be revealed" (Romans 2:5)   

By the way, I am utterly dismayed by your refusal to withdraw your endorsement, despite all the filthy, balloon-headed, misogynistic comments he's made throughout the years.  ("But what comes out of the mouth proceeds from the heart, and this defiles a person.") 

Other republicans—such as Sen. Kelly Ayotte, Sen. Jason Chaffetz, and Rep. Mia Love--are withdrawing their support.  Why on earth aren't you?

If and when you join him at his rallies (I know you've offered to campaign for him), choose your words very carefully. For each time you speak well of him now, you'll be as guilty of transgressing the Ninth Commandment as he has been most of his life.

Doubtless, you've sabotaged any chance you might have had of winning the presidency in 2020.  (My husband and I were going to write your name on the ballot.  We will now be checking the box for Darrell Castle.)

In closing, it sickens me to say this, but one thing has become exceedingly clear in the last several days: all politicians can be bought by their donors—even you, my beloved Mr. Cruz.


Karen Norling

P.S.  Though you've done a phenomenal job in the Senate—along with Rand Paul and Mike Lee--I will never vote for you for president again.  Once betrayed, twice shy. ESR

© 2016 Karen Norling





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