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Making America great again: Donald Trump's heavy burden!

By John W. Lillpop
web posted October 3, 2016

Salvaging American values and superior culture from the abuse and indignity dumped upon our nation and peoples over the past eight years by Progressive Marxists disguised as Democrat Party politicians will be the bountiful reward earned by patriotic citizens for electing Donald J. Trump as the 45th US President, while simultaneously expunging the hideously immoral, insidiously corrupt and notoriously criminal Hillary Rodham Clinton and her Marxist comrades from the American political scene, permanently.

God willing.

Doing so will surely be spiritually gratifying and uplifting. It will, however, be an enormous task requiring an unwavering commitment by The Donald and his team to reverse the wrong-minded schemes of those who hate America for providing humanity with a beacon of hope for self-governance, grounded in the notion that prosperity and freedom are the fruits of a society that believe in limited government in favor of unleashing of the enormous energy and intellect of free men and women!

Make no mistake about it: There will be no victory laps on the lawn of the White House, no multi-million dollar junkets to Hawaii, or similar extravagant celebrations on taxpayer money starting on the afternoon of January 20.

President Donald J. Trump will, instead,roll up his sleeves and set about the task of Making America Great Again, as promised. Leave the non-stop rounds of golf and endless Inauguration Ball frolicking
to the elitists and scalawags of the left who believe that their work is done once the election is won.

Expect The Donald and his crew to immediately set Washington, D.C. on fire, metaphorically, once the swearing-in ceremony is concluded and The Donald is officially President Trump!

Within minutes of becoming President, Trump will respectfully take over the Oval Office and commence to raise bloody hell!

Among his first acts in office, President Trump will officially declare all Executive Orders and other shenanigans of Barack Obama to be null and void and unenforceable in all respects, including a tyrannical attempt by The One to unilaterally rewrite the law concerning illegal aliens, and his equally insane attempt to defy Mother Nature when it comes to matching bathroom accommodations to Mum Nature’s plumbing designations!

Trump can also be expected to weigh in on the hot issue of police shootings and public protests by declaring his support for police and enforcement of law and order, and his disgust with violence against police.

Trump can also be expected to officially declare BLM, black panther affiliates, the ACLU, La Raza, and other known anti-American organizations as terrorists subject to anti-terrorist actions by the government.

He can also be expected to declare America to be a Christian nation where the official economic system is capitalism , where English is the official language, and where life is a precious gift from the Creator

He can also be expected to permanently revoke any and all clearances granted to Hillary Clinton and other lefty enemies of America.

He can also be expected to order all branches of the federal government, including the military and Pentagon, to officially declare all Islamic extremists as enemies of America and potential terrorists.

He can also be expected to order Homeland Security to commence immediate construction of a foreboding wall at the US-Mexico border to keep invaders from entering US territory,and to order DHS to develop and implement programs for seizing assets from Mexico to pay for said wall.

He can also be expected to revoke America’s participation in the Iran nuclear deal, and declare all of Obama’s commitments thereto as null and void.

He can also be expected to issue a formal notice advising the deplorable United Nations to immediately cease and desist sticking its bloody nose in American domestic affairs such as the recent memo damning America for mistreatment of blacks and demanding that America pay reparations. Remind the UN that America is a sovereign nation that answers ONLY to the American people.

He can also be expected to cancel ACA—ObamaCare—in total and initiate an alternative health care system.

He can also be expected to order DHS to immediately deport all illegal aliens

He can also be expected to order cancellation of transfer of Internet from US control

He can also be expected to order the Pentagon to develop a detailed plan, within 30 days, for destroying ISIS.

Because of the destructive nature of the Obama tyranny, it is obvious that there are innumerable other policies— from the environment to religious freedom—that will require review and modification, if not total obliteration.

President Trump can be counted on to deal with all such issues will due diligence and urgency.

We MUST do our part by voting to Make America great again in November! ESR

John W. Lillpop is a California-based writer. © 2016 John W. Lillpop 





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