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Giving thanks for the divine intervention that saved America!

By John W Lillpop
web posted November 14, 2016

 As American patriots celebrate the miraculous deliverance of our way of life and values from the corrupt clutches of those who despise the rule of law and individual liberties, it is incumbent upon we, the blessed, to pause humbly in reflection and thanksgiving for the events of November 8, 2016.

After all, as recently as a few days ago, America was under siege from formidable domestic enemies who sought to fundamentally transform America from a freedom-loving, Godly nation into a God-denying gaggle of big-government heretics who held, and hold, American history, culture, and sovereignty in utter contempt.

Just days ago, it appeared possible, even likely, that America would elect a congenital liar and despicably corrupt criminal to the most powerful political office in the world, that of US President, bringing with her a spouse addicted to selfishly gratifying his perverted, criminal sexual excesses, without regard or compassion for the powerless victims of his out-of-control carnal lust.

Just days ago, America's commitment to the rule of law and national sovereignty were threatened by a candidate who advocated open borders and non-enforcement of immigration laws in order to facilitate the remaking of America into a haven for third-world, non-English speaking, uneducated parasites who could be counted on to vote against the best interests of the nation, in exchange for free food, housing, education, medical care and other government bribes.

Just days ago, America appeared on the verge of installing a hate-filled sexist into the Presidency based solely on the fact that she was born female, and without regard for her incompetence and pathological criminal history

Just days ago, America seemed destined to elect a mindless leftist who would eagerly pursue, protect, and defend the awful legacy and dismal failings of one Barack Obama.

These threats to America were made all the more possible because of an epic failure by the mainstream media to function as independent, objective overseers of the political process. Rather, the huge corporate media conglomerates were committed to supporting the establishment and its callous oppression of the American spirit.

In spite of all the forces that were aligned against we the people, the fact is that WE DID, IN FACT, PREVAIL!

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and the entire Democrat Party, along with RINO traitors like Jeb Bush, have been vanquished like harmless fleas!

How to explain?

Divine intervention!

Thanks be to the Creator for saving our way of life and values! ESR

John W. Lillpop is a California-based writer. © 2016 John W. Lillpop 





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