ESR spotlight on Firearms issues

Recent articles about firearms and gun rights that have run in Enter Stage Right

Democrats keep using murdered children as political fodder for their gun confiscation agenda: Mark Alexander says that disgraceful leftists are using the families of victims as human shields against criticism of their political agendas

The role of the Second Amendment in black history: A forgotten legacy: Black History Month came and went but one thing that wasn't mentioned was the role in the Second Amendment in black America, notes Craig DeLuz

Gun-free school zones & shootings statistics: Cassandra McBride takes an expansive look at the statistics surrounding school shootings and gun laws in a bid to clear up some of the misconceptions surrounding the tragic issue

Self-defense: Wealthy white suburban women v. poor black urban women: The unmitigated arrogance of suburban Democrat women is on full display when it comes to the issue of self-defense, writes Mark Alexander

No, Chris was not murdered by 'gun violence': A family said goodbye last week to a father, brother, and son, who was murdered by an assailant with 66 prior arrests, reports Mark Alexander, and not a gun

Urban violent crime & legal gun ownership: A story of geographical assault in the U.S.: Cassandra McBride examines the links between violent crime and homicides in the United States and the gun laws that various state and local governments impose on the population. Not surprisingly there is a link

Demos use the coffins of murdered children as their political platform: Mark Alexander examines the case of a Republican governor who stumbled into a legislative "gun control" cluster of his own making

Regarding Biden's 'gun ban' agenda, first let's ban alcohol!: Mark Alexander wonders why Joe Biden strenuously avoids identifying the real root cause of the epidemic of violence in America...

If the mentally ill “mustn’t own guns,” what about “trans” people?: Gun control advocates are fond of stating that anyone deemed mentally ill -- regardless of the criteria -- shouldn't be allowed to own guns. Selwyn Duke wonders if a tragic shooting last week will prompt the same response

9mm vs 45 ACP: The greatest pistol caliber debate: On one side, Fudds with their calibre that won two world wars...on the other side, the kids with their fancy "new" round. Chris Dwulet attempts to end the war between which is the better round: 9mm vs. 45 ACP

This 'wellness check' should be red-flagged!: Mark Alexander presents a recent case study of how the justification for wellness and red flag checks can easily be abused

Remembering when gun control was at least remotely rational: There was a time -- not that long ago -- when gun control advocates devoted most of their energies on attempting to ban handguns. That was probably the last time their position made even the slightest bit of sense, argues Selwyn Duke

You really want federal gun control intervention? Well, here’s an idea for you: Politicians are pushing for "red flag laws" as part of their gun control initiatives but Selwyn Duke has an idea that the federal and state governments might want to try first. In fact, he argues, the tools are already there

The common denominator of violence in America: The result of fatherlessness becomes even more tragically evident when the data connecting that absence to violence is irrefutable, argues Mark Alexander

Biden and his Demos unleashed a record surge in mass violence: In 2020, Democrats provoked and promoted the biggest surge in violence in decades, says Mark Alexander, but now call it a "gun problem"

An Uvalde attack timeline and deterrence reality check: Mark Alexander says the politicization of the blood of innocents is disgraceful, as many politicians have done in the past week, especially when the victims are children

NRA fratricidal fire hits Second Amendment hard: Mark Alexander argues that the National Rifle Association needs a new and dynamic leader to "restore, reform and reclaim the NRA for what it was intended to be."

Government gun confiscation attempt: 122 killed: Freedom is a fragile thing, writes Mark Alexander, and must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation...and that includes the Second Amendment

Baring Biden's big 'gun violence' lie: Mark Alexander asks a simple, but controversial question: What do the Sacramento assailants and victims of a late night mass shooting have in common?

Gunmaker’s new “AR-15 for Kids” has left shooting intellectual blanks: WEE1 Tactical is introducing an AR-15 styled rifle, chambered in .22LR, to help parents introduce their children to the shooting sports and not surprisingly the left is in an uproar, reports Selwyn Duke

David Marshall Williams: The true history of "Carbine Williams": There is a lot of myth about David Marshall Williams -- better known as "Carbine Williams" -- and Sam Jacobs peels them away to tell the true story of the noted gun designer

Jeff Cooper: The forgotten history of Lt. Col. Cooper and his impact on combat readiness: It's almost impossible to understate the impact that Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper had on the firearms community, argues Sam Jacobs, including combat handgunning and ammunition

Data study: 18 months of ammo sales during a pandemic, protests, and the Biden presidency: It's no secret that ammunition supplies have dried up and prices have risen sharply. Sam Jacobs takes a look at the numbers and explains how and why

Protection or pain treatment: Choosing between your gun and medical marijuana: Regardless of marijuana's status as a medical treatment in a growing number of states, writes Sam Jacobs, it's still illegal under federal law and using medical marijuana may endanger your Second Amendment rights

Collectible weapons: How to protect your wealth – and your family – with valuable guns: It's not your usual investment vehicle but Sam Jacobs believes that collecting firearms of a certain vintage provides people with something that generally appreciates in value while also providing the ability to defend themselves

The Biden-Harris Assault on the Second Amendment: Mark Alexander argues that Biden-Harris, if they succeed, will be the most anti-Second Amendment administration in history

Joe Biden on gun control: Understanding Biden's 2020 platform and the Second Amendment: Joe Biden may suffer from an inability to communicate even the simplest concepts at times but Sam Jacobs argues that throughout his career he's been very consistent on opposing Second Amendment rights

Guns at a glance: Find the best gun for any type of shooting, fast!: Confused as to which firearm you should buy for a specific need -- be it home defence or sport shooting? Minuteman Review offers an easy guide that solve that question for you

Virginia gun control leader takes a wrong turn: Virginia politician Chris Hurst talks a big talk about safety when it comes to firearms, writes Michael R. Shannon, but that concern for safety apparently doesn't extend to when he gets behind the wheel

Deplatformed: How big tech companies & corporate America subvert the Second Amendment: Second Amendment advocates often -- sometimes always -- focus on the actions of government when it comes to protecting their rights but Sam Jacobs believes that we also need to look at the behavior of corporations when it comes to the Bill of Rights

Richmond proves the left hates you and your gun: The recent pro-Second Amendment rally in Richmond, Virginia should disabuse any American gun owner that the political left has nothing but contempt for them, argues Michael R. Shannon

Virginia is a preview of what gun–grabbers would do nationally: The latest battle against the gun grabbers is currently taking place in the Commonwealth of Virginia but Michael R. Shannon says that if the Democrats capture Congress and the White House you can expect the Second Amendment war to rage against the entire country

Only murderers are allowed to be amateurs: The media wanted so badly for the man who stopped an active shooter at the recent incident at the West Freeway Church of Christ that they basically reported lies, says Michael R. Shannon

The unintended consequences of Trudeau’s promised gun bans: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will likely double-down on his plan to further tighten gun regulation in Canada if he is re-elected next week and that leaves Canadian gun owners in a precarious position

The real threat of the Demos' 'universal background checks': Mark Alexander believes that a national firearm registry will ultimately result in firearm confiscation under a future Socialist Democrat regime

Alcohol, guns, and prohibition: A homicide victim is far more likely to be murdered by an assailant using a knife, blunt object, or fists than by a rifle of any type, says Mark Alexander

Gun–grabbers shoot themselves in the foot: Journalists have been trying to prove that it's mind-numbingly simple to buy a firearm in the United States...and failing, reports Michael R. Shannon

Why AR-15s are the plastic straws of the gun world: And why banning “assault rifles” won’t save even one life: AR-15s have become the go-to villain for anti-gunners, says Selwyn Duke, and the reason why is simple: They need a scapegoat and the rifle fits the role perfectly

The Second Amendment v NRA fratricidal fire: The internal war between NRA head Wayne LaPierre and seemingly everyone else has to come to an end soon, says Mark Alexander

A black female Harvard professor reconsiders the Second Amendment: Some conservatives recently praised a NYT op-ed by a liberal professor concerning gun rights but Mark Alexander was not quite as impressed by it

Dem gun confiscator tacitly admits gun control wouldn’t work: Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) freely admits that he wants to ban AR-15 rifles and would be happy with total gun confiscation -- but also tacitly admits it wouldn't work, writes Selwyn Duke

The deconstruction and repeal of the Second Amendment: There is a growing chorus of leftist calls to amend the 2A until they can rally enough populist support to fully repeal it, says Mark Alexander

Congress says this time we really mean it!: Senators John Cornyn (R–TX) and Chris Murphy (D–CT) have introduced a new bill that would require federal and state authorities to report criminal offences to NICS. The problem? Michael R. Shannon says it's already law to do so

The Second becomes the ‘It depends’ amendment: Several businesses have decided that only those 21 and older should be allowed to buy firearms. Michael R. Shannon can't find that stipulation in the constitution

Quit disarming teachers: Dr. Robert Owens believes that teachers in schools need to be armed in order to be able to defend their students against the next Parkland shooter

Parkland shooting aftermath could turn into another media witch hunt: Much like the "Satanic" panic of the 1980s and early 90s, writes Samuel Bocetta, it would appear that the media and politicians are whipping up panic about guns

Democrat common sense — A non-sequitur: Whenever the words "common sense" -- particularly when it comes to gun control -- come out of a Democrat's mouth, Mark Alexander advises a good dose of caveat emptor

New gun control measure threatens the safety of the elderly: Samuel Bocetta argues that the Fix NICS bill, recently added to the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act by House Republicans in an effort to capture Democrat support, will actually put in danger several groups of Americans

Why I oppose banning bump stocks: The anti-gun crowd has a new boogey man -- even more hated apparently then the AR-15 -- and that's the bump stock. Selwyn Duke is opposed to any ban of the range toy

The left’s new obsession: Bump stocks: The tragedy in Las Vegas has seen a predictable pattern emerge with the political left and bump stocks and the axe to grind this time, writes Samuel Bocetta

Guns and violence — A bullet point reality check: Democrats and their Demo/MSM talkingheads insist that violence is a "gun problem," but in fact it's a Democrat constituency and policy problem, argues Mark Alexander

My Pilgrimage, Chapter Thirty-One: The New World Order’s Prelude to Its Psychotic Savior: Stephen Paddock's motivations are still being debated but Michael Moriarty suspects he knows why he decided to open fire on his fellow citizens

The Las Vegas shooting reminds us that these actions are in part ideological: Dale Schlundt argues that events like the mass shooting in Las Vegas last week will continue until Americans began promoting regulation -- but not the kind that Democratic politicians tend to fall back on

Democrats politicize Las Vegas before blood even dry: The echoes of the shots fired during the recent tragedy in Las Vegas had barely faded when Democrats went on the attack to promote their agenda, writes Selwyn Duke

Federal judges rewrite the 2nd Amendment: The Founding Fathers of the United States were very clear on what they meant with the Second Amendment...federal judges have made a habit of ignoring them, writes Michael R. Shannon

AR-15 speaks! A new — and real — anti-black bigotry: The ubiquitous AR-15 has been getting a lot of undeserved bad press recently so the rifle and Selwyn Duke team up to tell the other side of the story

It's the terrorists, stupid — Not the weapons: Barack Obama has repeatedly denied that he and the Democrats are interested in attacking the Second Amendment. Mark Alexander says words and actions don't match

The first civil right: Barack Obama has made it clear he intends to go to war against the Second Amendment rights of Americans during his final year in office and Mark Alexander writes that Americans need to answer back

The evil of gun-free zones: Gun free zones are such a bad idea that not even liberals truly believe in them. For that reason, argues Selwyn Duke, they should be made to live in them

Keep the crazy away from sharp objects and sharp comments: One Salon writer apparently wants to use the mental illness of a few individuals to deprive all Americans of their firearms, writes Michael R Shannon

Sleazy gun-control bureaucrats shut down legendary gun range: The saga of a legendary gun range in Washington state reached a side conclusion on Friday with it being shut down, reports Rachel Alexander

Over 1,000 gun owners violate Washington's I-594 - in front of police!: I-594 may be reality in the state of Washington but Rachel Alexander says that gun owners aren't taking the latest attempt at gun control lying down

Showdown: 5,500 Washington state gun owners intend to engage in civil disobedience over I-594: I-594 may have passed in Washington state last week but Rachel Alexander reports that gun owners aren't giving up the fight just yet

Stealth gun control initiative too close to call in Washington State: Rachel Alexander reports on the battle in Washington over an initiative that its opponents claim is a stealthy attempt to institute gun control

Prosecutor's targeting of gun range exec enters 15th year: Rachel Alexander updates us on a war that one prosecutor has been fighting against a gun range owner without success but at high cost

Cop: I'd love to "Bang down your door and come for your gun": Selwyn Duke reports on an some exchanges a Connecticut police officer had with some citizens on the topic of firearms and unjust laws

Molon labe: Connecticut's terrifying start of gun confiscation: Rachel Alexander reports on the latest attempt to ramp up firearms regulation to confiscation

God, guns, and the Rule of Law: Why I refuse to obtain a licence to own my firearms: Canadian activist Edward Hudson refuses to obtain a licence to own firearms despite a legal requirement to do so and he explains why

Watch your guns around Obamacare: Although the toughest anti-firearm provisions were removed from Obamacare, Rachel Alexander says that there are still dangers

We need zero tolerance for "zero tolerance": The war against children even talking about guns part of a wider societal campaign that needs to stop, writes Alan Caruba

Feeling threatened? Borrow a legislator!: Defenders of the Second Amendment have to work hard to counter fallacies and outright untruths when talking to their opponents, says Michael R. Shannon

The schools' sinister war on guns: Schools aren't simply content with attempting to create safe spaces for their children, writes Selwyn Duke, they're actively trying to condition children to hate firearms

Beating the leftists by properly defining the debate: If Second Amendment proponents want to win the gun control battle, says John Bender, then they have to take a page from the book of the left and redefine the debate on their own terms

Tougher gun laws won't much stem violence: Any gun control laws which may get passed might cause politicians to pat themselves on the back but Dr. Peter Morici believes they won't do much to actually make Americans safer

Gun control is DOA in Congress: For all the talk of politicians promising new gun control measures this year, Alan Caruba is optimistic that Congress will do the right thing

Why the NRA is right about Hollywood: The political left can rail about "assault weapon-style firearms" until the end of time but Selwyn Duke says Hollywood needs to look in the mirror

Thought crimes and pastry guns: David M. Huntwork reacts to the news that a seven-year old student in Maryland was suspended for the high crime of fashioning a pastry into a gun

Time to register books and put reasonable restrictions on the 1st Amendment: If the left's argument that people need to be made safe from violence -- which means the banning of firearms, David M. Huntwork says that logic should be taken to its proper conclusion

The gun show loophole lie: Anyone who argues that there is a "gun show loophole" that allows firearms to be sold without background checks is straight-out lying to you, says John Bender

Liberal thinking in regards to "safe schools" is ridiculous: Liberals want safe schools and therefore argue that firearms should be banished but David M. Huntwork says that logic doesn't exactly make much sense

Jesus: Another innocent man wrongly convicted: A recent Washington Post essay arguing Jesus Christ would have likely opposed firearms ownership didn't exactly convert Michael R. Shannon

Obama/Feinstein: Obfuscation and vilification: Mark Alexander examines Diane Feinstein's assault on the Second Amendment and some laughable comments by Barack Obama

Joe Biden: No reason to ban AR-15s: Joe Biden's reasoning why people should be using shotguns to defend themselves instead of AR-15s inadvertently helped the pro-firearms movement, argues Selwyn Duke

Bringing a knife to a gun fight: The American government may be intent on denying the people their Second Amendment rights but Dr. Robert Owens says they need to answer back

Sensible gun control policy?: Mark Alexander obviously doesn't think much of the Obama administration's gun control proposals announced last week on several levels

'I will not comply': Regardless of what the U.S. federal government decides to do about firearms, says Mark Alexander, he does not intend to comply with any rules that infringe on the Second Amendment

When kids and guns mix: The media is only determined to tell horror stories that involve young people and firearms but Selwyn Duke says there's another side of the story as well

You never see mass shootings at gun shows, Tea Party rallies, or NRA meetings: J.J. Jackson owns several powerful firearms. Number of people killed by them? Zero. A self-evident truth emerges from those facts

Bank of America freezing gun manufacturer's accounts: Believe in the Second Amendment? Selwyn Duke says you might want to avoid Bank of America which has a history of going after the manufacturers of firearms

Six-year-old suspended for firing assault finger: The war against firearms is such that even pointing your finger at someone is apparently a grave danger to society, reports Selwyn Duke

Revealing gun-owners names reveals truth: A newspaper's recent decision to reveal the names of gun owners in New York state speaks much of the media's view on firearms, says Selwyn Duke

Understanding the numbers on gun-related deaths: Linda Prussen-Razzano goes over the numbers to show that increased gun control cannot be justified by the numbers of people killed by firearms

It's official: Mayor Bloomberg needs mental help: Have you heard? NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg is a staunch advocate of the Second Amendment. Selwyn Duke can only shake his head

Arming the government against Americans: The Obama administration has made it fairly clear they don't want Americans owning firearms...but they sure don't mind arming the government, says Alan Caruba

What everyone forgets when debating gun control: Gun control is once again on the front burner but Selwyn Duke argues both sides forget a crucial reason for gun ownership

The Aurora Propaganda Award goes to...: Selwyn Duke surveys some of the purple prose written about the humble AR-15 in the aftermath of the Aurora, Colorado theatre shooting

Guns Gone Wild -- ATF's good intentions gone bad: Mark Alexander finds it hard to believe that even while Barack Obama was talking further gun controls for Americans that the ATF was essentially supplying arms to Mexican gangs

There is no First Amendment without a Second Amendment: On July 4 remember that many American liberties -- including the right of free speech -- would not exist were it not for the Second Amendment, writes Alan Caruba

Obama's assault on weapons: Americans may not be hearing much about Barack Obama's thoughts on firearms but Mark Alexander says there is plenty going on behind the scenes

Gun control efforts in the wake of Jared Lee Loughner: Not surprisingly, says Rachel Alexander, the political left is attempting to use the shootings in Arizona by Jared Lee Loughner to press for more gun control

Prosecutor in Washington State goes on vendetta against gun club: The Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club in Bermerton, WA has a peerless safety record and is widely respected. Exactly why it's being attacked by a counter prosecutor, writes Rachel Alexander

The NRA, poop creek and a missing paddle: J.J. Jackson reports that the National Rifle Association is in trouble with its members for considering supporting none other than Henry Reid

Second Amendment -- Still 'the palladium of liberties': Last week the U.S. Supreme Court heard the latest test case involving the Second Amendment and Mark Alexander has some thoughts on the matter

Crime and constitutionality: There have been some notable gun related news stories recently and Lady Liberty has some thoughts about them

Ending a $2 billion joke on taxpayers: Next week Canadian legislators have a chance to prove they stand with taxpayers by killing off an unpopular and terribly expensive program, argues Kevin Gaudet

Obama gunning for the Second Amendment: Some were gambling that Barack Obama wasn't really a foe of the Second Amendment. Selwyn Duke reports that the administration has already taken its first shot

Sixty million armed patriots ... and counting: Mark Alexander says there's a Democrat in the White House and you know what that means: Renewed attempts to destroy the Second Amendment

How America became the arsenal of freedom: Steve Martinovich thought American Rifle: A Biography was one of the best treatments of firearms history he's ever read

The apostles of clean fighting: Who put the rifle into the National Rifle Association?: Alexander Rose, author of American Rifle, explains the early history of the National Rifle Association and one of the things it originally stood for

District of Columbia continues to violate civil rights: Thought the Heller case solved the issue of gun ownership in Washington, D.C.? Charles Bloomer reports that the district is still working to deny its citizen's Second Amendment rights

Civil rights organization fights elitists and racists: Who is standing up for minorities and the poor? John Bender says it's not the usual suspects -- it's always been the National Rifle Association

The fallacy of gun registration: Last week Washington, D.C.'s police chief essentially admitted that gun registration was an utter failure. With that in mind Charles Bloomer has some questions for Cathy Lanier to answer

"The People" narrowly prevail, 5-4: Last week's decision in District of Columbia v. Heller was a step forward in restoring the original intent of the Second Amendment but dangers still lurk, argues Mark Alexander

Defining the right of self-defense by gun: This week the U.S. Supreme Court will look at D.C. v. Heller which may determine whether you have the right to defend your life with a firearm, writes Thomas A. Bowden

The Second Amendment a second class right?: Charles Bloomer is amazed by an amicus brief filed by the federal government which essentially argues the Second Amendment is important, but not that important

The Bruce Montague case: Round one: The Canadian government's campaign to railroad a Dryden, Ontario gunsmith for asserting his right to self defence and own firearms continues unabated, writes Christopher di Armani

Balance of power:  The Second Amendment and self-defense: In a recent speech Charles Bloomer illustrated how firearms affect the balance of power when it comes to to defend your life, which is why it's important you defend your Second Amendment rights

The right to defend yourself: Canadians don't seem aware of it but, like their American cousins, they too have the right to self defence using a firearm, writes Clive Edwards

Three years and counting...: It's been three years of hell for Bruce and Donna Montague, a Dryden, Ontario couple the federal government is hammering for daring to challenge Canada's Firearms Act, reports Christopher di Armani

Packing heat can save lives: Owning a firearm is like having auto insurance. When you need it, you'll be happy you were prepared, argues Michael M. Bates

Gun control: A killer cause: The tragedy at Virgina Tech proved the value of the Second Amendment, writes Lady Liberty

Important lessons never learned: Last week's tragedy at Virginia Tech shows that many Americans still haven't learned the importance of their right to bear arms, says J.J. Jackson

Bad aim: We may never know why a young man shot and killed five people in a Utah mall earlier this month but Lady Liberty says the carnage was worse than it had to be because of the efforts of the gun control crowd

The debate is not yet over: Gun control seems a permanent reality in Canada but Clive Edwards argues that a court fight being led by Bruce Montague may change the landscape considerably

Shooting blanks: Occasionally legislation is proposed that pro-firearms organizations tout to their members for support. Lady Liberty says always read the fine print

Why don't lawful gun owners support the gun registry?: Canada's new conservative government may be ready to ditch the national firearms registry. That's a good thing because Dr. Mike Ackermann says it has failed on every count, from public safety to earning the support of Canadians

Investigate the gun registry: Canada's national gun registry has been plagued by cost overruns and fraud and John Williamson says Canadians deserve to know why

Are guns to blame for murder-suicides in Switzerland?: Gun control advocates are having a field day over reports that easy access to firearms is fueling murders and suicides in Switzerland. Nancy Salvato says there is no story here

No! You can't kill the sacred cow!: Christopher di Armani wishes that Canada's conservative government had axed the firearms registry completely because it has been nothing but a failure

Air Canada alienates customers: Why is Canada's major airline charging firearms owners a fee to transport their unloaded firearms? Christopher di Armani isn't quite sure

Paul Martin ignores reality (again): Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin's recent pledge to ban handguns shows will do nothing to combat the rising tide of violence on Canadian streets, argues Christopher di Armani

Girls, get your guns: The issue of firearms rights has been overshadowed lately but Wendy McElroy says it's time for women (and men) to stand up for their constitutional right to bear arms

Firearms rights activist speaks at Coquitlam gun show: Although Western Canada leads the way in its opposition to the Canadian government's gun registration law, Christopher di Armani reports that a couple from eastern Ontario know well how savage the battle is

The war of the wrong: There are plenty of wars going on at the moment but Lady Liberty urges you to remember that there is still a war on firearms in the United States

Public relations issues and your shooting range: Across Canada shooting ranges are coming under fire from anti-firearms activists. James M. Hinter says if you want to save your local shooting range, you have to be proactive in its defense

The pseudo-science fiction of ballistics fingerprinting: It wasn't enough for Canada's government to mandate the registering of all firearms. Some people, reports Clive Edwards, want the federal government to have all firearms fingerprinted

Hunting for answers: The killing of several hunters a few weeks ago has become grist for the mill by anti-hunting activists. Lady Liberty responds that new gun laws wouldn't have stopped the tragedy

When a government doesn't believe in its own laws: It seems the Government of Canada has little faith in the validity of its gun control laws. How can we tell? Christopher di Armani says it's because they refuse to charge anyone openly disobeying Bill C-68

Gun-proof your child: Both pro- and anti-gun control protests were held yesterday on Mother's Day. Wendy McElroy says no matter what side of the issue you're own, the marches prompted a question that every mother should try to answer

Assault weapons proliferation: When the Assault Weapons Ban was introduced a decade ago everyone expected their availability to fall sharply. The reality? Stephen Erwin says that today it's a buyer's market

Do gun control activists pad gun death statistics?: Wendy McElroy takes a look at the claims being made by groups like the Million Mom March and finds out that they don't stand up to even light scrutiny

Women with guns fight back: John Walsh may be a friend to police officers, writes Wendy McElroy, but he did nothing but set up three women who are law-abiding firearms owners on his talk show recently

War may redefine gun control: Besides free Iraqis, the war in Iraq may also led many American women to rethink their support of gun control, writes Wendy McElroy

Dodge City?: Anti-firearms rights advocates love to proclaim America's city's aren't Dodge City and Americans don't need guns. Dr. Michael R. Bowen says we'd be a lot better off if cities were like Dodge City

Doing what any father would do: One night last month Ronald Dixon wounded a violent criminal who had broken into his home and entered the room of his 2-year old child. Predictably he's being charged for using a handgun. Paul Walfield says that's outrageous

The gun control experiment - two more data points: The furor over the cost overruns in the Canadian firearms registry, says Dr. Michael S. Brown, has a parallel in Tacoma, Washington

Brave investigative reporter battles evil snipers: Dr. Michael S. Brown documents how one television journalist tried to advance a gun control agenda by linking gun shows to snipers

Bowling for Columbine, it's not about guns: Dr. Michael S. Brown expected some sophisticated anti-firearm propaganda from Michael Moore's Bowling for Columbine. He got a bad comedy instead

Sniper opens new gun control debate: W. James Antle III explains why so many people are opposed to a "national ballistic fingerprint database", an idea gaining popularity thanks to a serial killer operating near America's capital and yet a dubious one at best

Exploiting mass murder: You had to expect that the usual suspects in the gun control debate would use the killer in the Washington suburbs in their fight against a constitutional right, says Dr. Michael S. Brown

Guns, crime, and the news media: The truth that is concealed: Paul M. Weyrich writes that the murder of three women in Louisiana shows that when it comes to the truth about gun control, the media just don't get it

Echoes of "Fahrenheit 451" haunt England: In England, writes Dr. Michael S. Brown, firearms make their proponents the targets of choice for society

Do guns save lives?: Dr. Michael S. Brown reports that Robert A. Waters has a follow-up to his popular book The Best Defense. In Guns Save Lives, Waters tells the stories of Americans who saved lives using their firearms

Decline of the Violence Policy Center: The Violence Policy Center is an organization on the decline, says Dr. Michael S. Brown, and the evidence can be seen in a recent report on concealed handgun licenses in Texas

Signatures of the gun culture: "Sigs", those little quotes or slogans at the end of people's emails can tell you a lot about a person. Dr. Michael S. Brown looks through the SIGs of the gun rights movement

What's behind the Ashcroft shift: Although the gun control fanatics are screaming, Dr. Michael S. Brown says Attorney General John Ashcroft's recent announcement of what the Second Amendment means goes a long way to restoring one right of Americans

Anti-gun myths harm women: Women are being given a raw deal when it comes to their Second Amendment rights, argues Wendy McElroy

Problems and opportunities for the NRA: Women, gays and the young are new allies for firearms rights activists, reports Dr. Michael S. Brown, something that causes no end of trouble and possibilities for the National Rifle Association

Americans for Gun Safety: A new group has been targetting gun shows in radio ads by claiming they are shopping markets for terrorists. Dr. Michael S. Brown gives us the skinny as to who is behind the campaign

The autobiography of Sarah Brady: In A Good Fight, Dr. Michael S. Brown reports that anti-gun activist Sarah Brady comes across as a real life Maude Flanders

Garbage in ... garbage out: The Canadian drive to heavily regulate firearms continues to pay poor dividends, writes Jason Hayes

The return of college gun clubs: The times they are a changin'. Dr. Michael S. Brown reports that college students are once again embracing their Second Amendment rights

Dell fiasco shows growth of gun rights community: Anyone who still thinks that the gun rights crowd is on their heels better take a lesson learned by the Dell Computer Company to heart, says Dr. Michael S. Brown

Revenge of the gun haters: Public opinion may be turning against the anti-gun lobby because of some of their questionable tactics, but Dr. Michael S. Brown says that doesn't mean they've given up

The manufacturing of a martyr: After September 11, anti-gun activists desperately needed a boost. They thought they got their answer with the death of Thomas C. Wales, writes Dr. Michael S. Brown

Gun laws breed corruption: Dr. Michael S. Brown says that gun laws, if anything, give police the ability to decide who and who cannot possess firearms

Negroes with guns: Although liberals hate to admit that guns played a role in the civil rights movement, Dr. Michael S. Brown shows that some black leaders recognized early on that racist mobs were rarely stopped by words

Gun shows - The truth comes out: For years, gun shows have been described as "Tupperware parties" for criminals and everyone accepted it. A new DoJ study refutes that conclusively, writes Dr. Michael S. Brown

Fight over gun law exemption for officers: There is a battle brewing over allowing former law enforcement personnel the right to carry concealed weapons. Dr. Michael S. Brown weighs in with his opinion

"Safety" is not even worthy of our consideration as an issue: When it comes to your Second Amendment rights, Jeff Snyder says that the issue of freedom is more important than the issue of safety

New perspectives on gun control: Now that gun control has moved off America's radar, Dr. Michael S. Brown thinks its time to learn what's happened over the past ten years. One good way to do that, he says, is to read Armed: New Perspectives on Gun Control

Arm the Afghan women: Wendy McElroy wants Afghan women to enjoy the same rights as their male counterparts, and that includes the right to self-defense

A historian's shot in the dark: Dr. Michael R. Bowen has little time for Michael A. Bellesilses and his book Arming America which purports to destroy the commonly held belief that America has always been an armed nation

Gun rights decision may sound the death knell for gun bans: The media has largely ignored a recent Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the Second Amendment guaranteed an individual the right to bear arms. Steve Simpson breaks it down for you

Why attacks changed gun attitudes: The September 11 terrorist attacks have made many people change their opinion of the Second Amendment, Dr. Michael S. Brown says

Terrorists exploit America's gun phobia: In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks, a lot of people are angry that men with box cutters managed to hijack airplanes. That was a result of America's irrational fear of gun owners, says Dr. Michael S. Brown

The poisoned well: Some people are suggesting that the two sides of the gun control debate seek some rapprochement. Dr. Michael S. Brown wonders what the point would be when one side refuses to tell the truth

Guns that kill: Gregory J. Hand weighs in on holding gun manufacturers for the actions of people who use them to kill in light of a recent California court decision

Dear Charlton Heston: Michael Moriarty worked with Charlton Heston last year on a television project but the project he wants to team up on with the National Rife Association president is much more important

City suits are taxing: Even when those opposed to the Second Amendment lose their suits against the gun companies, we still pay in another way, says Guy Smith

The strange case of United States v. Miller: Dr. Michael S. Brown discusses the case United States v. Miller, the last time the Supreme Court ruled directly on a Second Amendment defense

Environmental activists stumble into the obvious: Charles Bloomer reports that evironmentalists are worried about a proposed ordinance in Escalante, Utah that would require mandatory firearms ownership by the heads of households. He says they finally learned what the Second Amendment was created for

Disloyal to the United States?: Attorney General John Ashcroft is "disloyal" to the U.S. because he believes in the Second Amendment? Vin Suprynowicz has had it up to here with people like Edward Kennedy and Charles Schumer


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